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ATP Italian Open 2018: Men's Singles Semifinal, Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 19, 2018 15:24 GMT

Nadal def Djokovic 7-6(4), 6-3 in 1 hour 56 minutes to enter the final.


15:24 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

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15:22 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa needs just one more win to get back to the World No. 1 ranking.

He will meet the winner of the second semi-final between Alexander Zverev and Marin Cilic.

15:20 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

To get a win over Djokovic, irrespective of much he has been struggling of late, will boost Nadal's confidence further.

And for Djokovic, who has still been trying to come back to form after an elbow surgery, the performance in the first set was pretty encouraging. He is moving in the right direction, but needs time and patience.

15:17 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Final score: Nadal def Djokovic 7-6(4), 6-3 in 1 hour 56 minutes to enter the final.

15:16 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa thus keeps his semi-final record in Rome intact. He will aim to win the title at the Italian capital for an eighth time!

15:14 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic saves one but Nadal earns the win with a backhand winner on the second match point.

15:13 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic is struggling a lot in his service game. He has given Nadal 2 match points.

15:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And Rafa finally HOLDS!!!!!

He leads 5-3

15:10 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa has a fourth game point.

This is a make-or-break game for the Serb

15:08 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

This continues to be a long time as the Serb keeps pouncing on the returns.

He saves another game point.


15:06 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Double fault from Rafa!


15:05 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And Rafa makes Nole run from side to side and gets a game point.


15:04 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

He is indeed making Rafa work hard on his serve. Some brutal hitting from both and it is 30-30

15:00 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic has a comparatively easier service game. He holds to 15.

He trails 3-4.

Will this help him to find the fire?

14:56 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa holds and is up 4-2

14:56 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

It's 40-0 to Rafa on his service as he looks all set to get the win.

Djokovic seems to have lost his firepower at the moment. The Serb still needs some time to get back his confidence.

14:52 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic struggles on serve but holds to 30 in the end.

Rafa still ahead at 3-2

14:47 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa manages to raise his level and HOLD!

It's 3-1 to the Spaniard!

14:46 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

It's a reinvigorated Nole, who is putting pressure on the Nadal serve now.


14:42 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And Nadal BREAKS!!!!


14:42 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

What a backhand volley from Rafa!
3 break points for him!

14:41 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Nadal is looking strong on the Djokovic serve. Strong returns put him up 30-0

14:39 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

It's 1-1

14:37 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa too is playing hassle-free at the moment.

Good length from Rafa so far.


14:35 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And Djokovic holds 1-0

14:34 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Smooth start for Djokovic on his service game in Set 2.


14:31 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

What a set that was!

14:31 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic furious at himself and is shouting at his box!

14:30 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

With a backhand winner, Nadal grabs the first set 7-6(4)

14:29 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Nadal moved Djokovic from side to side and the ball hit the tape and trickled to Djokovic's side

14:28 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

A sizzling backhand winner from the Serb!

He is 4-5

14:27 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

With a forehand, Nadal forces Djokovic to go long.

Nadal 5-3

14:25 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

What a forehand down the line from Nadal!


14:24 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Big forehand winner from Djokovic.


14:23 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

A mishit on the backhand from Rafa.

He leads 3-2

14:22 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Smash and Rafa is up 3-1

14:21 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Bruising forehand winner from Rafa!


14:20 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

This time Rafa responds as he returns a Djokovic dropshot in style!


14:18 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Djokovic gets the first point 

14:18 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa was 5-2 up. From there it is 6-6 now. Pretty good comeback from the Serb!

14:17 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And the Serb continues it to take this set to a tie-break.

14:15 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And Nole responds!


14:14 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Rafa looks determined to break the Djokovic serve instead of letting this go to a tie-break.

He gets the first point on the Serb's serve.

14:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And the 10-time French Open champion holds!


14:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

This is proving to be a comfortable service game for the Spaniard so far.

He is up 40-0

14:09 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

This contest is living up to everybody's expectations so far!

14:08 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

And the Serb holds!!!! The crowd is chanting, "Nole, Nole!"


14:08 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

With a gutsy serve, Djokovic gets a game point.

14:07 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

Overhead from Nadal.

It's 30-30

14:06 (GMT)19 MAY 2018

The momentum looks to have shifted to Djokovic's side now. Strong passage of play from the Serb now.

Up 30-15 on serve
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