Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Men's Singles, 2nd Round: B Sai Praneeth vs Chen Long, Live Match Updates

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Chen / Praneeth (Set) - 2 /0 1st set (Chen/Praneeth) - 21/12 2nd set (Chen/Praneeth) - 21/12


13:39 (IST)26 APR 2018

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13:36 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth gave his all against the much higher ranked player from China but fell short, by a margin, in both sets. 
Having said that, the small fightbacks by Praneeth in both the sets were encouraging from the indian lad. He did not make it a simple walkover, making Chen have to work for the win and that gives hope for his future.

13:33 (IST)26 APR 2018

And there it is, the final blow by Chen. He wins the second set too, and in turn the whole tie, with the same scoreline as the first : 21-12. 

13:32 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen on the verge of winning the tie as Praneeth wins a point back. The score reads : 20-12, in the second set, in favour of Chen. 

13:31 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth fighting to stay alive in the contest as he gets another point, to make the score - 18-11, in favour of Chen. 

13:29 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth gets three points to make the score 17-10, to Chen.

13:28 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth somehow manages to get a point back making it 16-7, to Chen. However it might all just be a little bit too late.

13:27 (IST)26 APR 2018

The difference in skill of the two players is becoming extremely evident as Chen now has increased his lead by ten points. The score now reads 16-6 in favour of Chen. 

13:24 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen seems to have found his stride again and wins three points back to back, re-establishing that seven point gap between them. The score now is 12-5, to Chen.

13:22 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth finally getting a move on. He cuts the difference down to four points as the score now reads 9-5, to Chen.

13:21 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth getting in a few points now. He wins three of them and the score is now 9-4, in  Chen's favour.

13:20 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth finally gets his first point in this set and trails Chen with the score now 7-1, in Chen's favour.

13:19 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen is now again in a commanding position sitting a good sevent point gap, leading Praneeth 7-0 in the second set. 

13:18 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's the second set and it could be a very early end in the tie for India's Praneeth, as Chen is running away with the second set as well. Chen gets two more points and leads Praneeth 5-0 in the second set.

13:16 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen picking up where he left of at the end of the first set. He gets three back to back points and leads in the second set 3-0.

13:13 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen gets the final point and has a commanding victory in the first set winning it with a final score of 21-12. 
Praneeth showed a small sign of a comeback in the middle, but Chen was simply too good for him.

13:11 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen gets a point again and the serve is back with him in the first set. He leads Praneeth 20-12.

13:10 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth trying to make a comeback here. He gets four points and brings his score up to 12. Chen is still on 19.

13:09 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen gets the serve back and the score now is 19-8 to Chen.

13:08 (IST)26 APR 2018

Praneeth really needs to step up his game or else Chen will simply decimate him in the first set.

13:07 (IST)26 APR 2018

He leads Praneeth 14-6 in the first set. 

13:06 (IST)26 APR 2018

Chen Long is racing away with the first set at the moment.

13:03 (IST)26 APR 2018

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to today's live coverage of the match between India's Sai Praneeth and China's Chen Long.

11:21 (IST)26 APR 2018

The 38th edition of the Asia Badminton Championships is currently underway in China. The tournament, which is taking place at the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium, will pay out a total prize money of 350,000 dollars and will award the participants with valuable points for their respective BWF rankings.

India's Sai Praneeth will come face-to-face with China's Chen Long. Praneeth will have a tough task at hand to get the better of Chen, who is the third seed for the championships. Should Praneeth advance, he will face either Indonesian Jonatan Christie or Hong Kong's Angus NG.

Sai Praneeth overcame Thailand's S. Avihingsanon in the first round. The match, which spanned the length of three games, finished 21-13, 11-21, 21-19 in the favor of Praneeth. Chen, on the other hand, made quick work of his opponent in the previous round as he dispatched Jordan's B.A. Alshannik 21-8, 21-8.

Praneeth has been drawn in a tough section and will have to play at his very best if he indeed is to progress to the following rounds. 
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