Australian Open 2018, Round 1: Rafael Nadal vs Victor Estrella Burgos, Live Match Updates

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Nadal 6-1 6-1 6-1 Estrella


09:55 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

That's it for this encounter between Rafael Nadal and Victor Estrella Burgos! 

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates on the 2018 Australian Open! This is Prasen Moudgal, signing off! Ciao!

09:53 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

While Nadal undoubtedly powered through the contest, Estrella never gave up and should be lauded for his gritty performance!

Nevertheless, the Spaniard has announced his arrival at the Australian Open in style with a 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 win!

09:51 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

The customary handshakes are done and now Nadal appreciates the crowd, which has egged him on right through the contest!

09:51 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal wins the match 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 and qualifies for Round 2!

Four back to back points and the Spaniard has utterly dominated veteran Victor Estrella Burgos!

09:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And now, just the one point away. 

09:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Unforced error from Estrella! Nadal two points away. 

09:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Picks up the first point of the game. Three points away now. 

09:48 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal now serving for the match. 

09:48 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Sensational from Estrella! Runs to the net and just turns the quick forehand from Nadal into a soft touch to win the game. 

09:47 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal strikes back with a strong forehand! The lead is now reduced to 40-30.

09:47 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Net! Estrella finds the net, much to his dismay. Leads 40-15

09:46 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Three points now for Estrella. One point away from the game. 

09:46 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Now power from Estrella! The ball lobs up from the net and comes at a perfect height for Estrella who sends a pacy deliver into Nadal. 

09:45 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Whoops! For the third time, Nadal sends it out. Estrella with the 15-0 lead. 

09:45 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella to serve. 

Nadal one game away from moving into Round 2. Can he finish it with this game?

09:44 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

There it is! Nadal claims a 5-0 lead and is now just one game away from clinching the match. 

09:43 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal now just a point away from a 5-0 lead. 

09:42 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

30-15 to Nadal! Pacy serve from the Spaniard!

09:42 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

That is absolutely inhuman! Nadal runs in from the right corner all the way to the net and just deposits the ball into Estrella's court who could do nothing to send it back in time. 

09:41 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal shakes his head after sending the ball out of bounds. Estrella in with an early 15-0 in the fifth game. 

09:40 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Oh no! A double error from Estrella, the Spaniard wins another game. 

Nadal leads 4-0. 

09:39 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Absolute skill from Nadal! Yet another perfect running forehand, Nadal has the advantage!

09:39 (GMT)15 JAN 2018


09:39 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

It's not done yet! Nadal sends in a seething forehand just at the corner to pick a point. 

09:38 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella now only a point away from winning the game!

09:38 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And another! Nadal swings big and gifts away a point to his opponent. 

09:37 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Unforced error from Nadal to start off with. Estrella with a 15-0 lead in the fourth game. 

09:35 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Brute power to finish it off! Nadal sends in a fiery crosscourt backhand to win the third game. 

Lead is now 3-0 in favour of Nadal. 

09:34 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella sends it out of bounds! Nadal one point away from clinching the third game. 

09:34 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Two consecutive points for the World No.1. 

09:32 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

He claims it in the end, breaks Estrella's serve to take two games in a row. 

Nadal leads 2-0 in the third set. 

09:31 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Now one point away from breaking Estrella's serve. 

09:31 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

A frustrated cry from Estrella. Nadal picks two points in a row. 

09:30 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Well, the story continues. Nadal picks a hat-trick of points to claim the first game. 

Nadal leads 1-0. 

09:29 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella picks the first point of the set. 

09:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Back live now. 

Nadal serving for the set. 

09:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

A small break is in place to give the players a breather. A much-needed one at that, especially for Estrella. 

09:25 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal now has two sets to his name. Leads 2 sets -0

Estrella's great show can only hold him as much as one game, the World No.1 is one set away from a spot in Round 2. 

09:23 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Back to back points for Nadal and is now just one point away from winning the set.  

09:22 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella's doing very well to induce errors from Nadal. He enjoys a 30-15 lead currently. 

09:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal pulls one back. Scores at 15-15. 

09:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Estrella picks up a point, leads 15-0 now. 

09:20 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nadal still leads 5-1 in the set. 

09:20 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

YES, HE CAN!! What a terrific display of tennis. 

The whole crowd is up on its feet as he sends the ball to the left of Nadal, who just watches it zoom by!

09:19 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Advantage Estrella! He's being rewarded for his grit. Can he pull off a win?

09:18 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

No!! It's a DEUCE again!

09:17 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Error from Nadal! He can't keep his touch within bounds. Advantage Estrella! 

09:16 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Oh man! Nadal's double fault means one thing - SIXTH DEUCE!

09:15 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Yet again, advantage Nadal!

09:15 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Well, get yourselves some popcorn and settle down. 

Fifth deuce! 
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