Austrian Grand Prix Live Updates

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It's time for the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg with Valtteri Bottas on pole!


13:33 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

It's also Bottas' second ever Grand Prix win! His first came at the Russian Grand Prix this year.

13:30 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Phenomenal driving from an excitable Daniel Ricciardo, with Bottas driving clinically and cleanly this year. 

13:30 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Sebastian Vettel now extends his championship lead to 20 points with Hamilton finishing in P4! 

13:29 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Phenomenal racing in the end for the front two rows with some solid two battles - P1-P2 and P3-P4!

13:28 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Sebastian Vettel is in P2 and Daniel Ricciardo finishes up the podium for P3

13:27 (GMT)9 JUL 2017


13:26 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

LAST LAP!!!!!! Hamilton tries to get the inside of Ricciardo and Ricciardo PULLS away! He's still in P3 and Valtteri Bottas really having to fight off Vettel now.

13:24 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Vettel reduces the gap and DRASTICALLY!!

13:24 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

13:22 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Bottas has to push on and with Vettel now really hunting for that win, he's inching closer and closer. Meanwhile Ham only +1.37s behind Ricciardio in P3, and gaining time REALLY quick.

13:19 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Hamilton's blistering badly but with only 7 laps to go, no box! Two good fights on. P3-P4 and P1-P2!

13:19 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Checo Perez reporting there's rain at turn 9. We've got 7 laps to go still.. 

13:17 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

That said he still hits another fastest lap and Daniel Ricciardo will want to watch out now!

13:17 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Lewis Hamilton's tyres don't look in great condition right now with the right rear blistered quite deeply. As is the right left. 

13:15 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Carlos Sainz says despite P10 start he missed tyre changes and had a 'lack of power' which made him miss out on results.

13:12 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Bottas pushing for pace now. We've got 13 laps in this race. 

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13:08 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Bottas has a 3.2s advantage over P2 Vettel and he'll want more pace if he wants to keep his lead for the next 16 laps.

13:04 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

13:02 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

2.4seconds between P8 Esteban Ocon (Force India) and Massa in P9.

12:59 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Jolyon Palmer has kept himself in the race - big stuff for him, but he's just outside the points. 

12:56 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Pit for Kimi and he's back out on the ultrasofts! He pits at P2 and comes back out in P5.

12:56 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Back in P1 is Bottas! Kimi now in P2 behind him and Vettel in third. Fresh tyres working some wonders.

12:53 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Kimi now in the lead! Bottas comes out in P2 after pitting and Vettel in P3. Kimi is still to pit, though...

12:46 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Ricciardo also boxes for supersofts, and Hamilton is now gaining on him quickly.

12:45 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Box for Ferrari and Vettel gets on to supersofts. Kimi in P2 now, Vettel out of pits in P3. 

12:43 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

HAM pits and exits without losing a position! 

12:41 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Hamilton gets a set of ultrasofts now! He pits at P5

12:41 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Hydraulic failure for Haas' Kevin Magnussen and his race is over.

12:39 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Kevin Magnussen's race is ending. Surely. Car coming to a slowdown and smoke is coming out of the back. Not great news. Gearbox failure, seems like.

12:34 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Force India in P7 and P8 now - Perez and Ocon respectively! 

12:33 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Hamilton trying to catch Kimi in P4, and Ferrari doesn't have the best time in other cars' slipstream.

12:33 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Investigation completed. No jump start for Valtteri Bottas. He'll keep his race win, if he keeps the lead till the end. Ricciardo P3, 4.2s behind Vettel in P2. 

12:31 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

RE Valtteri Bottas - no revelation on the jump start investigation just yet but he's just set a new fastest lap. 

12:25 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Ultrasofts are blistering for everyone here. Kimi Raikkonen has reported front left tyre blister - he'll look to pit soon. 

12:20 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Smart from them if we're thinking of rain.

12:20 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Meanwhile Williams going split strategies. Stroll on the supersofts and Massa on soft.

12:20 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Whether or not you're a fan of Lewis Hamilton, you can't deny his talent. He's already quickly up to P5 from 8th, and quickly.

12:15 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Daniil Kvyat is still out there. After knocking out Alonso and Verstappen he'll get a drive-through penalty.

12:12 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Toro Rosso really having a difficult day of this. Carlos Sainz over the team radio sounds tired and exasperated and we're not sure what the problem is. Team now asking him to push on.

12:11 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Lewis Hamilton takes the inside line on Sergio Perez in one of the cleanest overtakes we've seen in a bit. He's up in P6 already now.

12:11 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Force India's Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon in P7 and P8 respectively. Great stuff from both drivers all season, and the Austrian GP is no different!

12:10 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Valtteri Bottas is now under investigation for a jump start. He's way in the lead at this point but might lose that to Sebastian Vettel.

12:10 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

12:09 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

"They cannot play bowling," says Fernando Alonso. It was Toro Rossos Kvyat who hits Alonso, who veers into Verstappen. Kvyat's quite the bowling ball here.

12:08 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Great stuff from Williams' Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll who move up from near the back of the grid to P9 and 10 !

12:07 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Raikkonen back in P4.

12:07 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

DNF for Max Verstappen, who's asked to retire. 

So is Fernando Alonso. But that second sentence has sadly become far too common. DNF for McLaren's Fernando Alonso then.

12:05 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Haas' Romain Grosjean in P4 - but Max Verstappen's car sounds bad. Very bad. 

12:05 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Lewis Hamilton loses a place to Force India's Sergio Perez. Vettel lags a bit in P2 behind Bottas; Daniel Ricciardo, who won the race in Baku, is pushing hard at Vettel! He's gained a place on Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen. 

12:04 (GMT)9 JUL 2017

Great start for Bottas - but not so much for Max Verstappen - he spins out! 
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