ATP World Tour Finals 2016: Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray for World No. 1

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Andy Murray wins the ATP World Tour Finals 6-3, 6-4.

20:07 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray wins the ATP World Tour Finals, 6-3, 6-4.

19:59 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

The chair umpire has to calm things down a bit. "Please, please respect the players," he calls, easily four times to get the anxious crowd to quieten.

19:56 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Championship point....and Novak Djokovic chooses this moment to send loud local fans' nerves into a bit of a tizzy with some great forehands.

19:52 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray also to serve for World No. 1 title and debut ATP World Tour Finals title.

19:51 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray to serve for the match.

19:47 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And sadly it looks as though that fight back from Djokovic was all too temporary, it may seem. Murray leads 5-3, as Djokovic now serves to stay in the match.

19:44 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

19:44 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

What a rally! Sublime stuff from both players but Novak Djokovic made that rally look effortless. 

19:41 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And that was some brilliant tennis from Novak Djokovic, who appears to have had some sort of instant battery recharge. He's turned up the attack against Murray now and is only one game away from equalizing.

19:37 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Djokovic soldiers on to a break point - and breaks! 

19:37 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

That was a bad, bad game from Andy Murray by any standards. He starts off the game with a double fault and almost repeats that, eventually losing the point.

19:32 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray is now two games away from being the first British year-end World No. 1. Let that sink in.

19:31 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And Andy Murray breaks again. He leads 4-1 in the second set.

19:30 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Some great baseline play sees Speedy Gonzalez, sorry, Andy Murray scoot over to slice a beautifully angled shot across the court. That gives him his second break point in this set.

19:30 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray is producing shots out of seemingly thin air right now. 

19:28 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

A howler of a return from Djokovic right there. What would have been a routine shot from the World No. 2 to seal a good strong point turns bad quickly and goes into the net. Game Murray! 

19:26 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

19:25 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

19:21 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Murray gets the break early on in the second, no doubt buoyed by that first set win. But Djokovic looks charged, too. 

19:11 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

This first set win is good for Andy Murray; Djokovic has never, ever lost to Murray after winning the first set.

19:04 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And he wins the first set 6-3 does Andy Murray. Electric, the fans in London. Cheers getting louder.

18:59 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

It's the World No. 1 with the first break of the match - and what a time for it to come at! He forces an error off Djokovic to take a 5-3 lead and, hopefully, serve out the set now.

18:51 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And a lock back and forth tussle sees Djokovic unleash yet another drop shot almost on the line, but Murray with a lovely couple of reflex forehand volleys seals the game for himself.

18:50 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And Djokovic HOLDS! 

18:46 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

This is proving to be a long game. Murray squanders three break points and now it's advantage Djokovic, with the Serb almost ballet-esque in his movements.

18:45 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

A long rally and some quick footwork from Novak Djokovic. Are we human, or are we dancer, Novak? 

18:40 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Break point to Andy Murray! The crowd here is raucous and all behind their local champion.

18:32 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And that's the Novak Djokovic we all remember. Easy as pie he unleashes a drop shot almost perfectly halfway into the court. Boom. That's the game, held to love.

18:30 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

If Harrelson's reddit AMA is anything to go by... let's be glad he's not on the firing line on court today.

18:29 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Woody Harrelson is in the crowd here in London. We saw Kevin Spacey in the finals.

18:29 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

A service hold from Andy Murray after almost holding to love. 40-15 and he seals the deal at 40-30 with some nifty footwork. 

18:28 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

Andy Murray 1*-1 Novak Djokovic. That's a beautiful drop shot lob from the Serb and Murray sends a return just into the net cord. A well-deserved point.

18:25 (GMT)20 NOV 2016

And it's off to a bit of a shaky start for Andy Murray. Both players hold serve but there already been two double faults from Murray. Djokovic holds to love.

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