Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Men's Singles, Semifinal: HS Prannoy vs Chen Long, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 28, 2018 14:18 IST

Chen def Prannoy 21-16, 21-18 to enter the final.


14:18 (IST)28 APR 2018

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14:17 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy fought impressively but Chen was able to read his game better and cut down.on errors as the match progressed.

14:16 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen rushes to the net and finishes with a great shot at the net.

Chen def Prannoy 21-16, 21-18 to enter the final.

14:15 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy saves one.


14:14 (IST)28 APR 2018

The shuttle goes way wide!

Match points to Chen

14:13 (IST)28 APR 2018

A point at the net for Prannoy.


14:13 (IST)28 APR 2018

A couple of errors at crucial points are not helping Prannoy at all.

19-16 to Chen

14:12 (IST)28 APR 2018

It continues to be a two-point gap, despite all that resistance from Prannoy.

18-16 to Chen

14:11 (IST)28 APR 2018

An over excited Chen made a service fault to gift a point to the Indian but made up for it in the very next point.

17-15 to Chen

14:10 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy made it 14-15 but the Chinese has now gone up to 16-14

14:09 (IST)28 APR 2018

Fine placement from Prannoy within the backline. It was in but the Umpire called it out.

Prannoy discussed and now it has been settled.

14:06 (IST)28 APR 2018

It's out from Chen!


14:06 (IST)28 APR 2018

Errors from Prannoy send the Chinese up to 14-12

14:04 (IST)28 APR 2018

What a rally! The shuttle just lands on the backline!


14:03 (IST)28 APR 2018

Down the line smash from Prannoy 


14:02 (IST)28 APR 2018

Fourth straight point for Prannoy, who just pushes the shuttle back.


14:01 (IST)28 APR 2018

Another one and he now trails 9-11

14:01 (IST)28 APR 2018

Smash and Prannoy gets another point.


14:00 (IST)28 APR 2018

Sudden injection of pace from the Indian, who finishes the rally with a great backhand at the net.

Trails 7-11

13:58 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen takes control of things and leads 11-6 at the interval.

13:58 (IST)28 APR 2018

Great deception from the Indian at the net and he puts it away at the net nicely with a backhand.


13:56 (IST)28 APR 2018

Big smash down the line from Prannoy to push to 5-9

13:55 (IST)28 APR 2018

It's 9-4 to the former World No. 1 now

13:55 (IST)28 APR 2018

Being pushed to the back foot, Prannoy is having to come up with something extra and is making errors.

He now trails 3-8

13:54 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen has once again gone ahead to 5-3

His strategy has been simple - not allowing Prannoy to attack.

Chen has been prolonging the rallies to force Prannoy produce his defence and the Chinese is controlling the net as well.

13:52 (IST)28 APR 2018

2 shots from Prannoy to get back to level terms.


13:51 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy defended well to get one point there.


13:50 (IST)28 APR 2018

The errors are coming thick and fast from the Indian.


13:49 (IST)28 APR 2018

And he extends it to 2-0

13:48 (IST)28 APR 2018

First point to Chen 

13:48 (IST)28 APR 2018

Can Prannoy fight back in Game 2?

Let's find out.

13:46 (IST)28 APR 2018

The shuttle sails wide from Prannoy.

The first game goes to Chen Long 21-16

13:45 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen fumbles at the net.


13:45 (IST)28 APR 2018

One game point saved.


13:44 (IST)28 APR 2018

Six game points to Chen Long.


13:44 (IST)28 APR 2018

2 points to Prannoy through a dropshot and a smash.

He now trails 14-19

13:43 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy's shot goes long.

19-12 to Chen Long

13:42 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen Long looks to have weathered the Prannoy storm for the moment.

It is 18-12 to the Chinese.

13:41 (IST)28 APR 2018

Down the line smash from Prannoy!


13:40 (IST)28 APR 2018

Another error from the Indian to go down to 11-15

13:40 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy is defending so well, even if he is losing the point.

So much effort into every point!

He now trails 11-14

13:38 (IST)28 APR 2018

Chen rushes to the net and it is 13-11 to the Chinese

13:37 (IST)28 APR 2018

What a rally!

It ends on a Prannoy error at the net.

So many times he surprised Chen with a quick backhand volley with just a flick of the wrist!

13:36 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy wins a point right after resumption.


13:35 (IST)28 APR 2018

Prannoy misses the line and Chen is up 11-10 at the midgame break.

13:34 (IST)28 APR 2018

Excellent pickup from Prannoy, showing great reflex.


13:33 (IST)28 APR 2018

Now Chen takes the lead to go up to 10-9

13:33 (IST)28 APR 2018

Crosscourt smash from Prannoy goes wide!


13:32 (IST)28 APR 2018

Now Chen comes up with a backhand volley to outsmart Prannoy.

Prannoy 9-8
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