Australian Open 2018, Day 8: Roger Federer vs Marton Fucsovics, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 22, 2018 06:45 GMT

Federer 6-4, 7-6 (7-3), 6-2 Fucsoovics.


06:45 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

The Fed-express marches on, as the Swiss maestro makes his way to his 14th Australian Open quarterfinal. His performance certainly shows that he is still one of the top contenders for the title this year, despite what he says.

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06:41 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer clinches the tie with 6-2 scoreline in the 3rd set!

06:40 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And he has done it! Federer makes it to his 14th Australian Open quarterfinal, as he brings out a flurry of serve-and-volleys to clinch the match!

06:36 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics makes it 2-5!

06:35 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

The 36-year-old tries a bit of net-play, but that ploy does not work out, as Fucsovics survives for one more game.

06:33 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer goes one step closer to the win. 5-1!

06:33 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

The big serves are out of the bag from Federer, and he toys with the Hungarian to take a 4-point lead now.

06:31 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer is 2 breaks up now! 4-1!

06:31 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

The unforced errors are piling up from Fucsovics, and Federer capitalises on that to surge into a 3-point lead.

06:28 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer maintains his lead at 3-1

06:28 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovic gave Federer a good fight in the last game, but the 36-year-old managed to hold on to his service game in style.

06:26 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics makes it 2-1

06:25 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics strikes back in the third game and halves the deficit. However, Federer is still one break up.

06:21 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer makes it 2-0

06:21 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And the Swiss maestro gets done with his service game swiftly, to double his lead.

06:17 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer takes the early break, leads 1-0

06:17 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Stark contrast from the last set. While he was moving around the court well in the 2nd set, he has been making his opponent do all the work in this one, and breaks Fucsovics in the very first game.

06:10 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer takes the 2nd set 7-6 (7-3)

06:10 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And he does if there were any questions. He brings up yet another point, to clinch the second set.

06:08 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

INSANE down-the-line forehand by Federer to bring up 3 set points. 6-3!

06:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And Federer brings out the old serve-and-volley, to take a 5-3 lead!

06:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics hit it long, and gives an easy point to Federer. 4-3 on the tie-break!

06:06 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

It's all square at the tie-break, as both Federer and Fucsivics are tied at 3-3.

06:04 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics draws level at 6-6

06:02 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Who says Federer is 36? The Swiss wizard is moving all around the court. He gave Fucsoovics a good run for his money. However, the Hungarian came back to draw level at 6-6.

05:57 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer takes the crucial lead at 6-5

05:56 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

But Federer, the old warhorse that he is, rallies on, and goes one game closer to the 2nd set. Can the Maestro make this lead count?

05:50 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Very, very admirable comeback from Fucsovics as he rallies to hold his serve. 5-5.

05:50 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

NOOOO WAAAAYYYY! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Federer just keeps on lobbing the ball up in the air as Fucsovic keeps on smashing it as hard as he can. In the end, the Hungarian is forced into an unforced error.

05:46 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

More of the same, 5-4 Federer.

05:44 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

It's like a routine for Federer. Serve, force your opponent towards the corner and then come forward and play the perfect volley. Poetry in motion!

05:43 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And he holds on to his serve yet again. 4-4.

05:43 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Wow! Incredible from Fucsovics! It looked like Federer was in complete control until the Hungarian sprints across and hits a beautiful cross-court winner.

05:38 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

The Swiss makes it 4-3 without any hassles.

05:38 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer has now won 21 points on the row on his serve. It's not that Fucsovics is not trying hard enough, just that the 19-time Grand Slam winner has been exceptional today.

05:35 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Game, Fucsovics. 3-3.

05:34 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Beautiful hands from Fucsovics! That volley was just magnificent. Maybe, he is learning a thing or two from his opponent here, eh?

05:32 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

18 on the row from serve by Federer! This man's consistency is astonishing, incredible! 3-2.

05:31 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics somehow manages to hold on to his serve, 2-2. Federer will be disappointed.

05:29 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Another break point saved by Fucsovics, as Federer makes a hash of an easy volley.

05:27 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics saves it as Federer tries to execute a very very difficult shot, even by his means.

05:27 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Now, the Swiss star has a break point. Can he make it count?

05:25 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Such a well-constructed point for Fucsovics. He pushed Federer to his limits and finally came up with a terrific cross-court winner.

05:24 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer has no trouble in wrapping up his serve game quickly. 2-1.

05:23 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics serves well to make 1-1. He has been pretty solid despite Federer's brilliance.

05:20 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And that's another quick wrap. He is getting in his groove here. 1-0.

05:20 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Federer gets us underway in the second set.

05:15 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

And there's the break, just at the right moment! Federer at full flow when it matters the most! He wins the first set 6-4.

05:10 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Another Federer special, a quick hold. He drops no points to race forward to 5-4.

05:09 (GMT)22 JAN 2018

Fucsovics holds on to his serve again! Boy, this man won't give up easy! 4-4.
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