Australian Open 2018, Round 1: Yuki Bhambri vs Marcos Baghdatis, Live Match Updates

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Baghdatis 7-6 6-4 6-3 Bhambri.


08:37 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

That's all from Bhambri's match. Do join us for the live blog on Nadal's match which is going on at the Rod Laver Arena.

08:36 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And the Cypriot wins the match and moves on to the second round. Bhambri gave a good fight but in the end, Baghdatis' vast experience helps him see out the India tennis star. The Indian challenge in the men's singles draw ends with  Bhambri's exit. 

08:35 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis has two match points.

08:33 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

If Baghdatis breaks Bhambri again, then he will win the match and move onto the next round.

08:33 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

But the Cypriot fights back to hold his serve. 5-3. 

08:32 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri takes two points to go 30-15 up.

08:29 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis breaks Bhambri's serve to take a 4-3 lead and just at the right time for him.

08:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri saves a break point to draw level 40-40.

08:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri is serving now but Baghdatis looks intent on breaking the Indian.

08:24 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And the Cypriot takes the game. 3-3!

08:24 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis goes up 30-15 as he forces Bhambri to make two unforced errors.

08:22 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri preserves to take home the game. 3-2, now.

08:17 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri is still trying to make something out of this match but Baghdatis is just too good. 30-40.

08:13 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

The Cypriot draws level as he holds his serve. 2-2.

08:12 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis' serves have been on point today. 30-0.

08:10 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

A brilliant forehand winner sees Bhambri take the game. 2-1.

08:09 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri's is still fighting on, keeping the match alive. 30-15.

08:07 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis draws level with a strong serving game. 1-1.

08:06 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And Bhambri holds on to his serve to take the first game. 1-0.

08:03 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Terrific drop shot from Bhambri gives him the advantage.

08:03 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis has really gotten into his groove now. The score reads 30-30.

08:02 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri will have to pull up some tricks if he wants to stay in the match. He will get the first game underway.

07:59 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

The third set is about to start in a while. 

07:53 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And, Baghdatis takes the second set! 6-4.

07:52 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis has surged to a 30-15 lead. Can Bhambri make a comeback from here?

07:50 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Finally, we have a break in the second set. Unfortunately, though, it goes against Bhambri. Baghdatis will now serve for the set. 5-4.

07:47 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

The Cypriot takes home the game to level the scores. 4-4.

07:46 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis is showing no signs of tiring yet. But Bhambri is giving a good fight. 40-30.

07:43 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri wins the game and takes a 4-3 lead.

07:40 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

But the Indian's serve and volley game has been terrific in this set. He takes a 30-0 lead.

07:39 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri cannot stop Baghdatis from winning the game. 3-3.

07:37 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis sends in two powerful, big serves to take a 30-0 lead.

07:36 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri holds on to his serve. 3-2.

07:34 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri serves and a long rally ensues. Baghdatis is forced to run all across the court but eventually, Bhambri's forehand is too good for him. 15-0.

07:32 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis holds on to his serve to draw level. 2-2.

07:31 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

A solid return gives Bhambri the first point of the game but Baghdatis hits back with a powerful serve to level it. 15-15.

07:28 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

And, Bhambri holds his serve. 2-1.

07:28 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

That's a terrific combination of drop shots and lob as Bhambri takes the point. 40-15 now.

07:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri takes two quick points to go up 30-15.

07:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri's serving has been a little erratic but his overall game has compensated for it somewhat.

07:26 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis manages to just hold on to his serve to draw level. 1-1.

07:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri holds on to his serve to take the first game of the second set. 1-0.

07:15 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Baghdatis wins the first set 7-6 after taking four consecutive points in the tie-breaker.

07:12 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Terrific backhand winner from Bhambri. He goes up 4-3. This has been an enthralling contest so far.

07:11 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Amazing recovery by Baghdatis. He slipped and fell but recovered immediately to win the point. 3-2, Bhambri in the lead.

07:09 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Incredible from Bhambri as he works Baghdatis across the court. He takes a 2-1 lead.

07:07 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

After a series of deuce-advantage, Bhambri manages to hold on to his serve. 6-6. The set now moves on to the tie-breaker.

07:03 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Bhambri has a game point now at 40-30.

07:02 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

Nice serve and volley from Bhambri as he takes a 30-0 lead.

07:00 (GMT)15 JAN 2018

The Cypriot takes the game to lead the set 6-5.
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