Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Men's Singles, 2nd Round: HS Prannoy vs Wang Tzu Wei, Live Match Updates

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Prannoy def Wang 16-21, 21-14, 21-12 in 56 minutes to enter QFs


14:38 (IST)26 APR 2018

That's it from us!

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14:37 (IST)26 APR 2018

And with Prannoy's win, the top Indian quartet - Nehwal, Sindhu, Srikanth, and Prannoy - have all entered the quarter-finals.

14:35 (IST)26 APR 2018

Final score: Prannoy def Wang 16-21, 21-14, 21-12 in 56 minutes to enter QFs

14:33 (IST)26 APR 2018

That took Prannoy some effort to find his form. But, when he did, he was simply unstoppable!

14:32 (IST)26 APR 2018

And Prannoy wins!!!!!!

14:30 (IST)26 APR 2018

And he has eight match points now


14:30 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy has smoothly progressed to 19-12 now

14:28 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy is up 17-10 now.

Four points away from the win

14:25 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 16-7 to Prannoy after Wang shows a bit of a fight

14:23 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy has a lead of 10 points now! Surely, he won't be giving that up.


14:21 (IST)26 APR 2018

No disrupting Prannoy's rhythm. He is moving on effortlessly here.

13-4 he leads

14:19 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy up 11-4 at the midgame interval

14:18 (IST)26 APR 2018

Wang finally gets another point here!

2-9 he trails

14:17 (IST)26 APR 2018


Prannoy looking unstoppable at the moment!

14:15 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy grabs four quick points to surge to a big lead of 6-1

14:14 (IST)26 APR 2018

2-1 to Prannoy in the 3rd.

14:11 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy takes the second game 21-14

14:10 (IST)26 APR 2018

6 game points!!


14:10 (IST)26 APR 2018

And it is 19-14 now for the Indian

14:09 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 18-12 for Prannoy now.

He looks determined to set up a decider.

14:08 (IST)26 APR 2018

Flurry of points for the Indian!


14:07 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy has distanced himself from his opponent and has gone up to 15-10

14:04 (IST)26 APR 2018

Again Wang is showing his class here.

Making Prannoy earn his points

Wang 9-11

14:03 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy up 11-7 at the interval

14:02 (IST)26 APR 2018

Now 10-6 for the Kerala shuttler

14:01 (IST)26 APR 2018

Wang is trying to get back into contention here as he closes in on 5-9

14:00 (IST)26 APR 2018

Six-point advantage for the Indian now.


13:58 (IST)26 APR 2018

He now races ahead to 5-1

Looking very much in control

13:57 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy makes a bright start to Game 2


13:54 (IST)26 APR 2018

Wang doesn't relent at all!

With three more points, he grabs the first game 21-16

13:52 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 18-16 to Wang now

13:51 (IST)26 APR 2018

Six points on the trot for Wang!!


13:50 (IST)26 APR 2018

And Wang snatches the lead!!


13:49 (IST)26 APR 2018

But the fire is doused by Wang soon after!

He comes storming back to 15-15 with four points in a row.

13:47 (IST)26 APR 2018

Suddenly he is fired up and grabs a couple of quick points!

Prannoy up 15-11

13:47 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy maintains his two-point lead over Wang.


13:45 (IST)26 APR 2018

Wang gets a point on resumption


13:43 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 11-8 to the Indian at the midgame interval.

13:43 (IST)26 APR 2018

Prannoy continues to have all the momentum as of now.

Up 10-7

13:38 (IST)26 APR 2018

And two more as the Indian extends his lead to 6-3

13:37 (IST)26 APR 2018

2 quick points for Prannoy and he is up 4-3

13:36 (IST)26 APR 2018

Wang builds a 3-2 lead

13:35 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 1-1

13:35 (IST)26 APR 2018

Good afternoon!

The match is starting

11:27 (IST)26 APR 2018

The 38th edition of the Asia Badminton Championships is currently underway in China. The tournament, which is taking place at the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium, will pay out a total prize money of 350,000 dollars and will award the participants with valuable points for their respective BWF rankings.

India's H.S. Prannoy defeated Thailand's K. Wangcharoen in the first round of the Asia Badminton Championships by a score of 21-15, 19-21, 21-19. Prannoy will now face Chinese Taipei's Wang Tzu-Wei. Tzu-Wei pulled off an upset in the previous round when he defeated sixth seed, Lin Dan, coming from a game down. Tzu-Wei won with a score of 15-21, 21-9, 21-16.

The winner of this match will face either Son Wan-Ho of Korea or K. Tsuneyama of Japan in the quarterfinals.

Prannoy will definitely face a challenge in the form of Tzu-Wei, who will be pumped up after his victory over Lin Dan. 
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