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Australian Open 2019 Semifinals: Rafael Nadal vs Stefanos Tsitsipas Live Score, Match Highlights & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 24, 2019 10:54 GMT

Nadal def Tsitsipas 6-2, 6-4, 6-0 in 1 hour 46 minutes to enter final


10:54 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

That wraps up our live coverage for the day.

Do join us tomorrow for more live updates from the Australian Open 2019.


10:54 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Nadal did nothing wrong in the semi-final and thoroughly established his supremacy.

He will face the winner of the second semi-final between Djokovic and Pouille. That match will be held tomorrow.

10:51 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Final score: Nadal def Tsitsipas 6-2, 6-4, 6-0 in 1 hour 46 minutes.

10:38 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Nadal is into his 25th Grand Slam final and fifth Australian Open final!!!!!

10:34 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Nadal WINS as Stefano's dumps a backhand return into the net!

10:33 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Match point!!!!

10:33 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

With a great serve and volley, Rafa saves it.


10:32 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa miscues another volley.

Break point to Stefanos!


10:32 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Stefanos goes for a backhand pass and Rafa miscues a volley!

It's 30-30

10:31 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa serving for a place in his 25th Grand Slam final.

10:28 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Stefanos just looks completely overwhelmed!

Absolutely no answer to Rafa's power and precision!

Nadal BREAKS and leads 5-0

10:26 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa is just sprinting through his service games! 

Hardly ant effort needed!


10:20 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

What an overhead!

Nadal BREAKS again and leads 3-0

10:19 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

So much control and precision from Rafa from so far behind the baseline.

He just keeps bringing out those magical forehands!

Rafa has a break point at 2-0

10:13 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa breaks in the first game of the third set!

What a backhand return!!!!

Rafa 1-0

10:06 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Absolute domination by Nadal!

10:05 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa grabs the second set 6-4

He is two sets to love up!

10:00 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Stefanos saved a break point with serve and volley but couldn't save a second break point.

With him faltering at the net, Nadal BREAKS!!!!

Nadal up 5-4

09:54 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

With a backhand down-the-line, Nadal holds his serve to love.


09:49 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas is serving much better now.

And holds to love!

What a game!

Tsitsipas 4-3

09:48 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

And he holds to 15


09:47 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa at the net is such a treat to watch!

Up 40-0 on serve

09:43 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas showing some incredible resilience by saving all three break points.

His serve, volleys and self-belief all shone through that service game.

Tsitsipas played his five best points to hold and lead 3-2

09:40 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa is now all over the Tsitsipas serve. Even the ball clipped the top of the tape and landed in Tsitsipas's court.

3 break points for Rafa!

09:38 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas shows some incredible defense to take two points off the Rafa serve but couldn't do more.


09:32 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas doesn't crumble despite all the pressure from Rafa.

Holds his serve and leads 2-1

09:29 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Breezy service hold for Nadal and it is 1-1

09:27 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas is overpressing his backhands and making a lot of mistakes.

Nadal 30-0 on serve

09:25 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

A good service hold from Tsitsipas to start the second set.


09:19 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Nadal takes the first set 6-2

Brutal. Dominant. Relentless.

09:18 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

2 set points for Rafa!

09:18 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa's volleys have been so effective today. 

09:15 (GMT)24 JAN 2019


Rafa breaks with a volley that passes Stefan to land on the baseline.

In total control now!

Nadal 5-2

09:14 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa is running and bullying his opponent now.

Break point

09:10 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Yet another love service game for Nadal.

Rafa motors ahead to 4-2

09:05 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas does much better on his own service game.

Holds serve to love.

Trails 2-3

09:03 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Rafa consolidates the break with a love service game.

Nadal 3-1

09:02 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

The forehands are doing some damage from Rafa!!

40-0 on serve

08:59 (GMT)24 JAN 2019


Rafa breaks and leads 2-1

08:58 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

The forehand down the line from Rafa gets him a break point!

08:57 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

What a backhand return by Nadal!

Tsitsipas 15-30 on serve

08:55 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Nadal holds after dropping a couple of points.


08:52 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas is staying with Rafa in the rallies. Speedy as well.

The Tsitsipas backhand is so far is holding up well.

15-15 on the Rafa serve.

08:50 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas is going hard at Rafa's forehands.

Aggressive, confident so far.

Holds serve to 15.

Tsitsipas 1-0

08:49 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Tsitsipas is serving first.

08:48 (GMT)24 JAN 2019

Good afternoon! The first of the men's semi-finals is under way!
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