Australian Open 2019 Live Updates: Rafael Nadal vs Matthew Ebden - Match Highlights

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Nadal def Ebden 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 to enter R3


12:08 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

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12:01 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

The serve and especially the forehand were absolutely on fire from Rafa today! If he can continue that, he will become an even bigger danger for his opponents in the coming rounds!!!!

11:59 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Even if Rafa faced some slight trouble in the first set, he was just untouchable in the second and third sets!!!!

11:58 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Nadal def Ebden 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 to enter R3

11:57 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

And Nadal wins!!!!!

11:57 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Second match point for Nadal!

11:54 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa sends a crosscourt forehand long on match point!


11:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa will now serve for the match!

11:52 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

All of Ebden's efforts were foiled by a brilliant, brilliant Rafa!

He breaks and goes up to 5-2

11:47 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ebden had a game point but Rafa's angle on the forehand just dashed all his hopes.


11:44 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa holds his serve in a flash!

He is up 4-2

11:39 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

And Ebden holds!!!!!

The crowd's joy knows no bounds!!!!

Ebden trails 2-3

11:38 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ebden saves a break point after Rafa dumps an overhead into the net.

The crowd can't stop cheering!

11:34 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa passes the test with flying colours!

Ace on the T and it is game to Rafa!

He is up 3-1

11:32 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

A revitalized Ebden going for beautiful volleys!

Saves a game point


11:31 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Some squeals from the crowd after the local hope shows some fabulous returns to force a deuce on the Rafa serve!

11:27 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa BREAKS to 15

Brutal, accurate....he is doing no wrong at the moment!

Up 2-1

11:25 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Three break points for Rafa!

What movement and what a backhand down-the-line winner!

11:22 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ferocious forehands from Rafa, giving glimpses of Rafa of yore.

Clean service game from Nadal and it's 1-1

11:22 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Massive hold for Ebden after being forced to deuce.


11:13 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Except for a double fault, it was pretty much smooth sailing on the serve for Rafa.

Rafa takes the second set 6-2.

11:09 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

A rampaging Rafa forces Ebden into a slew of forehand as well as backhand errors.

It's a double break for the 2009 champion!

Rafa up 5-2

11:05 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

No stutter, no stumble from Rafa.

He holds yet another service game smoothly to go up to 4-2

10:59 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

With a beautiful disguise dropshot, Ebden gets the hold.

He trails 2-3

10:58 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa consolidated the break with a smooth serve.

He is up 3-1

10:53 (GMT)16 JAN 2019


Oozing brilliance and confidence, Rafa gets the early break!

Up 2-1

10:51 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa is relentlessly moving Ebden from side to side with a lot of firepower.

That effort earns Rafa a break point.

10:47 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa held his serve breezily, to love.

It's 1-1

10:44 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ebden was in a bit of trouble on his serve and lost a couple of points.

But he still managed to hold, anyway.

He is 1-0 in Set 2

10:38 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

It's 6-3 for Rafa

10:38 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa serves out the set to 15.

Pretty smooth sailing for the former champion despite some good returns from the Australian.

10:34 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ebden's resistance broke down finally!

A double fault did the damage!

Nadal breaks and goes up to 5-3

10:30 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Ebden couldn't manage the breakthrough as Nadal's defence did the talking.

Nadal up 4-3

10:27 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

The Nadal serve is under a bit of pressure at 3-3.

Some brilliant returns from Ebden made it deuce

10:18 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

No breaks on serve so far.

Nadal up to 3-2

10:10 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa held to 15 despite some aggressive returns from Ebden.

Up 2-1

10:06 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

What brilliant serves by Ebden!

He holds to love!

It's 1-1

10:04 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Rafa had a double fault but made up for it with a brutal inside-out forehand winner and held his serve.


10:02 (GMT)16 JAN 2019

Good afternoon!

The warmup has finished and Rafa is about to start the proceedings.
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