Burnley vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18

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Burnley 0 - 0 Man United


22:27 (IST)20 JAN 2018


That is that, as a superb Anthony Martial goal consigns Burnley to the punishment they have inflicted upon so many this season a 1-0 win that grew on the viewer as it went on. 

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22:26 (IST)20 JAN 2018

96' Gudmundsson takes a superb corner and the ball bounces around before Rashford brings it out... 

22:25 (IST)20 JAN 2018

95' Fellaini tries a backheel and Burnley pour forward but Rashford hacks away Bardsley's ball into the box. Nkoudou spins and spins and Burnley have a corner. POPE HAS COME FORWARD

22:23 (IST)20 JAN 2018

94' Tony Martial departs to a lovely ovation from the United faithful who have made the short trip to Turf Moor, and Ander Herrera sprints on in his stead. 

22:22 (IST)20 JAN 2018


22:21 (IST)20 JAN 2018

92' OH MY! After a crazy amount of head tennis inside the United six-yard box, Pogba swings it clear - only for Rashford to concede a freekick. 

22:21 (IST)20 JAN 2018

91' FIVE MINUTES TO BE ADDED ON, and Burnley have a corner. 

22:20 (IST)20 JAN 2018

90' United counter once again through the pace of Rashford and Pogba. The Frenchman finding his young Mancunian colleague on the edge of the box, but he dawdles on it and allows Taylor to nick it off him. Poor from Rashford with Lukaku waiting int he box

22:19 (IST)20 JAN 2018

89' United are keeping it at the corner as long as they can - while Burnley throw on Nakhi Wells as they look for some inspiration

22:18 (IST)20 JAN 2018

88' UFF! Martial rips Bardsley's very soul out of his being with a smashing run into the box that ends with him smashing at goal - where Pope sticks out a strong man to parry it away. 

22:17 (IST)20 JAN 2018

87' A cheeky backheel from Pogba frees up Fellaini who sends Rashford on his way - but the Englishman's ball into Martial is a weak one. Pogba runs on to it and feeds MArtial who tries to pick out Lukaku, but the ball's a useless one. 

22:15 (IST)20 JAN 2018

85' From which, after an almighty melee in the six-yard box, the ball bounces off of Mee's noggin and out for a goal-kick

22:14 (IST)20 JAN 2018

84' Burnley pour forward again and Jones is forced to concede a corner. 

22:14 (IST)20 JAN 2018

83' Burnley have well and truly pegged United back into their corner, but Fellaini's sheer bulk and Pogba's vision sends Rashford off down the wing. He holds it up, feeds it to Pogba - who plays a cute pass to Martial and the Frenchman pulls off some more outrageously brilliant footwork to hoodwink Tarkowski but Mee's back there covering. 

22:11 (IST)20 JAN 2018

82' Bardsley goes down under absolutely no contact from Martial and Dean just asks him to dust his backside off and get on with it. 

22:10 (IST)20 JAN 2018

81' Sean Dyche wants at least a point as Arfield and Hendrick are hooked for Vokes and Nkodou

22:10 (IST)20 JAN 2018

80' OOOO LA LA! Matic takes a shot from thirty odd yards out and sends the ball spiralling into Yorkshire

22:09 (IST)20 JAN 2018

79' Paul Pogba sends Martial on his way and the Frenchman plays it out wide to Jesse "Messi" Lingard but the man-of-the-hour can only hit Mee with his shot. That's his last bit of action as Mourinho brings on Rashford in his stead

22:08 (IST)20 JAN 2018

78' Matic tries a give and go with Pogba at the edge of the Burnley box, but a breakdown in communication leads to Burnley nicking the  ball away. 

22:07 (IST)20 JAN 2018

76' Nemanja Matic goes into the book for upending Barnes at the centre circle. He then gets on the end of the freekick but under pressure he can only head it wide

22:05 (IST)20 JAN 2018

74' Burnley are pressing United farther and farther... Gudmundsson plays a knock-down into the box where Jones pulls of a clearance of such acrobatic wonder the commentator mistakes him for Mata. The ball lands at Pogba's feet who marauds into the Burnley third, sends Tarkowski to fetch a pail of water, and with Martial as free as he can be to his left smacks a ball into Mee's legs. Sigh. 

22:02 (IST)20 JAN 2018

72' Mata is hooked for Fellaini as Mourinho readies himself for the inevitable aerial assault... Lukaku is set free, meanwhile, and he waits and waits for Pogba to ghost in at the far post but he overhits his cross. 

