Brazil vs Peru semi-final LIVE Score and Commentary Copa America 2021

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FT: Brazil 1-0 Peru (Paqueta)


06:32 (IST)6 JUL 2021

Thank you for tuning into Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the Copa America 2021 semi-final clash between Brazil and Peru. Keep following Sportskeeeda for all the post match analysis of Brazil's 1-0 win and all the coverage you need for Copa America. This is your host, Sayak Dipta signing off for the moment. See you soon!  

06:31 (IST)6 JUL 2021

06:26 (IST)6 JUL 2021

FULL TIME: Brazil 1-0 Peru

Lucas Paqueta's first-half goal is enough to propel Brazil in the Copa America 2021 final! The Brazilians were all over Peru in the first half and looked like the dominating side. Peru came back strongly in the second half with some tactical substitutions in the break but were too short of quality and time to score the equaliser as Brazil hold on to their slender 1-0 goal lead.

Brazil now lay in wait for the outcome of the second semi-final game between Argentina and Colombia for the final to be played on Sunday, 11th July at 05.30 AM IST. 

06:25 (IST)6 JUL 2021

90+5' Neymar and Vinicus combine with a little trickery on the ball but do not manage to break the Peruvian defensive lines inside the box. The time is running out for Peru.

06:23 (IST)6 JUL 2021

90+2' Substitution for Brazil:

OUT - Lucas Paqueta
IN - Douglas Luiz

06:22 (IST)6 JUL 2021

90' Additional Time: 5 Minutes.

06:20 (IST)6 JUL 2021

90' Marcos Lopez is booked for a challenge on Lucas Paqueta.

06:20 (IST)6 JUL 2021

89' Substitution for Peru:

OUT - Renato Tapia
IN - Gerald Tavara

06:18 (IST)6 JUL 2021

88' Brazil doing just enough to not allow Peru get the ball inside the Brazilian half. 

06:16 (IST)6 JUL 2021

85' Triple Substitution for Brazil:

OUT - Renan Lodi
IN - Eder Militao

OUT - Fred
IN - Fabinho

OUT - Richarlison
IN - Vinicius Jr.

06:15 (IST)6 JUL 2021

84' Substitution for Peru:

OUT - Aldo Carzo
IN - Caros Saavedra

06:14 (IST)6 JUL 2021

83' MISS! Gianluca Lapadula finds Callens with a free-kick inside the Brazil box. Ederson misjudges his jump to collect the ball allowing Callens a free headed into an empty net but the header is somehow over the target. Brazil survive. It really looked like that Peru got their equaliser for a moment.  

06:12 (IST)6 JUL 2021

81' Substitution for Peru:

OUT - Christian Cueva
IN - Santiago Ormeno

06:08 (IST)6 JUL 2021

78' Neymar tries to lob it over the Peruvian wall to set up Richarlison but the lobbed attempt is cleared away for safety.

06:07 (IST)6 JUL 2021

77' Neymar with some quick stepovers through the legs of the Peruvian defenders, earning a set-piece in an interesting position. Neymar might go for goal directly from here or bring out a training pitch move.

06:04 (IST)6 JUL 2021

73' Shouts for penalty as Richarlison is brought down inside the Peruvian box after Neymar plays a brilliant defence splitting ball. The referee lets play continue.

06:03 (IST)6 JUL 2021

72' Substitution for Brazil.

OUT - Everton Soares
IN - Everton Ribeiro

06:03 (IST)6 JUL 2021

69' Brazil manage to slow down the Peruvian momentum and are now having lot more of the ball. 

05:52 (IST)6 JUL 2021

65' Everton has a shot at goal from outside the box but the ball is straight to Gallese.

05:52 (IST)6 JUL 2021

63' CLOSE! Razel Garcis's shot from distance bounces off awkwardly in front of Ederson and the ball bobbles around inside the Brazil box with Lapadula lurking around but Thiago Silva comes in Brazil's rescue and clears it away with a long and powerful defensive clearance.

05:50 (IST)6 JUL 2021

61' The resultant free-kick is taken long but nothing materialises in terms of a Peruvial goal-scoring opportunity and Brazil clear their lines with ease.

05:50 (IST)6 JUL 2021

59' Paqueta and Yotun clash on to each other in the midfield and Peru earn a free-kick in the middle of the field. Yotun has a bleeding nose and is being treated by the Medical officials.

05:47 (IST)6 JUL 2021

57' Yoshimar Yotun is booked for a late challenge on Neymar. 

05:42 (IST)6 JUL 2021

54' Substitute Razael Garcia has a go at goal but his shot is whipped on the ground and goes out of play, well wide of the Brazil goal.

