Australian Open 2018, Day 7: Rafael Nadal vs Diego Schwartzman, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 21, 2018 08:28 GMT

Rafael Nadal is set to take on Diego Schwartzman at the Rod Laver Arena, today.


08:28 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

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08:22 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman played his heart out to keep Nadal on the court for almost four hours but in the end the Spaniard's experience helped him play the big points better than his opponent. The final scoreline of the match reads 6-3, 6-7(4), 6-3, 6-3 in Nadal's favour.

08:19 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal wins it! He sends a backhand return wide of Schwartzman to take the fourth set 6-3. With this Nadal has guaranteed that he will remain World No. 1 at the end of the Australian Open as other results will not have an impact on his ranking.

08:18 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman sends the ball long. Another match point opportunity for Nadal.

08:17 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

It's back to deuce.

08:17 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman comes off his line to the net and forces Nadal deep, then smashes a return. Advantage Schwartzman.

08:16 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman hits the net this time. It's back to deuce.

08:16 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Now a deftly placed forehand gives Schwartzman the advantage.

08:15 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman's backhand return down the line makes it 40 all.

08:14 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman saves one break point. 30-40.

08:14 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman slams a return on to the net to handover two match points to Nadal.

08:13 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman hits a forehand winner of his own to make it 15-30.

08:13 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman concedes two quick points to a forehand-hitting Nadal. 0-30.

08:11 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal approaches the net and slams a winner to take the game. He leads 5-3.

08:10 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman's spirit won't die down as he plays a superb cross court return to make it 40 all again.

08:09 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman's return hits the net. Advantage Nadal.

08:09 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

A backhand winner down the line by Nadal makes it 40 all.

08:08 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal's poweful ace makes it 30-40.

08:08 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman makes it 15-40.

08:07 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal gets one back. 15-30.

08:05 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman gets two quick points off Nadal's serve. 0-30.

08:02 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman holds serve. However, Nadal leads 4-3.

08:01 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

No, he can't as Schwartzman's inside out forehand does the trick.

08:01 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal gets another break point. Can he convert this?

08:00 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman takes it back to deuce.

07:59 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman hands Nadal another break point as he only manages to find the net while returning a Nadal forehand.

07:53 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal gets his return right and now leads Schwartzman 4-2.

07:51 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman hits his return long. Nadal 40-15.

07:50 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal forces Schwartzman to commit a mistake at the start of the sixth game as he races ahead. 30-0.

07:47 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman wins the fifth game to make it 3-2.

07:44 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal consolidates the lead with a quick service hold. He leads 3-1.

07:39 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal gets the break and leads 2-1.

07:39 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Forehand winner down the line leaves Schwartzman in awe. Advantage Nadal.

07:38 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal is making Schwartzman sweat under the sweltering heat. It's deuce.

07:33 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal finally manages to hold his serve.

07:29 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman gets the advantage but Nadal gets the game back to deuce.

07:28 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman misjudges and challenges a ball which was called 'in'. Replays prove the match umpire right. It's back to deuce.

07:27 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman hits an inch-perfect forehand return to get another break point.

07:26 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

It's back to deuce.

07:25 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Advantage Nadal as Schwartzman commits an unforced error.

07:24 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal's volley leaves Schwartzman with nothing to do as the Spaniard saves another break point.

07:23 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal saves one break point.

07:23 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman brings up two break points as he lobs Nadal and then smashes his return.

07:20 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman starts the set 4 on a good note as he manages to hold serve.

07:13 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

A fine ace helps Nadal take the third set 6-3.

07:12 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

He makes it 40-0.

07:12 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal is 30-0 up.

07:11 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman manages to hold serve. Nadal leads 5-3.

07:08 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Nadal reassures his authority to hold serve. He leads 5-2.

07:04 (GMT)21 JAN 2018

Schwartzman makes it 4-2.
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