Australian Open 2019 Live Updates: Simona Halep vs Kaia Kanepi - Match Highlights

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Halep def Kanepi 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-2 to enter R2.


11:37 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

And that wraps up our live coverage of this match.

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11:36 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep was in danger for half of the match. But the way she managed to calm her nerves and find her confidence was definitely admirable.

And this big win over Kanepi, after having lost to her at the US Open, would encourage her to keep going.

11:30 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Final score: Halep def Kanepi 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-2 to enter R2.

11:12 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

And Halep wraps this up!

She is through to the second round!

11:07 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Looks like the storm has passed for Halep.

11:07 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep didn't waste any time in holding her service game.

She is up 5-2 now.

One game away from advancing to R2.

11:01 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Kanepi lost that game from 40-0 up.

Handed over 5 points in a row to Halep.

11:00 (GMT)15 JAN 2019


Halep has broken to go up to 4-2.

Kaia has asked to see the trainer to treat a blister.

10:59 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Kaia doesn't look well and is losing confidence.

Halep has a break point

10:58 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

A few errors off the backhand from Kanepi and its deuce on her serve.

10:55 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Still no service breakthrough from either in the third set.

Halep 3-2 up with Kanepi serving now.

10:48 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep looks more pumped up now than Kanepi. Can the top seed channelize it into a break?

10:48 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

The two held service games again and Halep is now 2-1 

10:41 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep starts third set more confidently.

Easily holding her serve, she goes up to 1-0.

10:38 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep and Kanepi are now tied at one set apiece.

We have a decider here!

10:37 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep started hitting with more purpose and cut down on her errors.

It all paid off as she broke Kanepi in the 10th game to take the second set 6-4.

10:18 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep is actually looking more settled and calmer now.

Choosing her shots very well.

Up 4-3. 

10:13 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Since that early break in the second set, Halep has come back strongly.

It's 3-3.

10:01 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep lost to Kanepi in the first round of the US Open too.

10:00 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep in dire straits now!

A set and a break down!

10:00 (GMT)15 JAN 2019


Kanepi gets the break to go up to 2-1

09:52 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep held to start the second set!


09:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

And Kanepi does it with ease!

Takes the first set 7-6(2)

09:46 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Another mini break for Kanepi!

She is up 5-2 in the tiebreak.

09:44 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Early mini break for Kanepi in the tiebreak 

She is up 3-1

09:42 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

What a backhand down the line, going back behind Kanepi!

Halep holds and roars!

It's 6-6

09:41 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Two set points saved!

Will this embolden Halep?

09:40 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep saved the break point but Kanepi moved Halep from side to side to get another break point.

09:40 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep still looks subdued in the face of the Kanepi onslaught!

09:39 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Danger time for Halep!

She faces break point while serving to stay in the set!


09:32 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep went for her two-punch shots and brilliantly held to love.It's 5-5

09:30 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Both Kanepi and Halep held their service games with ease and currently Kanepi is 5-4 up.

Halep is serving to stay in the set.

09:22 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Kanepi uses her off-backhand to get a service hold and leads 4-3.

Looks very powerful and very confident right now.

09:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Halep held her serve as well and it's back to level once more


09:17 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Kanepi makes no mistake this time and holds effortlessly!

She leads 3-2

09:13 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Kanepi uses her powerful forehand winner to break back to love!

It's 2-2 very, very quickly.

09:13 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

But things are changing very, very quickly for the Romanian here!

She is 0-40 down on her own serve!

09:12 (GMT)15 JAN 2019

Simona Halep lost to Kaia Kanepi in the first round of the US Open last year but so far it's been a much better outing for the reigning French Open champion.

Halep has broken and she leads 2-1.
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