Australian Open Badminton 2018, Men’s Singles quarterfinal: Sameer Verma vs Lu Guangzu, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 11, 2018 11:54 IST

Live coverage underway


11:54 (IST)11 MAY 2018

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11:53 (IST)11 MAY 2018

It turned out to be a rather one sided affair with Sameer failing to exert any kind of dominion over Lu. The Indian showed good character in Game 1, but looked a pale shadow of his former self, succumbing to a heavy deafeat in G2.

11:51 (IST)11 MAY 2018

It's done and dusted as the Chinese progress to the semi finals of the Australian open.
Lu seals Game 2, 21-6.

11:51 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Guangzu Lu has completely embarassed his opponent in game 2 as he lands on game and match point with a sublime cross court smash.
Score: 20-6

11:48 (IST)11 MAY 2018

It's all but over for Sameer as the Chinese race towards the match point.
Score: 17-5!

11:47 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Finally, Sameer breaks the jinx and get a point. 
Score:15-4, Lu leading

11:46 (IST)11 MAY 2018

It's turning out to be extremely disappointing for Sameer as he has now succumbed to a whopping 10 point deficit. 3-13, the Indian trails.

11:45 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Lu absolutely dominating Sameer as he takes a healthy lead to steer clear nine points. Score: 12-3! 

11:40 (IST)11 MAY 2018

The Chinese maintaining his 2 point lead. Score: 5-3

11:38 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Lu has yet again taken the lead.
Score: 2-0

11:37 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Game 2 begins!

11:36 (IST)11 MAY 2018


Guangzu Lu comfortably seals the first game 21-14. Sameer has shown confidence in patches and will need a assorted plan in the next game if he fancy a comeback!

11:34 (IST)11 MAY 2018

And it's game point for the Chinese. Looks like there's no chance of a comeback for Sameer.
Score: 20-14

11:33 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Sameer looks to have lost the plot in the penultimate moment. 18-14, Lu leads!

11:32 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Guangzu Lu has once again managed to increase his lead with the scoreline reading 16-14. 

11:31 (IST)11 MAY 2018

The contest is heating up as Sameer is showing strong nerves to restrict the World No 165. He's reduced the difference to a single point.
Score: 14-15. Can the Indian level terms?

11:29 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Sameer with a mesmerizing cross court smash as he reduces the lead to 2.
Score: 12-14

11:27 (IST)11 MAY 2018

The Chinese is showing good consistency as he maintain the 3 points lead.
Score: 10-13

11:25 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Sameer is making a strong statement after the breather, he has taken 3 consecutive points. 8-11

11:24 (IST)11 MAY 2018

And they go into the breather! Sameer has his task cut out. He trails by 6 points, 5-11

11:23 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Sameer is trying is best but the World No. 165 Lu is absolutely dominating the game so far. 8-5, he leads

11:22 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Lu has a slender one-point lead at the moment. 2-1

11:21 (IST)11 MAY 2018

And Sameer gets us underway!

10:10 (IST)11 MAY 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE updates of the quarterfinal match between Sameer Verma and Lu Guangzu!

10:09 (IST)11 MAY 2018

As The Crown Group Australian gets into its final stages, things have started to heat up. 

Sameer Verma had a terriffic campaign, as he defeated Indian origin player of New Zealand, Abhinav Manota in his match in the Round-of-32, where he won comfortably after a brief scare in the first game. The scoreline was 13-21, 21-9, 21-7. Post this the World No. 25 took on the Japanese, Takuma Ueda and defeated him in two straight sets, 21-16, 21-12.

Lu Guangzu, on the other hand has had to battle his way through to this round. He defeated Henrikho Kho Wibowo of Indonesia and Pit Seng Low of Australia in the qualification Round.

The world No. 165 then defied all odds by winning against the Korean Heo Kwang Hee (World No. 85) 21-9, 16-21, 21-18 in the round-of-32. An even more difficult challenge awaited him in the Round-of-16 as he faced the Malaysian Wei Feng Chong of Malaysia, however, here too he emerged victorious winning 21-15, 21-11 in straight sets.

His match against Sameer Verma will certainly be an entertaining one to say the least.
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