Australian Open Quarterfinals: Raonic vs Pouille: Live Score, Match Highlights & Updates

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Pouille beats Raonic 7-6(4), 6-3, 6-7(2), 6-4 to enter SFs


07:50 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille breaks Raonic at the end of the set to complete the 7-6(4), 6-3, 6-7(2), 6-4 win.

This is his first Grand Slam semi-final.

07:30 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille held to love.

He is 4-3

07:29 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille had yet more chances to break the Raonic serve and his spirit.

He couldn't do that 

It's 3-3

07:18 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Breezy service game for Pouille.

He leads 2-1

07:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille had a break point on the Raonic serve in the fourth set.

But didn't have success.

It's 1-1 in 4th set

07:07 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic's Australian Open hopes are still alive!!

07:07 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

After dropping a couple of points, Raonic gets the third set 7-6(2).

07:05 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic absolutely bulldozed through the tiebreak, building a 6-0 lead

06:59 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

And it is a tiebreak!!!!

06:54 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic HOLDS to go up to 6-5.

Can Lucas force a tiebreak?

06:53 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

It's 5-5 and Raonic about to serve once more.

Will there be a tiebreak?

06:47 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic survives!

Saving 2 break points, Raonic HOLDS and leads 5-4.

Will it inspire him to get a break?

06:42 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

And Raonic saves it with his gigantic serve.

06:42 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille's passes have been terrific this whole match!

Another backhand pass gifts the Frenchman a break point.

06:39 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille responds in style by holding his serve!

The pressure is back on Raonic now.

He will serve at 4-4

06:34 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

And Raonic HOLDS!

That was massive!

Raonic 4-3

06:34 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic saves a couple of break points with his aces!

Has hit 15 aces so far!

06:31 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

What a backhand down the line by Lucas!

Pouille up 30-0 in the Raonic serve!

06:31 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

After another clean service game, Pouille will put pressure back on the Raonic serve.

3-3 in the third set

06:25 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

What a cracker of a return from Pouille on the full stretch!

But he still can't break Raonic!

Raonic up 3-2

06:22 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

No breakthrough in serve so far!

It's 2-2

06:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

It's 1-1 in the third set.

06:10 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille is two sets to love up now.

This is danger time for Raonic.

06:10 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

That early break of serve was enough for Pouille to take the second set 6-3

05:58 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic has a hold of serve. But it isn't looking too good for him at the moment

Pouille 4-2, being aggressive and staying calm.

05:55 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille has a commanding hold of serve!

Up 4-1

05:50 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic in all sorts of trouble!

05:50 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

What a pass and a lob by Pouille!

He earns a BREAK!!!!

Pouille up 3-1

05:46 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

It's on serve in the early stages of the second set.

Pouille leads 2-1

05:37 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

More unforced errors from Raonic absolutely did him in.

A calm and way more settled Pouille gets the job done.

Pouille takes the first set 7-6(4).

05:30 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

2-2 in the tiebreak

05:28 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

But Raonic's unforced errors are not helping him.

Had chances to make in-roads into the Pouille serve and made it 30-30.

But Lucas still managed to hold and force a tiebreak.

05:26 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic wriggled out of a deuce to hold his serve and go up to 6-5

05:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

And Pouille does the job beautifully!

It's 5-5

05:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Some twist to this first set!

Pouille gets a vital break back. His persistence has finally paid off.

Lucas breaks Milos to 15.

Will serve to get it back on level terms at 5-5

05:07 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

But Raonic rifles his backhand down-the-line to hold his serve.

Raonic 5-2

05:06 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille used his footspeed to force a 30-30 on the Raonic serve.

05:03 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Pouille pushed aside that setback and raced through his service game, holding it to love.

He holds to 2-4

05:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic saved a break point to hold his serve.

Massive opportunity lost for the Frenchman.

Raonic 4-1

04:58 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic is facing some stiff resistance from Pouille on his serve.


04:56 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

It's 3-1 at the moment for the Canadian.

Smooth sailing so far!

04:56 (GMT)23 JAN 2019

Raonic has got an early break to go up to 2-0
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