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Badminton Asia Championships Quarter Finals LIVE Updates: Rankireddy & Shetty barge into the Semi-Finals, Prannoy and Sindhu bow out of the tournament

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 28, 2023 21:14 IST

The duo of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty cemented themselves a spot in the Semi-Finals of the Badminton Asia Championships after a clinical win while on the other hand, HS Prannoy, PV Sindhu and the Mixed Doubles duo of Rohan Kapoor and Sikki Reddy bow out of the tournament following below-par performances. Join us back tomorrow for the Semi-Finals!


21:14 (IST)28 APR 2023

Right, a day that was not going India's way was turned around by Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty, with the pair putting up quite a show to seal themselves a Semi-Finals spot! While the other Indian shuttlers couldn't find much success, India will pin their hopes on their ace Men's Doubles pair to get them a medal at the tournament. Well then, that's all we have for you from today! We hope you enjoyed our coverage! Join us back tomorrow for the Semi-Finals when S Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty will be in action! Until then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! Good night! 

21:02 (IST)28 APR 2023

Triumph! 🥳

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy & Chirag Shetty beat Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan 21-11, 21-12

What a terrific display this has been from the Indians! They came out all guns blazing and they have not given even the slightest chance to the Indonesians to make a comeback in this contest. They were faster, more agile and had better precision than their counterparts, seeing them cement a spot into the semi-finals! If they can replicate such a performance, there won't be many that can keep them from taking a medal in this tournament!

21:01 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 2 Result: S Rankireddy & Chirag 21-12 Ahsan & Hendra
They've done it! S Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty have beaten their Indonesian counterparts in less than half an hour! They've put in quite a show here and the Indonesians were no match for them! Pretty one-sided contest that!

20:58 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 15-9 Ahsan & Hendra
Oh they are racing away to a win here and the Indonesians can only watch them do it. This will be quite an upset, with them being seeded third in the tournament while the Indians were seeded sixth. 

20:57 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 11-8 Ahsan & Hendra
They are a game up and are looking to seal the deal in this game itself. There are plenty of unforced errors coming from the duo of Ahsan and Hendra and the Indians are racing away to a win unless there can be a sudden turn of fortunes! 

20:53 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 8-6 Ahsan & Hendra
A booming comeback from the Indians and they have assumed lead in this contest too! Ahsan and Hendra are squandering away the small lead that they had. They seem to be no match for the Indians' speed and agility! 

20:52 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 3-5 Ahsan & Hendra
Chirag Shetty has broken his racket while attempting to smash one and has to go in for a change of rackets. Their over-aggressive approach is not paying off this game so far. They just need to re-strategise now. 

20:49 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 2: S Rankireddy & Chirag 1-0 Ahsan & Hendra
The Indonesian shuttlers take a review and lose it as Chirag's loft was on the line. A poor review from them! 

20:46 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1 Result: S Rankireddy & Chirag 21-11 Ahsan & Hendra
Absolutely terrific from the Indian duo of Rankireddy and Shetty and they have dominated proceedings here! Ahsan and Hendra seem pretty clueless against them at the moment and will need to make a much stronger comeback if they want to avoid a loss in the second game as well. 

20:44 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 18-10 Ahsan & Hendra
It's turning out to be a comfortable win for the Indian pair here as they continue dominating this contest completely! Whew! What a display from the two! The Indonesians might just look to preserve their energy for the upcoming games now. 

20:43 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 15-8 Ahsan & Hendra
Rankireddy and Chirag continue to extend their lead and their ferocious smashes are turning out to be a little too hot to handle for the Indonesians! The Indonesians will need something special here to make a comeback in this game. 

20:40 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 11-8 Ahsan & Hendra
An aggressive brand of badminton being played by the Indians and the pair of Ahsan and Hendra are so far finding it just a touch difficult to keep up. The Indian pair has the lead and it is quite a healthy one too. The coaches give their thoughts and we will resume with action. 

20:37 (IST)28 APR 2023

Shetty challenges an out call. The loft from the Indonesian and Shetty refrained from smashing it. The shuttle has been given as in but Shetty challenges it. It is just on the line indeed and India lose a review.
S Rankireddy & Chirag 7-7 Ahsan & Hendra

20:36 (IST)28 APR 2023

S Rankireddy & Chirag 5-5 Ahsan & Hendra
A comeback from the Indonesian pair as they make up the deficit pretty quickly. Even-stevens and they have to re-start with a calmer mind. 

