Bengaluru FC 1-0 Aizawl FC, As It Happened, Federation Cup 2017

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Bengaluru FC 1-0 Aizawl FC, Full-time


18:05 (IST)14 MAY 2017

That's all from us here as Albert Roca takes Bengaluru into another final. The Blues scored from an early Cameron Watson penalty but couldn't add to their lead thereafter. Aizawl somehow managed to earn a very late penalty but Lalram Chullova was denied by Amrinder in what was the last piece of action in the game. That's all from us here. Stay tuned for Kolkata derby action coming up next.

18:02 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Full-time: Bengaluru 1-0 Aizawl

18:01 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90+8' Bengaluru survive a late, late scare as Amrinder keeps out Chullova's penalty. The referee has blown the full-time whistle as Bengaluru progress to the final.

18:01 (IST)14 MAY 2017


18:00 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Late drama here as Jhingan concedes a penlaty.

18:00 (IST)14 MAY 2017


17:57 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90+4' Amrinder is now down after seemingly pulling something. The Bengaluru goalkeeper is back on and proceedings continue. 

17:56 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90+3' Danmawia crosses into a dangerous area but Khabra clears the ball out for a corner. The I-League champions are cranking up the pressure here. 

17:55 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90+2' Amrinder is booked for time wasting here as Lenny is struggling and will be taken off the pitch. Can Bengaluru hang on to their​ lead in the last few minutes?

17:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90+1' 7 minutes added.

17:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

90' Chance for Aizawl!

Lalmuankima tricks his way into the Bengaluru box but his shot is saved well down his right by Amrinder. That's the closest Aizawl have come to a goal today.

17:51 (IST)14 MAY 2017

88' Aizawl have decided to go for the kill by sacrificing their defensive midfielder Alfred. 

17:51 (IST)14 MAY 2017

88' Substitution for Aizawl

Alfred OFF Jonathan ON

17:49 (IST)14 MAY 2017

86' Glen cuts inside from the right but his shot is just dragged wide. Albino would've had no chance with that one had it been on target. Aizawl hang on. 

17:49 (IST)14 MAY 2017

86' Substitution for Bengaluru

Alwyn OFF Sawmtea ON

17:48 (IST)14 MAY 2017

85' Danmawia goes into the referee's book for a tired challenge on Jhingan, who has motored forward with good energy today. 

17:46 (IST)14 MAY 2017

83' Tired legs are evident here from Aizawl as they lack the cutting edge in attack. They need every ounce of their energy in the game's dying minutes. 7 minutes of regulation time remaining.  

17:45 (IST)14 MAY 2017

82' Bengaluru are trying to play keep ball deep inside Aizawl's half but the I-League champions are having none of it as they pull forward in another attack. 

17:44 (IST)14 MAY 2017

81' Substitution for Aizawl

Rane OFF Lalmuankima ON

17:42 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Foul count: Bengaluru 12-10 Aizawl

17:41 (IST)14 MAY 2017

78' Udanta nearly breaks clear from a Watson long ball but Albino deals with the danger well. With Bengaluru's counter-attacking designs, these 12 minutes are perfect for someone like Udanta, who relies on his raw pace. 

17:39 (IST)14 MAY 2017

76' Substitution for Bengaluru

Lyngdoh OFF Udanta ON

17:38 (IST)14 MAY 2017

74' Chance for Bengaluru!

Counter attack from the Blues here as Khabra finds Glen, who twists and turns but fails to get his shot away as Zotea deals with the Trinidadian World Cupper well. Aizawl have left themselves vulnerable at the back as they go all out for an equaliser. 

17:37 (IST)14 MAY 2017

74' Chance for Bengaluru!

Watson's corner is met by Johnson but the English defender heads the ball over the bar. 

17:34 (IST)14 MAY 2017

71' Teams have headed to the technical area for a water break. It's been a professional display from Roca's Bengaluru so far, keeping Aizawl at a fair distance from their goal. 

17:31 (IST)14 MAY 2017

69' Will Aizawl script a comeback here? 20 minutes plus stoppage time remain and a single Aizawl goal will force extra time. 

17:31 (IST)14 MAY 2017

67' Al Amna goes past Lenny but can't pass Jhingan, who suffers a knock as he clears the ball away for a corner. Al Amna's corner is dealt well by Bengaluru's defence but Chullova connects with the second ball and shoots narrowly wide of target. 

