Australian Open 2018, Day 2: Roger Federer vs Aljaz Bedene, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 16, 2018 10:04 GMT

Federer def Bedene 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 to enter R2


10:04 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

It wasn't flawless from the legend but was good enough for a comfortable first round win and get a feel of the things.

And that wraps up our live coverage of this match. Thanks for staying with us.

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09:58 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The defending champion is now on an eight-match winning streak at the Melbourne Park!!!!

09:57 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer began the match in a thunderous fashion, struggled a bit on serve but his tennis was always good enough on the major points to get an easy win

09:56 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Final score: Federer wins 6-3, 6-4, 6-3

09:55 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene promptly dumps a backhand into the net and gifts the win to Federer

09:54 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And a forehand error from Federer saves a second one

09:54 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Big forehand from Bedene to save one

09:53 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

3 match points now

09:53 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

The 19-time Slam champion is now 30-0 on the Bedene serve and is 2 points away from the win

09:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer's serve has been a cause of concern all through this set. But the legends finds a way to raise his level on the crucial points.

Holds and leads 5-3

09:49 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer helps him with a wild forehand.

Game to Bedene

Trails 3-4

09:48 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene wins the exchange and gets a round of applause!

09:47 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And yet another buttery smooth backhand down the line from the second seed!


09:47 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

What an effortless backhand down the line from the Swiss!

30-30 on the Bedene serve

09:44 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And holds as well.

It's 4-2 in favour of the Swiss

09:44 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

But Federer soon erases it!

09:43 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Wow! What a return from Bedene down the line!


09:43 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer's serve is again getting tested here.


09:40 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer fumbles at the net and the game goes to Bedene.

Federer leads 3-2 with a break

09:39 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene gets 2 game points but his errors are preventing him from getting a quick hold

09:38 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene sliced but Federer found a smashing backhand winner!

Wow! What a point!

09:37 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

It's just a matter of minutes before Federer seals his second round spot!

09:36 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Smooth as butter is Federer's service game now!

He makes it a 3-1 lead

09:33 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And the maestro breaks here!

Leads 2-1

09:33 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Hilarious moment!

A baby is wailing in the crowd and Federer says, "Not mine!"

09:32 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer earns 3 bps straightaway but Bedene is showing a lot of resistance here

09:29 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And Federer holds and makes it 1-1

09:29 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene found the opening and overpressed his forehand.

Game point to Federer

09:28 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

It's a comfortable start for Bedene.

Federer is struggling a bit on serve and is now on deuce

09:21 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Some pressure on the Federer serve as Bedene made it 30-30.

But Federer overcomes and wins the game, and the set!


09:17 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And Bedene survives and holds!

Trails 4-5

09:17 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene saves that earns a game point with a beautiful crosscourt forehand.

09:16 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

What a crosscourt forehand from Federer!

Whack! And Bedene has no answer!

3rd set point for the Swiss

09:13 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer leads 5-3 now

09:12 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Serving at 4-3, Federer faced a bit of pressure on his serve as Bedene made it 30-30.

But he found his 8th ace to get out of trouble

09:06 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And Federer continues to stroll through his first round match.


09:03 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene holds and Federer is up 3-2

08:58 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Bedene presented a challenge and Federer overcomes it with aplomb!

Leads 3-1

08:57 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And Federer saves both!

Moved so quickly and saved the last one with a forehand down the line!

08:56 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Some excellent returns from Bedene to have 2 bps on the Federer serve!

08:53 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And a backhand error from the maestro as well.

Bedene holds and trails 1-2

08:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

A rare crosscourt forehand error from Federer

08:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Shall we have another break here?

08:51 (GMT)16 JAN 2018


Federer changing directions effortlessly

08:49 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Federer consolidates and leads 2-0 now

08:47 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And the maestro begins Set 2 with a break!

Used his backhand for a sizzling return and smashed it hard to break.


08:42 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

And Federer wraps the comfortable first set.


08:41 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

Uh oh! Federer makes a mess of a swing volley!

Very rare!

08:39 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

A very easy service game from Bedene to make it 3-5

08:37 (GMT)16 JAN 2018

This is a very good start from the defending champion.
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