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Australian Open 2018, mixed doubles final: Rohan Bopanna-Timea Babos vs G. Dabrowski-M. Pavic, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 28, 2018 06:25 GMT

Dabrowski/Pavic win 2-6, 6-4, 11-9.


06:25 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

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06:19 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski/Pavic won the match 2-6, 6-4, 11-9.

06:18 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski and Pavic having been down in the opening set came back stronger in the next and then held their nerves in the tiebreak to win the title.

06:16 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski sends a beautiful return to win the title. It finished as 11-9 in the super tie-break.

06:15 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic with another ace and now they have a championship point.

06:14 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic with an ace makes it 9-all.

06:14 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna with a forehand winner. It's 9-8 and that's championship point.

06:13 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos sends a smashing return. It's 8-all.

06:13 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna's return hits the net. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 8-7.

06:12 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos' return is just long. It's 7 all.

06:11 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna makes it 7-6 for his team.

06:10 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

It's 6-all as Dabrowski's return is long.

06:10 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna lobs their opponents to earn a point. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 6-5.

06:09 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic's return is long. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 6-4.

06:09 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic sends a good return which gives them one point. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 6-3.

06:09 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos returns well and earns a point. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 5-3.

06:08 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna hits wide. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 5-2.

06:07 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos hits the net as Dabrowski/Pavic lead 4-2.

06:07 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos fires in another return which gets Dabrowski in trouble. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 3-2.

06:06 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos holds serve. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 3-1.

06:05 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski with a superb return. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 3-0.

06:04 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna hist the net. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 2-0.

06:04 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna fails to hold serve. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 1-0.

06:02 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski/Pavic win the second set 6-4.

05:58 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

But Bopanna sends an intelligent return to win the game. Dabrowski/Pavic lead 5-4.

05:58 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

It's deuce and also set point for Dabrowski/Pavic.

05:55 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski/Pavic win the eighth game. They lead 5-3.

05:54 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic makes a wonderful return at the net to earn a point.

05:52 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski/Pavic lead 4-3.

05:52 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic intercepts the ball at the net and helps his team to break Bopanna/Babos.

05:51 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna leaves a return and now Babos has to serve well to avoid being broken.

05:48 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

This time Pavic holds serve. It's three games all in the second set.

05:45 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna does a quick hold. Bopanna/Babos lead 3-2.

05:44 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski holds serve. It's 2 games all.

05:40 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos holds serve with another powerful serve. Bopanna/Babos lead 2-1.

05:40 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

It's deuce as Pavic's return is wide.

05:39 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Babos saves one with an accurate serve.

05:39 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Two break points for Dabrowski/Pavic.

05:37 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic holds serve too. It's one-game all in the second set.

05:35 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna holds serve. 1-0 for Bopanna/Babos in the second set.

05:32 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Wow! What an angle from Babos! Takes the first set 6-2!

05:32 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski saves three set points! 

05:31 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Bopanna and Babos now have three set points.

05:30 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski serves and that's a solid return from Bopanna.

05:28 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

5-2 for Bopanna and Babos for the opening set of the final!

05:28 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski is not quite there today. She should have put that past Bopanna but her poor volley sees the Indian recovering and finishing it off.

05:25 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Pavic has been really impressive today, and this time as well, he holds his serve without any hiccups. 4-2.

05:23 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

4-1 Babos and Bopanna, they are on their way!

05:21 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowksi is really struggling with her forehand today.

05:20 (GMT)28 JAN 2018

Dabrowski managed to save two break points but an unforced error sees the first break of the mixed doubles final! 3-1.
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