BGIS Grand Finals Day 4 LIVE Updates & Standings: Skylightz Gaming wins BGIS Grand Finals

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Skylightz Gaming has won BGIS Grand Finals!


23:43 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Alright then, we arrive at the end of the live coverage of BGIS 2021 Grand Finals. It was a lifetime experience to bring before you all the intricate details from each match. It's goodbye from myself, Samarjit Paul, and the entire Sportskeeda team. We will meet you soon with another exciting event. Until then Take Care and Stay Safe. Tune into Sportskeeda's website and the official app to immerse yourself in the world of sports. 

23:36 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Points table at the end of BGIS 2021 Grand Finals

23:28 (IST)16 JAN 2022

After a month of hard-fought combat on the battlegrounds of Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok, the iQOO presents Battlegrounds Mobile India Series has come to an end. Millions of players from across the country have participated in the event and have contributed to the success of the tournament. 
There were several unknown names who have come to the forefront and made names for themselves. However, it was one team that rode through the roller coaster ride and wrote their names in the books of history. Skylightz Gaming's Destro, Saumraj, Gamlaboyy, and Pukar are the first-ever champions. 
Here's the list for the individual winners:
MVP: GodL Neyoo
Lone Range: SG Saumraj
Rampage Freak: SG Saumraj
Squad with most finishes: GodLike Esports 
Redeemer: GodL ZGOD

23:07 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Minu Lee from Krafton announces Skylightz Esports as the inaugural champions of BGIS 2021. SG is heading off to PMGC!

22:53 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The main question lingers about who has won the BGIS 2021. Is it Skylightz Gaming or is it TSM FTX India?

22:52 (IST)16 JAN 2022

27' Team Revenant finishes UDOG's last player to take home the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the final match. Revenant rules!

22:49 (IST)16 JAN 2022

25' Revenant Esports take down TSM Shadow OG who takes an exit at the sixth place. Sheer pandemonium!

22:47 (IST)16 JAN 2022

22' TSM have a chance to win the BGIS! OH Ayush eliminates SG. Meanwhile, XO exits as well. We are set for a nail-biting finish to the tournament.

22:44 (IST)16 JAN 2022

19' On the other side of the map, Team XO gives their all and emerges victorious from the fight against Team X Spark.

22:43 (IST)16 JAN 2022

16' RGE Abrar hurls grenades after grenades at TSM players. Only TSM ShadowOG survives the wrath.

22:41 (IST)16 JAN 2022

14' After losing a couple of players to GodL, OR Vexe is chased by the players of RGE. VExe finishes RGE Skrillz but goes out of the match getting caught in the cover fire. Meanwhile, Revenant Esports wipes out GodLike Esports. A lot of hearts are broken. GodL will have to wait till next year.

22:33 (IST)16 JAN 2022

09' Revenant Encore charges on TSM BlazeOP and eliminates him.

22:26 (IST)16 JAN 2022

1' The flight path of the final Erangel match of BGIS 2021 goes from Yasnaya Polyana to Primorsk. The first circle has taken a slight western shift.

22:21 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The final match of BGIS 2021 is underway!

22:20 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Points table after Day 4 Match 5

22:07 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Veteran player Tx ScoutOP becomes the match MVP, with 5 kills, 3 assists, and 987 damage.

22:04 (IST)16 JAN 2022

28' After finishing OH's last player - Crazy, 7Sea Aladin goes down to the sprays of Team X Spark's Mavi and Ultron. The final Miramar game goes to Team X Spark.

22:01 (IST)16 JAN 2022

26' The players of OR Esports are wiped out one after another by the joint efforts of Old Hood Esports and 7Sea Esports.   

21:57 (IST)16 JAN 2022

23' It is utter chaos in Miramar as the top guns are going down like ninepins. Team X Spark eliminates TSM, RGE defeats GodL's last player - Clutchgod, and Old Hood Ayush throws a perfect nade on SG Saumraj to eliminate Skylightz.

21:54 (IST)16 JAN 2022

21' Team XO bows out in the 10th position, losing a fight to OR Esports. The day is turning from bad to worse for Team XO.

21:52 (IST)16 JAN 2022

18' TSM rushes and eliminates three players of GodLike. Only GodL Clutchgod remains in the match. Are their dreams over? Meanwhile, TSM rushes towards Tactical Esports and takes them down as well. What gameplay!

