Australian Open 2018, Day 3: Rafael Nadal vs Leonardo Mayer, Live Match Updates

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Nadal def Mayer 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(4) to enter R3


08:30 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

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08:27 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Final score: Nadal def Mayer 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(4) to enter R3

08:26 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

The top seed is into the third round! That was some challenge from Mayer towards the very end of the match, but Rafa simply raised his level at the crunch moments!

That's what separates a champion player from the rest!

08:22 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

With an unreturnable serve, the World No. 1 WINS!!!!!

08:21 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Finally Rafa has a couple of match points!


08:21 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Now Mayer gets two points on the trot!


08:19 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And a superb wide serve from the top seed!


08:18 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Moya on his feet!

08:18 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Rafa follows it up with an exceptional backhand down the line


08:17 (GMT)17 JAN 2018


Rafa finds magic through his crosscourt forehand!


08:16 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

A forehand miss from Mayer

Rafa up 2-1

08:15 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

It's 1-1

Rafa depending on Mayer for the mistakes but the Argentine refuses to miss

08:13 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Rafa holds!

We are into a tiebreak!

Can Rafa finish it off here?

08:12 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Killer forehand from Rafa finds the target down the line again!

3 game points 

08:09 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Mayer continues to shine!

Service hold for 6-5

08:05 (GMT)17 JAN 2018


What a backhand return from the Argentine!


08:05 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Rafa overhits his forehand!

2nd break point

08:03 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa saves it with a brilliant serve!

08:03 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Excellent from Mayer as he finds a brutal crosscourt forehand from the middle of the court.

Break point

08:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer is playing fast and returning early.

Leads 30-15 on the Nadal serve

08:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa finally got his breakthrough and will now serve for the match!


07:54 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And it continues to be totally even.


07:47 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer ran from side to side and overhit his single handed backhand to let Rafa win the service game.

Even Stevens!


07:45 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Rafa responds brilliantly with his trademark down the line forehand!

07:45 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Would you believe it?

An inspired Mayer has now amped up his game. With a forehand down the line, he has now earned a break point!

07:40 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer passes this test of nerves with flying colours!

Still no service breakthrough!

Mayer leads 3-2

07:37 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Amazing display from Mayer!

A forehand, an ace and a volley to save all 3 bps!

07:36 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

We have the first major moment in this set

3 bps for Nadal

07:33 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

The 2009 champion holds to 15.

Makes the set all level.


07:29 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

No service breakthrough so far in the first three games of the third set.

Mayer leads 2-1

07:23 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer was put to a stern test in the opening game of the third set. The Argentine managed to survive.

Leads 1-0 in Set 3

07:14 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa gets it done in style!

Takes the second set 6-4.

Leads by two sets to love.

07:09 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Mayer responds brilliantly.

Holds for 4-5 and that means Rafa will serve to take the set 

07:04 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Comfortable service game from the Spaniard.


One game away from taking a two sets to love lead

07:01 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer capitalizes on it and holds!

Nadal leads 4-3

07:00 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Now Rafa returns the favour with an unforced error.


07:00 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

In his urgency, Mayer sends the ball into the tramlines and it is break point to Rafa.

06:56 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

The Rod Laver Arena is half engulfed by shadows as evening approaches in Melbourne. But Rafa is still lighting up the court with his trademark groundstrokes.

Up 4-2

06:54 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer held and it's a 3-2 advantage for Rafa

06:47 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa inches ahead to 3-1

06:46 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

What resilience from Mayer!

Stubbornly held off Rafa after struggling initially on serve.

Trails 1-2

06:40 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa consolidates the break for a 2-0 lead

06:37 (GMT)17 JAN 2018


And that first set was all Rafa needed to get his confidence and settle into this match.

And a confident Bull is doubly dangerous as he holds you by the scruff of your neck and makes you submit!

He does exactly that as he breaks to start Set 2.


06:31 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Rafa squandered one set point on his own serve, but successfully converted his second.

Rafa wraps the first set 6-3

06:25 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

And Mayer gets his reward in the end!

Gets to hold!

Trails 3-5

06:25 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Yet another set point has come and gone after Mayer found a ferocious crosscourt forehand

06:23 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Excellent play by Mayer!

He made Rafa move from side to side and finished with a volley deep into the corner. That made him save three set points!


06:16 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer could not keep his unforced errors at bay after that and allowed Rafa to bag the game.

Rafa leads 5-2

06:14 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer made it 2-4 and is now upping the pressure on the Nadal serve.


06:07 (GMT)17 JAN 2018

Mayer had his chances in the very next game as he got a couple of break points.

Rafa seemed to be pretty error-prone and even overhit a dropshot.

But Rafa came through when it mattered the most.

Saving both the break points, he held on and now leads 4-1
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