05:41 (IST)6 JUL 2021

52' The corner is headed away with ease by the Brazilians as they now look to break the Peruvian momentum. 

05:40 (IST)6 JUL 2021

50' SAVE! Ederson called into action fors the first time. Lapadula with a darting run down the right who cuts inside away from Silva and curves it onto the target, only to be denied by Ederson. Peru get a corner.

05:38 (IST)6 JUL 2021

48' Cueva tries to find Gianluca Lapadula with a cross from the left but Lapadula fouls Thiago Silva inside the box and is penalised. Good start from Peru in the second-half.

05:37 (IST)6 JUL 2021

46' Second-half kicks-off.

05:37 (IST)6 JUL 2021

46' Substitutions at half-time for Peru:

OUT - Christian Ramos
IN - Razel Garcia

OUT - Miguel Trauco
IN - Marcos Lopez

05:22 (IST)6 JUL 2021

HALF TIME: Brazil 1-0 Peru

It has been all Brazil in the first-half. They have created several chances to score but could only have one goal on board, Peru have struggled to keep the ball even. in their own half and are in danger of elimination in the second-half. All to play for in the next 45 minutes. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda.

05:19 (IST)6 JUL 2021

45+3' Lucas Paqueta goes down off the ball in the middle of the pitch due to an unknown injury.

05:16 (IST)6 JUL 2021

45' Additional Time: 5 Minutes.

05:14 (IST)6 JUL 2021

44' Peru give the ball away in their own half to Neymar himself but they are let off as Neymar fouls Sergio Pena himself.

05:11 (IST)6 JUL 2021

40' Christian Ramos is penalised for a foul on Richarlison. Ramos has had a difficult 40 minutes here and the desperation is showing with some late and rash challenges from the back on the Brazilians. Ricardo Gareca needs to implement Plan B to stop this confident Brazilian outslought.

05:06 (IST)6 JUL 2021

35' GOOOOAAAAAAL! Lucas Paqueta (Brazil)

The Peruvian resilience is finally broken. Richarlison plays Neymar out who wriggles around three Peruvian defenders inside the box to sets up Paquta for the final finish and Brazil lead, 1-0. It was always coming the way Peruvians struggled to defend.

05:04 (IST)6 JUL 2021

34' It is the same move all over again. Casemiro tries to play out Paqueta who goes down to the narrow areas to set up Neymar for an easy finish. However, the final pass this time around was way off the mark.

05:04 (IST)6 JUL 2021

30' Peru are extremely nervy at the back, the moment they get the ball in their own-half, they give it away to the Brazilians.

04:58 (IST)6 JUL 2021

27' Casemiro has been a start of the first half an hour so far. He has found gaps in the Peru defence with ease and forced Gallesse to pull off two good saves.

04:55 (IST)6 JUL 2021

24' Brazil are having it too easy out here against Peru. They are passing it inside the Peruvian half without any pressure whatsoever and are creating regular openings.

04:50 (IST)6 JUL 2021

20' SAVE! Gallese on a roll! Casemiro releases Paqueta down the right who finds Neymar inside the box whose shot on goal is saved by Gallese on the goal. Fantastic stuff from Gallese.

04:49 (IST)6 JUL 2021

19' SAVE! Casemiro takes yet another shot from distance and Gallese makes an acrobatic save to keep the scores level.

04:49 (IST)6 JUL 2021

14' Everton has an attempt on goal but the shot is grounded and Gallese collects.

04:48 (IST)6 JUL 2021

12' Casemiro fires it on to the goal from the free-kick but the attempt is straight to the Peru goalkeeper, Gallese at goal. The shot was swirling and had venom but lacked direction.

04:38 (IST)6 JUL 2021

8' Lucas Paqueta finds Neymar who beats the offside trap who plays it to Richarlison who skews it away from the target. First big chance of the game.

04:35 (IST)6 JUL 2021

6' Everton tried to get past Trauco on the right but is outmuscled by the crowd of Peruvian defenders inside the box.

04:33 (IST)6 JUL 2021

4' Neymar and Lucas Paqueta play a quick one-two inside the Peru box a final ditch challenge from Santamaria restricts the Brazilians. 

04:32 (IST)6 JUL 2021

2' Brazil playing it slow early on, playing it between themselves in their own half, slowly trying to build inside the Peru half.

04:31 (IST)6 JUL 2021

1' KICK-OFF! Peru kick us off in their traditional white with a red slash while the Brazilians are in their historic Yellow and Blue colours.

04:25 (IST)6 JUL 2021

The National Anthems are sung loud and proud. Pre-Match Team Photographs are taken. We are set for kick-off.

04:25 (IST)6 JUL 2021

The teams have lined up for the National Anthems.
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