Australian Open Quarterfinals: Nadal vs Tiafoe Live Score, Match Highlights & Updates

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Nadal def Tiafoe 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to enter the semi-finals


12:08 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

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12:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

That was a pretty commanding performance from Nadal. One of the breeziest runs that Rafa has had to the semi-finals of any Slam.

11:57 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Nadal will meet Tsitsipas in the semi-finals.

11:56 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Final score: Nadal def Tiafoe 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to enter the semi-finals

11:56 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Nadal WINS!!!!

11:55 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

2 match points!

11:54 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa misses a rare forehand after going up 30-0

11:52 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

 That's exactly what big champions do!

11:52 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Phenomenal backhand return from Rafa to earn another break!!

Rafa up 5-2 and will serve for the match now!

Rafa simply upped the intensity on his shots in the last few points.

11:48 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa sprints to 4-2.

It's all business for the former champion!

11:45 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

A very strong service game from the young American.

He is now at 2-3.

Can he show some resistance against Rafa?

11:41 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

3 games away from returning to the semi-finals

11:41 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa races ahead to 3-1

11:37 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Smack and hold!

What a clean and smooth service game by Tiafoe!

He trails 1-2

11:36 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa dropped yet another point but held his serve successfully.Rafa 2-0 in third set

11:34 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

What a backhand return by Tiafoe on the Rafa serve!

11:31 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe saves the first break point with a gigantic serve.

But he can't do anything about the other as he dumps a forehand into the net!

Rafa BREAKS!!!!

Rafa 1-0

11:30 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa just doesn't get tired, isn't it?

Power, touch.... everything is spot on!

What a volley!

Rafa has 2 break points!

11:26 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

The 17-time Grand Slam champion is in total control here.

He hits 11 winners in Set 2.

11:25 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa is two sets to the good!

11:25 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Sizzling forehand and Rafa gets the second set 6-4

11:24 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

3 set points for Rafa!

11:23 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa is serving for the set after Tiafoe holds

11:15 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

And Rafa holds!


11:14 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

7th Ace for Rafa!

Game point!

11:14 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

A forehand from Rafa goes long from the baseline!

30-30 on the Badal serve!

11:11 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe holds and now Rafa will serve to go up to 5-3

11:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Not much resistance from the American!

Rafa holds to 15.

Up 4-2

11:03 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe has a breezy hold to love after that.

Rafa up 3-2

11:01 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

The Tiafoe backhand breaks down.

Nadal survives the scare!

Rafa holds and leads 3-1

11:00 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

This is a marathon service game!!!!

It is Deuce No. 4

10:58 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa's backhand goes wide!


10:57 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe sends a backhand and a forehand long!

Game point for Rafa!

10:56 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Crosscourt forehand breaks down for Rafa!

Again a break point for Tiafoe!

10:55 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa's serve saved him!


10:54 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe has a break point!

10:54 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

What a backhand by Tiafoe!

Crowd on the edge of their seats!

10:53 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa's serves saved him.


10:52 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa misfiring forehands!

In a bit of trouble!

0-30 on serve!

10:50 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Much better display on the serve from Tiafoe.

Holds and trails 1-2

Rafa still has a lot of advantage with a set and a break lead.

10:46 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Rafa consolidates that break like he should!

Absolutely no problem in going up to 2-0

10:44 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

What a forehand down the line by Rafa!


Rafa up 1-0

10:43 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Dire situation for Tiafoe in the first game of the second set.

0-40 on serve

10:39 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

In a battle of speed and power, Tiafoe tried to stay toe-to-toe with Rafa but the Spaniard was too strong.

Rafa gets the first set 6-3

10:34 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe holds and trails 3-5.

Rafa to serve for the first set.

10:33 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe came up with a volley which was returned with interest by Rafa

30-30 on the Tiafoe serve

10:29 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Crisp backhand down the line from Rafa!

He holds and leads 5-2

10:28 (GMT)22 JAN 2019

Tiafoe is finding it difficult to deal with the pace and power of the Nadal groundstrokes.
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