Australian Open 2018, Day 10: Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych, Live Match Updates

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Federer 7-6 6-3 6-4 Berdych


10:54 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The Rod Laver Arena has certainly witnessed some extraordinary tennis on the day and we've had a great time bringing you live updates from this game! 

Until next time, this is Prasen Moudgal signing off! Have a good evening, Ciao!

10:52 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

With this win, Roger Federer continues his purple patch at the Australian Open and qualifies for the semi-finals! 

10:51 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Spare a thought for Tomas Berdych, who gave it his all but just could not have it his way.

A three-game lead in the start did not suffice as the Swiss legend powered his way through to clinch the game in the end. 

10:50 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer wins the match! Clinches the game and has his arms aloft! What a player!

The Swiss man produced 61 winners on the day and has emerged victorious with a 7-6, 6-3, 6-4 win over Berdych!

10:49 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Now only one point away. 

Federer now is three match points away!

10:48 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Add another point to that. 30-0 and Federer two points from clinching the match. 

10:48 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych's fatigue gets the better of him, sends it out of bounds. Federer leads 15-0.

10:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer leads 5-4 and will now serve for the set and the match. 

Can he win this game and move on to the semis?

10:46 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

That is sensational from Berdych! What a player he is!

Runs in towards the right and close to the net, drops it low to Federer's right and claims the game. A little too late though?

10:45 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych is being rewarded for his grit here. Makes Federer run on both sides and collects yet another point.

10:44 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych pulls one back! Scores levelled 30-30. 

10:44 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Point for Federer! He now leads 30-15.

10:44 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

For all the youngsters out there, that is the perfect example of how not to give up. 

Berdych's injury has certainly dented his game but he does not give up, chases the ball and gets an ovation for his effort. 

10:42 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer claims his fifth game of the set! Just one game away from the semi-finals!

Federer leads 5-3. 

10:41 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Oh, no! Looks like the fatigue has got to Berdych. 

Received an easy skied ball to smash, misses out completely. 

10:40 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer strikes back. 15-15 reads the scoreline. 

10:40 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Awesome from Berdych! Sensational! Runs in with all his might to the left and sends a thunderbolt to Federer's left. Great effort!

10:38 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Ace from Berdych to clinch the game! Consolation victory for Berdych, Federer leads 4-3. 

10:38 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer asks for the Ballboy to clean a part of his court, looks like he feels it's a bit too slippery. 

Back to live action!

10:37 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych now only a point away from claiming the game. 

10:36 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych now returns the favour! A soft touch on the ball, enough to beat Federer's run to the net. 

10:35 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

I'm probably more tired than Berdych right now. That game was over in under a minute. Spectacular tennis!

10:35 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Game, Federer! Four points in a row for him!

Federer leads 4-2!

10:34 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer races to a 40-0 lead in the sixth game. 

10:33 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer breaks Berdych's serve yet again! The Swiss star is back in the driver's seat! 

Leads 3-2 in the third set. 

10:32 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Sends it wide and loses a point. One break point away now. 

10:31 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer now two break points away. 

10:31 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych gets one back. Powerful serve followed by an even powerful smash. 

10:30 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

One more point for Federer. Races to a 30-0 lead. 

10:29 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Magical from the Swiss magician! A deft drop shot and Berdych did not have even the slightest chance of returning that. 

10:28 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych extracts revenge! Breaks Federer's serve with a stunning return, scores now level at 2-2.

10:28 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Oops! Unforced error from Federer. 

Two break points for Berdych. 

10:27 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych gains an early 30-0 lead on Federer's service. Can he extract revenge?

10:24 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer has broken Berdych's serve! Leads 2-1 in the third set!

10:24 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Challenge from Federer now. 

Thinks the ball's OUT and he's spot on! Advantage Federer!

10:23 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Ace from Berdych? Nope! He's lost a challenge here. 

10:22 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

A game of cat and mouse and Federer wins the point!

Back to DEUCE now!

10:22 (GMT)24 JAN 2018


Federer's forehand is too strong for Berdych, he hits it into the crowd. 

10:20 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer's movements getting better with time. Reduces the gap to 40-30. 

10:20 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych takes a strong 40-15 lead in the third game. 

10:19 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer wins the game, scores now levelled 1-1. 

10:19 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

OH, MAN! How's he ever done that?

Berdych sends it wide of Federer's right, the Swiss runs across, stretches full length and sends in a powerful return to snatch the game!

10:18 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Add two more points to that! Federer leads 40-0 in the second game!

10:17 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer strikes back to take an early lead in the second game!

10:16 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych clinches the first game! Leads 1-0 in the third set. 

10:15 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych looks energised after the break, he's raced to a 40-15 lead. 

10:15 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

The third set is underway. 

10:09 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Berdych looks to be in some discomfort, he's opted for a medical timeout. 

Both players taking a small break now, should be back in a bit. 

10:06 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer reigns supreme in the second set! Wins the second set 6-3!

Looks in fine form to erase the ghosts of his past and claim a spot in the semi-finals!

10:06 (GMT)24 JAN 2018

Federer now two set points away! 
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