Australian Open 2018, Day 4: Roger Federer vs Jan-Lennard Struff, Live Match Updates

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Federer def Struff 6-4, 6-4, 7-6(4) to enter R3


12:44 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

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12:40 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Final score: Federer def Struff 6-4, 6-4, 7-6(4) to enter R3

12:36 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer says in his post-match press conference that he enjoyed the match. Certainly we did too.

Struff gave some challenge and Federer answered.

12:35 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

It was a very good show from Struff in the third set. He played a lot of big groundstrokes and served huge as well. Just like always, Federer didn't make any mistake under pressure.

12:33 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


But Struff can't return the next point!

Federer WINS!!!

12:32 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Another backhand winner by Struff!

Federer 6-4

12:32 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

3 match points for the great!


12:31 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

What a backhand winner down the line by Struff!

He trails 3-5

12:30 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

5-2 to Federer

12:30 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And after a great exchange, Federer wins the point and leads 4-2

12:30 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Mini break!

And Struff again gifts Federer a point on serve.

It's 3-2 to Federer with a mini break

12:29 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Mini break back!!

Struff gets it back pretty soon!

Federer leads 2-1

12:28 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


Struff double faults and concedes a vital point to his opponent


12:27 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer races through his game and sets up a tiebreak

12:25 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Under tremendous pressure, Struff bags 4 points in a row and holds.

Very impressive!


12:23 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Wow! He saves both the break points!


12:22 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And Struff double faults!

2 break points for Roger

12:21 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And it is 5-5

Pretty competitive set this is!

12:17 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff holds to inch ahead to 5-4

12:15 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

The two hold their serves comfortably and it is 4-4

12:09 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And the second seed holds!


12:09 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer puts Struff out of the court with a huge crosscourt forehand

12:08 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer saves it with a smash!


12:08 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff does well again to cut off Federer's volley with a backhand.

Break point

12:05 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


And Federer didn't make a mistake this time!

He breaks right back!

Struff 3-2

12:04 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And unsurprisingly, Federer ekes out a break point!

12:02 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Can Federer break right back or will Struff try and get this set?

12:01 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


And Struff capitalizes on it to break Federer for the first time!


12:00 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

For the first time, Federer is struggling on his serve.


11:55 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And he holds!

That was some resilience!

He leads 2-1

No break so far in this set

11:54 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff saves the break point.

We are in the middle of a marathon game

11:52 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff made a mess of a volley and promptly presents Federer with a break point.

11:49 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

It's 1-1 in Set 3

11:47 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


Federer is now ahead by 2 sets.


11:39 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

The maestro is moving very smoothly now towards a 2 sets lead.

A very easy service game to hold and lead 5-3

11:36 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


Federer finds his magical touch to earn the crucial break.


11:32 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

No break so far as the set continues to be very evenly poised.


11:21 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And Struff holds!

Wow! That was some courageous display!


11:21 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff outdoes Federer with a forehand pass.

What a point!!

Both break points saved

11:19 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And Federer's early returns puts Struff in jail.

Federer has 2 break points

11:17 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer too holds, as expected.


11:15 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff begins Set 2 in fine fashion.

Holds and leads 1-0

11:10 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


But just like he has done countless times, Federer produces his best under pressure and wraps the first set.


11:08 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff raises his level and keeps on attacking Federer's forehand


11:04 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff holds and Federer will now attempt to serve out the set.


11:01 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff made it 30-30 on the Federer serve, but the great Swiss found his serve to hold.


10:58 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Struff holds here and trails 3-4

10:55 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

And a speedy hold to consolidate the break.

Federer up 4-2

10:54 (GMT)18 JAN 2018


Federer found a superb forehand pass to earn the break.

Leads 3-2

10:50 (GMT)18 JAN 2018

Federer held his serve under a minute.

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