Badminton New Zealand Open 2018, Men's Singles, Round-of-16: Lakshya Sen vs Lin Dan, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 03, 2018 13:20 IST

Dan def Sen 15-21, 21-15, 21-12


13:20 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of the NZ Open second round.

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13:18 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen made a brilliant start, but Dan had two much power and resourcefulness in the end. 

That was surely one meeting that Sen will cherish for a long time and will look to learn from.

The 16-year-old has already shown so much potential at such a young age. If he can keep working hard like he has been, his future looks very, very bright.

13:14 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Final score: Dan def Sen 15-21, 21-15, 21-12

13:13 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And Dan gets the win!


13:13 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Dan has raced ahead to match points now.


13:12 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Crosscourt forehand smash from Dan he as he pins Sen to his backhand side.


13:11 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Pitch perfect placement into the corner from Dan!


13:10 (IST)3 MAY 2018

What a putaway from Dan!


13:09 (IST)3 MAY 2018

What a backhand volley from the teen!


13:09 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen is thinking well but is going wide as he fails to execute the shots under pressure.

Sen trails 11-16

13:07 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Dan stops his comeback and attacks his backhand.

Dan up 14-10

13:06 (IST)3 MAY 2018

The placement has been spot-on. Sen now pushes the shuttle deep so that it drops right on the backline.

He trails 10-12

13:05 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen gets yet another point and makes it 9-12

13:04 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Brilliant aggression and all-court movement from the lad post-break.

Forces Dan to go wide.

Now trails 8-12

13:02 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen can't control the Dan drop again.

The Chinese is up 11-6 going into the break.

13:01 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Crosscourt half smash by the Chinese again!

Up 10-6

13:00 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen gets a point back.


13:00 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Another long rally ends on a Dan drop. The dropshots are surprising Sen.

Dan up 9-4

12:58 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Superb smash by Dan!


12:58 (IST)3 MAY 2018

They are using every inch of the court.

With a drop, Dan goes up to 6-4

12:57 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen attempted to go down the line but went wide.

Trails 3-5

12:56 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Brilliant slice shot from the former World No. 1.

His sudden injection of pace is troubling the young Sen.

Dan up 4-2

12:54 (IST)3 MAY 2018

What a sharp half smash from Dan!

What an angle!


12:53 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And it's 1-1

12:53 (IST)3 MAY 2018

First point to Sen in the decider!


12:50 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Dan levels this match!

He takes the second game by an identical score of 21-15

12:49 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen saves one

12:49 (IST)3 MAY 2018

He now has six game points.


12:49 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Dan kept Sen running all over the court but sent the shuttle wide.


12:48 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Dan maintains the 6-point lead!


12:47 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen pulls back a couple of points.


12:46 (IST)3 MAY 2018

2 fast points go the Chinese shuttler's way

18-10 he leads

12:45 (IST)3 MAY 2018

It's a six-point gap between the two now.

Sen trails 10-16

12:44 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Lin Dan now adds a couple of points to go up to 16-9

12:43 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen is steadily eating away Dan's big lead but still has a long way to go.


12:41 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Sen pulls back a couple of points and now trails 7-13

12:41 (IST)3 MAY 2018

It's 12-5 to the Chinese at the moment.

12:38 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Lin Dan goes up to 11-4 at the midgame interval.

12:37 (IST)3 MAY 2018

It's 9-3 now for the Chinese

12:36 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Lin Dan now has a five-point advantage.


12:36 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And he is alternating it with his aggressive show.

Lin Dan is in control of the early proceedings in Game 2.


12:34 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Lin Dan is winning the battle of defence now. 

He is up 5-3

12:32 (IST)3 MAY 2018

After a couple of fast exchanges, the Chinese still keeps his slender lead at 3-2

12:31 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Now the Chinese is ahead 2-1

12:30 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And we are quickly at 1-1

12:29 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Second game starts with a long rally and it ends on a Lin Dan error.

Sen 1-0

12:27 (IST)3 MAY 2018

Wow! That was a brilliant show from the teen under pressure!

12:26 (IST)3 MAY 2018

And Sen takes the first game 21-15

12:26 (IST)3 MAY 2018

5 game points for the Indian!!!!

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