22:02 (IST)20 JAN 2018

71' The corner is half cleared, but Lukaku is robbed off the ball and Gudmundsson plays a delicious ball across the box that flies this far away from Tarkowski's outstretched boot. WOOF! It took a touch of Smalling's knee that -great defending from the Englishman

21:59 (IST)20 JAN 2018

70' OH! De Gea takes no chances with a looping Ben Mee header as he helps it over his crossbar That does mean corner for Burnley though

21:59 (IST)20 JAN 2018

69' OOOOOOH TASTY! Paul Pogba flies into Jack Cork - he did get a piece of the ball, there - but Dean deems that a bookable offence. Yellow it is, then for the Frenchman

21:58 (IST)20 JAN 2018

68' Lingard is crumpled up again by a crunching Arfield tackle but Mike Dean asks everyone to carry on as Pogba still has the ball. 

21:57 (IST)20 JAN 2018

66' Bardsley smashes into Smalling and that's a yellow for the ex-United man

21:56 (IST)20 JAN 2018

65' Tarkowski is at it again as he blocks a shot from Pogba - United come back and Lukaku gets the ball to feet inside the box; There's a ball available to Mata but the Belgian opts for shooting and it deflects away to nothingness

21:55 (IST)20 JAN 2018

64' OH LUKAKU! The big Belgian does brilliantly to brush past Bardsley and race into the box - oozing menace with every step -   but Tarkowski pulls out a stunning tackle to stop Lukaku from going one-on-one with Pope

21:53 (IST)20 JAN 2018

63' Bardsley eases Lingard off the ball, though, and Burnley are out of the traps - Jones does ever so well to make sure Arfield doesn't race into the box. 

21:52 (IST)20 JAN 2018

62' Martial seems to be full of running this half and is causing all sorts of bother down Burnley's left. He and Mata and Young get together to keep Burnley penned back in their own third, winning throw-in after throw0in 

21:51 (IST)20 JAN 2018

60' Jack Cork and Paul Pogba are at it - as the two get into each other's grilles. The freekick is dangerous-looking but Tarkowski is penalised for a push on Smalling 

21:50 (IST)20 JAN 2018

59' THIS GAME HAS SPRUNG TO LIFE! Matic gives the ball away near the centre circle and Burnley swarm forward and some superb passing ends with Barnes knocking a header down into Smalling - cries from handball, but there's no way any referee, even Mike Dean, is giving that

21:48 (IST)20 JAN 2018

58' Young steals the ball off Gudmundsson at the centre line and he sends Martial screaming into the Burnley box but his cross is way too wayward

21:47 (IST)20 JAN 2018


21:46 (IST)20 JAN 2018

56' Barnes does what Barnes does ever so well and wins a freekick at the edge of the box. Defour will look to recreate his effort from Boxing Day in front of his adoring congregation  

21:45 (IST)20 JAN 2018

WOOF! That stemmed from Romelu Lukaku's sheer commitment. He hassled, harried and bullied three Claret shirts before playing an inch-perfect pass to Martial who controlled it, gave Pope the eyes and smacked it into the roof of the net. SUPERB GOAL, THAT

21:44 (IST)20 JAN 2018


21:43 (IST)20 JAN 2018

53' Burnley counter-attack but all their slick passing ends with Barnes smacking into Smalling's large frame... at the opposite end United's counter ends with Mata smacking it into Bardsley's considerable mass. Story of the match so far

21:42 (IST)20 JAN 2018

52' Mata spins around Bardsley but can only win a corner - which is rubbish. 

21:41 (IST)20 JAN 2018

51' Pogba almost frees up Lingard with a lovely cross-field box but Taylor does ever so well to make sure United's danger man doesn't get to it

21:39 (IST)20 JAN 2018

49' Martial is caught offside as United waste another decent chance to power forward. 

21:38 (IST)20 JAN 2018

47' OH MY! Lukaku chests a Matic hammer-blow of a crossfield before playing in Lingard but as the Englishman gets to the area of the park he so loves (just outside the box) he gets crowded out - and so does Lukaku, who reacts with the petulance of a three-year old.

21:36 (IST)20 JAN 2018

46' Burnley go as route-one as route-one could be with a ball hoofed up to Barnes who knocks it down to Arfield who attempts to find Gudmundsson at the far post but Young does well to see United through that primeval passage of play

21:34 (IST)20 JAN 2018


Burnley, as is their right, do the honours this time around

21:34 (IST)20 JAN 2018

The players are back out. United, are, though still in that dull, dull, grey

21:20 (IST)20 JAN 2018


The only way is up.

21:19 (IST)20 JAN 2018

46' ONE MINUTE OFF ADDED TIME! AND THE BEST OF UNITED'S ATTACKING PLAY. Pogba picks out Martial with another superb ball, and the United no, 11 shows off some outrageously good footwork to work an inch of space in that congested Burnley box - but can only screw his shot wide. 

21:18 (IST)20 JAN 2018

45' Taylor picks out his counterpart Bardsley with a superb ball, but Young gets there to knock the ball out of play

21:15 (IST)20 JAN 2018

43' Martial crosses, Pope gathers of Lukaku's forehead. The Burnley custodian is exuding an air of calm confidence at the moment, as well he might
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