Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Men's Singles, Quarterfinal: Kidambi Srikanth vs Lee Chong Wei, Live Match Updates

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Lee def Srikanth 21-12, 21-15 to enter semi-finals


15:04 (IST)27 APR 2018

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15:09 (IST)27 APR 2018

That turned out to be pretty easy for the two-time champion. The champion in Srikanth never turned up. It was a bland show from the Indian and a lot more was expected from him.

15:07 (IST)27 APR 2018

And Lee DOES IT!

21-12, 21-15 in 32 minutes!!

15:07 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee now has five match points.


15:06 (IST)27 APR 2018

He gets another point to reduce the deficit to four points.


15:06 (IST)27 APR 2018

Immediately, Srikanth messes up the next shot. The lack in consistency has proved to be a death knell for him.

Trails 14-19

15:05 (IST)27 APR 2018

Beautiful drop from Srikanth and he now trails 13-18

15:04 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth pulls back a couple of points through rare Lee errors.


15:03 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth closed the gap to five points at 10-15 but once more came up with errors.

Lee is now up to 17-10 

15:02 (IST)27 APR 2018

Rush to the net from Srikanth to get one point back.


15:02 (IST)27 APR 2018

Simply put, it's poor execution from the Indian right now.


15:01 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth is looking frustrated and totally clueless right now. His errors are killing whatever little chance he has had.

Srikanth trails 8-14 now

15:00 (IST)27 APR 2018

But Lee regains control soon after with a delicate dropshot and goes up to 11-8 at the midgame interval.

14:59 (IST)27 APR 2018

A little spark of life from the Indian as he gets another point.


14:58 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee leads 10-7 now

14:58 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth had the shot in his control as Lee was stranded but he squandered that chance by dumping the shuttle into the net.


14:56 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth stationed himself in the front court and moved around beautifully but Lee had the answers to everything!

Lee 9-4 now

14:55 (IST)27 APR 2018

Points coming thick and fast for the former champion.

Lee up 7-3

14:54 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee is once again looking to be the aggressor as he keeps on anticipating and attacking well.

It's 5-2 to Lee

14:53 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth cuts down Lee's lead to one point and trails 2-3

14:52 (IST)27 APR 2018

Smash down the line from Lee and be leads 2-1

14:51 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth tried to move Lee all over the court and it worked.

1-1 in Game 2

14:50 (IST)27 APR 2018

Can Srikanth come back?

Let's find out.

14:50 (IST)27 APR 2018

Age is just a number for Lee.

That was pure domination from the legend!

14:48 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth sends the shuttle out and the first game goes to Lee at 21-12.

14:48 (IST)27 APR 2018

Eight game points for Lee

14:47 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee is anticipating well, moving well, doing just everything right!

19-12 for the Malaysian

14:46 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth gets to double digits with a backhand volley.


14:46 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee up 16-9 now

14:45 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth's accuracy is just not there. And that is harming him against a guy, who is looking confident and is thoroughly enjoying himself.

14:44 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth gets another point but the lead is still with Lee and he is up 16-7

14:44 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee targeted a shot to the corner but missed it barely.

It's 14-6 in favour of Lee now

14:43 (IST)27 APR 2018

It's absolutely one-way traffic for Lee now!

He is leaping like a teen!

13-4 for Lee

14:41 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee is looking way more patient and is constructing points with a lot of thought and accuracy.

It is 11-4 to Lee going into the midgame interval.

14:40 (IST)27 APR 2018

Srikanth is not helping his cause at all as a flurry of errors continue to bother him.

Lee up 10-4

14:39 (IST)27 APR 2018

And it is 7-3 now for the Malaysian

14:38 (IST)27 APR 2018

And Lee extends his lead to 6-3 with some lovely net play

14:37 (IST)27 APR 2018

Lee showing a lot of aggression now. With a body smash he rises to 5-3

14:37 (IST)27 APR 2018

They continue to be evenly matched


14:36 (IST)27 APR 2018

And it is quickly all level at 2-2

14:35 (IST)27 APR 2018

And we are off! 

Srikanth flies to a 2-0 lead

14:35 (IST)27 APR 2018

Good afternoon! The players have arrived on the court and they are warming up.

What a blockbuster waits for us!

13:27 (IST)27 APR 2018

The 38th edition of the Asia Badminton Championships is currently underway in China. The tournament, which is taking place at the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium, will pay out a total prize money of 350,000 dollars and will award the participants with valuable points for their respective BWF rankings.

Top seed Kidambi Srikanth takes on the former world no. 1 Lee Chong Wei in the quarterfinals of the Asia Badminton Championship.
Srikanth defeated Japanese Kenta Nishimoto in the first round by a score of 13-21, 21-16, 21-16. Srikanth got through to the quarterfinals with ease after his second round opponent retired midway through the first game.

Fifth seed Lee Chong Wei defeated Qiao Bin 21-17, 21-16 in the first round and then went on to beat Indonesia's Ginting in the second round by a score of 16-21, 21-9, 21-11.

Srikanth will be looking to avenge his Commonwealth Games Final defeat to Lee Chong Wei when the Malaysian beat Srikanth to claim the Gold medal. 
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