21:50 (IST)16 JAN 2022

17' TSG is the next team to face elimination as Tactical Esports shows them the way out after engaging in a rotational clash.

21:44 (IST)16 JAN 2022

10' UDOG and R Esports battle it out in a drop clash in Pecado. UDOG eliminates R Esports after taking down the players one by one. R Esports are only left with a single game to show off their skills.

21:36 (IST)16 JAN 2022

1' The flight path of the penultimate match in the Grand finals goes from el Pozo to El Azahar on Miramar. UDOG Mystic eliminates RE Hero, who becomes the first player to head back to the lobby. Meanwhile, the circle has taken a southward shift.

21:33 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The final Miramar match of the Grand Finals is underway!

21:23 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Points table after Day 4 Match 4

21:16 (IST)16 JAN 2022

TSM AquaNox becomes the MVP on the last Sanhok match. He manages to accrue 4 kills, 2 assists, and deal 540 damage in the match.

21:10 (IST)16 JAN 2022

25' Both SG Pukar and OH Crazy fall to the play zone. It is TSM vs HH and 4v2 in favor of TSM. ShadowOG finishes things off for TSM. TSM reigns supreme in Sanhok.

21:07 (IST)16 JAN 2022

22' While 7Sea Esports eliminate OR Esports, UDOG is eliminated by R Esports and HH wipes out the last two players of GodL - ZGOD and Clutchgod.

21:03 (IST)16 JAN 2022

17' TSG and GodL after engaging in a fight for a long time, finally decide to rotate into the safe zone. Both teams have lost a couple of players from their side.

20:59 (IST)16 JAN 2022

15' UDOG continues their aggressive gameplay by knocking down and finishing three players of OR Esports.

20:56 (IST)16 JAN 2022

12' UDOG disengages the fight with Skylightz and rush towards Tactical Esports, taking them down.

20:49 (IST)16 JAN 2022

3' Enigma and RGE engage in a fight. Enigma wipes out the players of RGE, who were rushing in the weapon.

20:46 (IST)16 JAN 2022

1' The flight path goes from Camp Bravo to Tambang. The circle takes a northern shift.

20:44 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The last Sanhok match of Miramar begins!

20:28 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Points table after Day 4 Match 3

20:17 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The MVP of the match is GodL Neyoo. He has to his name 5 kills, 1 assist, and 937 damage.

20:12 (IST)16 JAN 2022

25' OR Vexe goes berserk with his M249 as he and Evoo finish table-toppers SG. On the other side, 7Sea hurl grenades at GodL and eliminate them. Next, the players of 7Sea set their target on TSM (who were busy defeating OR) and eliminate them. It is a Chicken Dinner for 7Sea Esports!

20:05 (IST)16 JAN 2022

21' GodL continues their domination as they eliminate Team X Spark in back-to-back matches. Meanwhile, UDOG is finished by R Esports.

20:03 (IST)16 JAN 2022

19' Revenant Esports tries to rotate into the zone but gets taken down by the joint efforts of TSM, Team X Spark and GodL.

19:58 (IST)16 JAN 2022

13' Is GodLike trying to do the unthinkable? The GodL players eliminate Enigma Gaming and knock out a couple of TSG players in the shoreline fight.

19:56 (IST)16 JAN 2022

12' The two remaining players of Tactical - Hitman and Wild169 are wiped out by OR Esports.

19:54 (IST)16 JAN 2022

16' Hyderabad Hydras becomes the first team to take an exit from the match as they fall short in the fight against UDOG India. However, UDOG loses Mystic and Dark in the fight.

19:48 (IST)16 JAN 2022

03' UDOG rushes towards the compound held by Old Hood Esports and takes down three OH players. Meanwhile, 7Sea defeats a couple of players of Tactical Esports.

19:46 (IST)16 JAN 2022

1' The plane path goes from Primorsk to Mylta Power. The circle takes an extreme southern shift favoring Sosnovka Military Base! This is BGMI at its very best.

19:43 (IST)16 JAN 2022

The penultimate Erangel match of BGIS 2021 begins!

19:43 (IST)16 JAN 2022

19:39 (IST)16 JAN 2022

Points table after Day 4 Match 2

19:29 (IST)16 JAN 2022

GodL Neyoo bags the 'MVP of the match' award with 4 kills and 1039 damage.
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