20:34 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1: S Rankireddy & Chirag 4-1 Ahsan & Hendra
The Indians are off the blocks quickly and have assumed a good lead first up. They seem to be in good rhythm and most of the errors coming from both sides are unforced ones, with the shuttle hitting the net. 

20:28 (IST)28 APR 2023

Time for live action! 

20:26 (IST)28 APR 2023

The Women's Singles Quarter-Final between Akane Yamaguchi and Wang Zhi Yi has concluded, with the Japanese number one seeded player getting the better of the sixth seeded Wang. Right then, it's time for the Men's Doubles Quarter-Finals!

19:43 (IST)28 APR 2023

As we wait for the game to begin, have a read at what Satwiksairaj Rankireddy had to say about handling expectations, his journey and how the sport has evolved over the years, in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda! Read below👇

19:40 (IST)28 APR 2023

Final pair of Indians in action and it will be the duo of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty who will be looking to be the first Indians in the Semi Finals of the tournament. They are India's last hope at a medal. Can they deliver on the big stage? 

19:38 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy (RETIRED) lost to Kanta Tsuneyama 11-21, 9-13*
We can certainly hope it's nothing serious that has been the cause of Prannoy's retirement from this game. With Prannoy set to lead India at the Sudirman Cup in May, Indian fans will be hoping he can remain fully fit for it. Right, so India lose another hope of a medal, this time from the Men's Singles section. 

19:33 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy seems to have retired from this game and will not take further part in the contest. Is it an injury concern that has popped up once again for him? We'll have to wait and find out. Meanwhile, it is yet another Indian that bows out of the tournament. With that, Kanta Tsuneyama advances to the Semi Finals!

19:28 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy 8-12 Kanta Tsuneyama
He seems to have come into his own now finally, does Prannoy. However, there's plenty left to be done if he needs to win this but getting a few points on the trot has certainly helped his cause. 

19:24 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy 3-10 Kanta Tsuneyama
Matters turning from bad to worse for Prannoy and he will have to pull off something magical here to avoid a loss in straight games. Can he bring all his experience to the fore here? 

19:20 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 2: HS Prannoy 2-6 Kanta Tsuneyama
Although Kanta had gotten off to a good start, collecting three points on the trot, Prannoy responded with a couple of his own. However, Kanta stepped up his game and added three more to his tally to assume a four point lead. Trouble for Prannoy! 

19:16 (IST)28 APR 2023

Don't forget, in Prannoy's Round of 16 encounter he had lost the first game as well and had gone on to make an astounding comeback to win the next couple of games and seal the deal. Can he replicate those performances here? 

19:14 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1 Result: HS Prannoy 11-21 Kanta Tsuneyama
Not the ideal start that Prannoy would have wanted in this contest but nonetheless, he will aim to turn things around in the next couple of games. So far, it has been the Japanese shuttler who has clearly dominated proceedings. 

19:11 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy 10-15 Kanta Tsuneyama
Once again, it was Prannoy who showed hints of making a comeback but Kanta was on his feet as he allowed only a couple of points before getting a few of his own. 

19:08 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy 8-13 Kanta Tsuneyama
He's trying to reduce the deficit here, is Prannoy. He'll be eyeing a spectacular comeback by getting a flurry of points. He needs to get it done before it is too late!

19:04 (IST)28 APR 2023

HS Prannoy 5-9 Kanta Tsuneyama
Signs of a comeback from Prannoy but he continues to be kept at bay by the Japanese shuttler. Prannoy needs a few points on the trot to be alive in this game. 

19:00 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1: HS Prannoy 1-6 Kanta Tsuneyama
Oh dear! Not the start that Prannoy would've wanted surely but he needs to find a way to make a comeback here. Kanta is threatening to run away with the first game quickly! 

18:56 (IST)28 APR 2023

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, HS Prannoy divulged his preparations coming into this tournament. Read all about it below before the game begins! 👇

18:53 (IST)28 APR 2023

Next up, we have quite the treat! India's HS Prannoy squares off against Japan's Kanta Tsuneyama! Although the Japanese shuttler is not in the top eight in this tournament, it will take a special effort from Prannoy to get over the line. Can he be the first Indian to move into the semi-finals? Stick around to find out! 

