Badminton Asia Championships 2018, Women's Singles, 2nd Round: Saina Nehwal vs Gao Fangjie, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 26, 2018 13:22 IST

Nehwal def Fangjie 21-18, 21-8 in 40 minutes to enter QFs.


13:22 (IST)26 APR 2018

That's it for now!

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13:20 (IST)26 APR 2018

After that tight first game, it was a masterclass from the former World No. 1. This will surely increase her confidence level further.

13:16 (IST)26 APR 2018

Final score: Nehwal def Fangjie 21-18, 21-8 in 40 minutes to enter QFs.

13:12 (IST)26 APR 2018

And Saina has won!!!!!!!

13:10 (IST)26 APR 2018

Gao saves one

13:09 (IST)26 APR 2018

13 match points for Saina!!!!!!!

13:09 (IST)26 APR 2018

And 19-7 it is!!

13:09 (IST)26 APR 2018

Four more points for the CWG gold medallist!

Finish line in sight!


13:07 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 14-6 to Saina as she regains control after a brief Gao fightback

13:05 (IST)26 APR 2018

Gao is trying to prolong the rallies in order to tire Saina out!

She gets a point and trails 4-12

13:04 (IST)26 APR 2018

12-3 for Saina after the break

13:02 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina goes into the break with a lead of 11-3

13:01 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 9-3 to Nehwal presently.

13:00 (IST)26 APR 2018

3 quick points go Saina's way as she races ahead to 8-3

12:59 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina leads 5-3

12:57 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina now breaks free from the tie to go up to 4-2

12:56 (IST)26 APR 2018

And it's 2-2

12:55 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 1-1 in Game 2

12:52 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina pockets the first game 21-18

12:51 (IST)26 APR 2018

Gao saves one!

12:50 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina has three game points!


12:48 (IST)26 APR 2018

But she can't hold off Gao, who comes back to 17-18

12:47 (IST)26 APR 2018

It's 18-15 to Saina as she steadily increases her lead

12:46 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina gets a couple of crucial points to leap ahead to 16-14

12:44 (IST)26 APR 2018

Still not much to choose between the two.


12:43 (IST)26 APR 2018

It continues to be even.


12:42 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina has levelled matters!


12:42 (IST)26 APR 2018

And now by one point!


12:41 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina is trying her best to come back here.

She now trails Gao by just 2 points!


12:39 (IST)26 APR 2018

Gao goes into the break with an 11-7 lead

12:39 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina is trying to fight back here as she gets a couple of points.


12:37 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina trails 5-9

12:36 (IST)26 APR 2018

The gap between them is widening further.

Gao now has an 8-4 advantage

12:34 (IST)26 APR 2018

And Gao looks to be still in control of the early proceedings.

Gao 6-3

12:34 (IST)26 APR 2018

The determined Gao imposes her attacking game to get two points.

Gao 4-3

12:32 (IST)26 APR 2018

Saina keeps her nose in front as she goes up to 3-2

12:32 (IST)26 APR 2018

Nehwal takes a 2-1 lead

12:31 (IST)26 APR 2018

And we are off!

12:30 (IST)26 APR 2018

Good afternoon! The players are on court now and they are warming up.

11:34 (IST)26 APR 2018

The 38th edition of the Asia Badminton Championships is currently underway in China. The tournament, which is taking place at the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium, will pay out a total prize money of 350,000 dollars and will award the participants with valuable points for their respective BWF rankings. 

2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Saina Nehwal will take on China's Gao Fangjie in the second round of the Asia Badminton Championship. The winner of this match will face South Korea's Lee Jang-Mi in the quarterfinal. 

Nehwal beat Singapore's Yeo Jia Min in the first round by a score of 21-12, 21-9. Saina's second-round opponent Gao Fangjie beat seed five, Nozomi Okuhara 21-15, 23-21 in the first round. She will look to build upon her Commonwealth Games gold medal, which came against compatriot Sindhu, as she goes up against an in-form Gao. 
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