Badminton Live Score French Open 2018 | PV Sindhu vs Sayaka Sato | Commentary & Results

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It's a 21-17, 21-16 win for PV Sindhu in 45 minutes


23:43 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And that wraps up our live coverage of the French Open for today.

Do join us tomorrow as we bring you live updates from the quarter-finals of the French Open 2018.


23:36 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu this joins Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth in the quarter-finals of the French Open.

It has been a good day for the top Indian shuttlers as all 3 of them won their matches 

23:33 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu has entered the quarter-finals.

23:32 (IST)25 OCT 2018

It's a 21-17, 21-16 win for PV Sindhu in 45 minutes

23:32 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And Sindhu's gone up to match points now.

23:30 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu is now 2 points away from the win.

23:29 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sato took two more points before Sindhu raced ahead to 19-14

23:27 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sato gets a couple more points and makes it 12-17

23:27 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sato has been fighting a lot for the past few minutes but Sindhu's early lead has helped her maintain the distance.

23:26 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu has now cantered ahead to 17-10 

23:24 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And this time she ensures that her opponent does not get any free point.

Now up 15-7

23:23 (IST)25 OCT 2018

The game has become far more attacking after the break.

Both players are attempting for fast attacking shots.

Sindhu still comfortably ahead at 13-7.

23:20 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu is making things happen fast now.

With four quick points, she goes up to 11-4 at the midgame interval.

23:17 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And Sindhu continues to add the points steadily to her kitty.she is now up 7-4

23:15 (IST)25 OCT 2018

She does exactly that as she goes up to 5-3

23:15 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Can Sindhu break away from this and establish an early lead?

23:15 (IST)25 OCT 2018

They are evenly poised at 3-3 in the second game

23:11 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu loses the first point but converts on her second game point.

She takes the first game 21-17.

23:09 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Game points for Sindhu!


23:08 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu hasn't been able to freely play her naturally attacking game for the last 10 minutes or so.

But she has still found out a way to break away from the tie and go up to 18-16

23:06 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And Sato's persistence has paid off!

She levels this up at 16-16

Suddenly we have a tight contest!

23:03 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sato's resilience has been outstanding for the last few points.

She made it a two-point gap and trailed 13-15

23:01 (IST)25 OCT 2018

But Sindhu needs to be careful here as Sato is attempting a comeback.

With 4 points on the trot, she now trails 11-15

22:58 (IST)25 OCT 2018

She now adds another couple of points to go up to 15-7

22:58 (IST)25 OCT 2018

No stopping Sindhu as she keeps commanding the court even after the break.

She is up 13-7.

22:55 (IST)25 OCT 2018

At the midgame interval, Sindhu goes up to 11-5.

22:54 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu looks very comfortable right now as she inches ahead to 10-5.

Absolutely dominating the court right now!

22:54 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu keeps bringing a barrage of attacking shots now.

Up 8-4 now

22:52 (IST)25 OCT 2018

Sindhu keeps maintaining her two-point lead over the Japanese now

Up 6-4

22:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

The Indian is making her intentions clear. She wants to be the aggressor as early as possible.

22:49 (IST)25 OCT 2018

And the match has started!

Sindhu has already opened up a 4-2 lead
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