Badminton Live Score French Open 2018 | Kidambi Srikanth vs Kento Momota | Commentary & Results

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It's a 21-16, 21-19 win for Kento Momota.


01:46 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth made a great turnaround in the second game and went up to 19-17, winning nine consecutive points.

But errors at a crucial juncture did not help his cause as Momota came storming back to secure the win.

01:45 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And with that loss, Srikanth's title defence comes to an end in the quarter-finals.

01:44 (IST)27 OCT 2018

It's a 21-16, 21-19 win for Kento Momota.

He enters the semi-finals.

01:42 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Momota went for a smash that Srikanth returned but the Japanese still managed to return it and it landed on the court.

01:41 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And it's match point for Momota!

01:40 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And Srikanth concedes his advantage.

Pushes the shuttle wide!


01:38 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And Srikanth is now up 19-17

01:38 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Suddenly the errors just can't stop from Momota!

Srikanth goes up to 18-17

01:37 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Seven straight points for the Indian!


This is superb display from the Indian!

01:36 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Now one point difference between the two.

Srikanth 16-17

01:36 (IST)27 OCT 2018

The comeback is still on!

Srikanth trails 15-17 

01:35 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth is now trying to rally his way into the game.

Gets a couple of points.

Srikanth 14-17

01:34 (IST)27 OCT 2018

A rare error from Momota!

The shuttle goes wide!

Srikanth now trails 12-17

01:33 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth continues to spray errors all over the court.

He now trails 10-17

01:31 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth wins a good challenge here.

The shuttle did touch the sideline.

Srikanth comes back to 10-15

01:31 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth's lack of precision is just not helping him at all.

01:30 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Momota is steadily heading towards a win here.

Up 14-9 now

01:27 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth is forced into unforced errors.

Momota up 11-8 at the midgame interval.

01:24 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Huge jump smash from Srikanth!

He levels it at 8-8

01:23 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Such great defence from Momota! With a drop, he closes in on 6-7

01:22 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth is still maintaining the three-point lead over Momota.

Up 7-4

01:17 (IST)27 OCT 2018

So far Srikanth has successfully managed to negotiate the Momota danger.

Srikanth is 4-1 up

01:17 (IST)27 OCT 2018

The question is how long can he hold on to the lead?

01:16 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth makes a fast start to the second game to lead 3-0

01:14 (IST)27 OCT 2018

But Momota makes no mistakes after that.

In 22 minutes, Momota takes the first game 21-16.

He absolutely seized control since 12-12 and Srikanth couldn't do much since then.

01:13 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth saves one.


01:12 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And he has five game points now.


01:12 (IST)27 OCT 2018

It's 19-15 to Momota as he looks firmly in control of this game

01:08 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Momota is now coming into his own

With 3 straight points, he goes up to 15-12

01:06 (IST)27 OCT 2018

With a huge lunge towards the net, Srikanth gets a vital point at the net.


01:05 (IST)27 OCT 2018

The match resumes with a long rally and Momota misses it.

It is 11-11 now.

01:03 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Momota took the next three points to advance to 11-10 at the break

01:01 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth goes up to 10-8 now

00:59 (IST)27 OCT 2018

But Srikanth finds a moment of magic and gets two points on the trot.


00:59 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Momota is going for the lines and has been able to get the shots most of the time

Momota 8-6 up

00:56 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth went up to 5-3 but couldn't tackle a lefty shot from Momota at the net.

He has now allowed Momota to come back to 5-5

00:54 (IST)27 OCT 2018

Srikanth's 2-1 up

00:54 (IST)27 OCT 2018

And the match is under way!
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