18:50 (IST)28 APR 2023

Heartbreak 💔

PV Sindhu loses to An Se Young 21-18, 5-21, 9-21

PV Sindhu, on whom India would've been pinning their hopes, cannot get past the stiff challenge of beating second seeded An Se Young. Despite winning the first game, she crashed to two consecutive losses in the next two games, handing Young the game. Although there was an initial hiccup for Young, she came out there and showed why she is one of the best Women's Singles players going around. The hopes of a medal from the Women's Singles category is also squashed for India. 

18:49 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 3 Result: PV Sindhu 9-21 An Se Young
Oh dear! Certainly not what Sindhu would've wanted but such has been the dominance of An Se Young that she's forced Sindhu to crash out of the tournament. Another loss for the Indian contingent!

18:48 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 8-18 An Se Young
PV Sindhu tried to make a comeback in the game but An Se Young did not allow her to get more that two points on the trot in throughout this game. Young is all set to move into the semi-finals! Just formalities remain now surely! 

18:43 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 6-11 An Se Young
An Se Young is squashing all attempts made by PV Sindhu to make a comeback as she keeps getting closer to a win by collecting a point here and there. Meanwhile, Sindhu is giving it her all to get into a position from where she can pull off a comeback for the ages. Will she be succumb? Let's find out! 

18:40 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 3-9 An Se Young
An Se Young is running away with this game as well and Sindhu is looking at a defeat in this contest. After making a cracking start with a win first up, this would certainly not have been the position she would've expected to find herself in. 

18:37 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 3: PV Sindhu 2-5 An Se Young
Not the best of starts for the Indian shuttler and she just seems to be a bit weary after the first game. She will need to turn things around and do it quickly too to get into a commanding position in this match. 

18:31 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 2 Result: PV Sindhu 5-21 An Se Young
Oh dear! Sindhu seemed to have completely surrendered there and she was absolutely no match for An Se Young in that game. Well, here's hoping she can turn things around in the third Game. She will need to come out all guns blazing. 

18:26 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 4-15 An Se Young
The second game is turning out to be quite a one-sided affair after all as Sindhu is unable to keep up with the onslaught by An Se Young. The South Korean has a massive lead and is all set to level the match score. 

18:20 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 2: PV Sindhu 2-9 An Se Young
An early lead for An Se Young as she has made a commanding start to the Game. Sindhu needs to keep up with the youngster's speed and agility here and start getting some points under her belt if she wishes to make a comeback. This threatens to be a completely one-sided game. 

18:14 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1 Result: PV Sindhu 21-18 An Se Young
PV Sindhu take a bow! After trailing 13-16 at one stage to sealing the deal by three points in the first game of the match, it's been quite a performance from her. Although she squandered a 4-point lead initially, she has ensured that she stayed in the game throughout! Can she win the second game as well and advance to the Semi Finals? Stay tuned! 

18:11 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 17-17 An Se Young
The score stands at 17 apiece now, with Sindhu having made a terrific comeback after trailing by three points earlier. Can she seal the deal and take home the first Game? Will surely be a confidence booster! 

18:08 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 13-16 An Se Young
A sudden turn of fortunes yet again for the Indian as she concedes three points on the trot and is staring at a deficit that she will need to cover up in quick time to win this game. 

18:06 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 13-13 An Se Young
After trailing for the past few minutes after having squandered her lead, PV Sindhu has found her mojo once again as she levels the score! It's getting heated in the middle surely! 

18:00 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 8-10 An Se Young
PV Sindhu trailing by two points now and she seems to have just fallen back a touch after getting off to a terrific start in the game. She needs a flurry of points to change the complexion of this game now. 

17:57 (IST)28 APR 2023

PV Sindhu 5-5 An Se Young
Whew! That turned around pretty quickly! Young makes a roaring comeback in the game as she ties the score with four consecutive points of her own. Pressure on Sindhu surely! 

17:55 (IST)28 APR 2023

Game 1: PV Sindhu 5-1 An Se Young
After conceding the first point, PV Sindhu has been ruthless, taking five points on the trot to secure a four-point lead early on in this contest. Can she continue her dominance against the second-seeded Young? 
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