17:27 (IST)14 MAY 2017

65' Aizawl need a goal here to bring back the intensity into this game. There are signs of tired legs from both sides but Bengaluru are in the driver's seat because of their lead. 

17:25 (IST)14 MAY 2017

63' Substitution for Bengaluru

Vineeth OFF Glen ON

17:24 (IST)14 MAY 2017

61' Chance for Bengaluru!

Watson's freekick from a central area picks out Jhingan, who peeked away from his marker before directing his looping header over the bar. The defender hangs his head in disgust. 

17:23 (IST)14 MAY 2017

59' Lenny with a shot from distance for Bengaluru but his effort goes narrowly over the bar. Bengaluru have created the better openings in the 2nd half but the scoreline remains 1-0. 

17:21 (IST)14 MAY 2017

58' Bengaluru have taken a leaf out of Aizawl's book by sitting on their one-goal lead and soaking the pressure before springing counters. Aizawl have looked far from being at their creative best today as Kamo has been expertly shielded so far. Aizawl need more presence up top. 

17:17 (IST)14 MAY 2017

54' Bengaluru look more composed in attack as another counter leads to a dangerous cross which is miscues away for a corner by Danmawia. Watson's corner is a poor one and Aizawl survive. 

17:15 (IST)14 MAY 2017

52' Confusion inside the Aizawl box as Chullova chests the ball away for a Bengaluru corner. Watson takes it but Albino tips the ball away before being fouled in the scramble. Freekick Aizawl. 

17:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

49' Al Amna is booked for a blatant dive!

The Syrain tries to force matters but his attempt to earn a penalty is too desperate for the referee's liking and Aizawl's midfielder gets the yellow card.

17:11 (IST)14 MAY 2017

48' Shot from Aizawl!

Chullova receives the ball on the right halfspace but the full-back's shot from 30 yards goes high and wide. 

17:09 (IST)14 MAY 2017

47' Aizawl are trying to change the direction of their attacks quickly in the 2nd half, but Kamo up front is hopelessly outnumbered by Bengaluru's three-man defence. 

17:07 (IST)14 MAY 2017

46' And we are underway in the 2nd half with Bengaluru leading 1-0.

16:58 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Bengaluru 1-0 Aizawl
Shots 8-6
Shots on target 3-2
Possession 54-46

16:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

It's half-time at the Barabati Stadium. Bengaluru 1-0 Aizawl

16:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

45+3' Lyndgoh shoots from range but his effort is high. A chance for Bengaluru to double their lead just before the halftime break. 

16:49 (IST)14 MAY 2017

45+1' 4 minutes added on. 

16:47 (IST)14 MAY 2017

43' Chance for Aizawl!

Amrinder comes out to reach a long diagonal ball from Amna but the goalkeeper's clearance is weak and allows Rane to take a cross-shot which goes narrowly over Brandon's head. Nervy moments at the back for the Blues as Aizawl inch closer to the equaliser.

16:44 (IST)14 MAY 2017

41' Penalty appeals from Bengaluru as Vineeth fails to get the better of Kingsley and goes down inside the box. The referee waves play on as Bengaluru are frustrated. 

16:43 (IST)14 MAY 2017

39' Chance for Bengaluru!

Watson hit the post with a curler from outside the box. His shot came off a deflection, but it was well created by Bengaluru. Lyngdoh fails to connect properly with the rebound as Aizawl escape.

16:40 (IST)14 MAY 2017

36' Chullova and Amrinder come together in pursuit of a loose ball and both players have gone down for treatment. 

16:37 (IST)14 MAY 2017

33' Danmawia almost reaches a chipped ball but the Mizo star is flagged offside. Aizawl have looked to bypass Bengaluru's block defence with aerial passes. 

16:36 (IST)14 MAY 2017

31' Chance for Bengaluru here as Lenny almost sneaks in to connect with a harmless long ball as Albino and his Aizawl teammates slacked off for a moment. The I-League champions switch on to deny Vineeth from the loose ball. 

16:32 (IST)14 MAY 2017

28' Bengaluru's early goal has rendered this game less cagey and more entertaining. It's been almost end-to-end so far as both teams look to refresh with a short water break. Watson's penalty is the difference so far. Bengaluru 1-0 Aizawl. 

16:30 (IST)14 MAY 2017

26' Chance for Aizawl!

Lalruatthara finds Kamo unmarked with a cross but the Ivorian's free header is woefully wide off the mark. What a chance for the Reds!
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