Bajrang Punia vs Morteza Ghiasi Cheka men's 65kg wrestling Olympics 2021 LIVE: Bajrang in semis!

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Catch LIVE scores from Bajrang Punia vs Morteza Ghiasi Cheka 65kg men's wrestling: Bajrang wins!


10:03 (IST)6 AUG 2021

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Bajrang Punia has been on the defensive for a majority of the time on the mat today. He pulled of one attacking move in his quarterfinal bout and that was enough to seal him a spot in the last 4. Speaks about his abilities. The sole Indian wrestler left in the Olympics will now hope he can continue his winning run and get a gold for his country. 

Bajrang Punia will now be in action at 2:55PM when he'll face Haji Aliyev. 

Meanwhile, the action from Tokyo Olympics does not stop. You can catch all live updates and news on Sportskeeda. 

09:57 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Mark the time 

2nd semifinal - Bajrang Punia vs Haji Aliyev 2:55PM IST

09:55 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The scoresheet for the match 

A victory by fall for Punia

09:53 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang snatched a victory in a matter of 10 seconds. This sums up the sport of wrestling. The momentum can change within seconds. Punia saw a window of opportunity and converted that into a win. Top notch!

09:52 (IST)6 AUG 2021

He was under the passivity clock. The Iranian first got a single-leg hold. Bajrang blocked that attack. After this, he completed a take down and won 2 points. 

He then saw an opportunity to pin Ghiasi Cheka's shoulders on to the mat and made full use of it. 

Bajrang got Ghiasi Cheka down and won by fall!!

09:50 (IST)6 AUG 2021

What a turnaround! What a turnaround! Bajrang Punia qualifies for the semi-final.

09:50 (IST)6 AUG 2021

BAJRANG WINS! Fantastic win for the Indian. 

09:49 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Another passivity warning for Bajrang.

09:49 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang now defends himself ably. His opponent had him on a on-leg hold but the move comes to nothing. 

09:48 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Brajang almost gets a single-leg grip but is unable to finish the move

09:47 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The second round begins!

09:47 (IST)6 AUG 2021

First round ends. 

Bajrang Punia 0-1 Morteza Ghiasi Cheka.

09:46 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Punia wriggles out of a single-leg attack and prevents from being thrown down on the mat.

09:46 (IST)6 AUG 2021

A warning for the Iran coach.

09:45 (IST)6 AUG 2021

30 seconds left in the first round.

09:45 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Punia concedes the passivity point. He trails 1-0!

09:45 (IST)6 AUG 2021

A passivity warning for Punia. He needs a point in the next 30 seconds.

09:45 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Punia shows some good defense to dodge a leg attack.

09:44 (IST)6 AUG 2021

A minute is up. No point for either grappler yet.

09:43 (IST)6 AUG 2021

30 seconds gone! The score is 0-0!

09:43 (IST)6 AUG 2021

A firm tussle between the two in the opening seconds

09:43 (IST)6 AUG 2021

And we're off...

09:42 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang Punia will be in the blue corner for this bout

09:42 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The wrestlers are making their way to the mat.

09:41 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Coming Up - Bajrang Punia vs Morteza Ghiasi Cheka

09:41 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Azerbaijan's Aliyev wins the 3rd quarter final 9-1. He does so by defeating the third seed Niyazbekov. 

09:37 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang Punia needs to win 2 more bouts to take home a medal. Can the Indian do it? Let us know in the LIVE chat box.

09:34 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The 3rd quarter-final is under way. 

We're not far away from seeing the Indian in action.

09:31 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Japan's Otoguro wins his quarter-final bout, and is the second confirmed entry to the semi-finals of the event. 

The 1st Semi-Final - Rashadov vs Otoguro. 

09:29 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Continuing his charge for the gold medal at the Olympics, ROC's Rashadov is through to the semi-finals in the 65kg weight category. 

09:26 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Iran's Morteza Ghiasi Cheka had won his first round bout 5-1 against Turkey's Dakhlaoui.

09:19 (IST)6 AUG 2021

It seemed like a nervous start for Bajrang Punia. The Indian was not at his attacking best during the first round bout. He did gain an advantage over his opponent in the first half but couldn't kill the game in the second. He held off Ernazer's attack until the dying seconds until the Kyrgyzstan wrestler came all guns blazing. 

This close finish will probably get Bajrang going for the second round bout. Just 2 more bouts before he is in action again. Stay tuned to this LIVE blog for updates and scores. 

09:13 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang Punia will now face Iran's Ghiasi Cheka in the 4th quarter-final bout. The bout will be starting in another 20 minutes. 

09:10 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Here is the scoresheet from the 1/8 finals bout

Victory by Points for Bajrang Punia

09:08 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang Punia advances to the quarter-finals. 

09:08 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang somehow holds on to his advantage despite a late charge by his opponent. The scores were level at 3-3 but Punia wins the bout by having scored a higher-point move through his takedown. 

09:06 (IST)6 AUG 2021

BAJRANG WINS! What a tense and close bout! 

09:06 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Another point for Ernazer! 3-3!

09:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Ernazer gets a point for pushing Bajrang out of the mat. 3-2!

09:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Just 30 seconds to go.

09:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

With less than a minute left, Bajrang is 3-1 up.

09:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang gets a hold of his opponent's leg but cannot convert the advantage into a point. So close!

09:04 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang has been successful in his defense so far. 

09:03 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Just over 2 minutes left, Bajrang leads 3-1

09:03 (IST)6 AUG 2021

It's neck and neck between the two so far in the 2nd round

09:02 (IST)6 AUG 2021

2nd round begins

09:02 (IST)6 AUG 2021

At the end of the first round, Bajrang leads 3-1!

09:02 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Bajrang throws his opponent on to the mat and gets behind him. In the dying seconds of the first round, Bajrang wins 2 points.

09:01 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Ernazer pushes Bajrang out of bounds to win a point. 1-1!

09:00 (IST)6 AUG 2021

We're into the third minute.
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