Calcutta Football League 2018: Mohun Bagan AC vs FCI FC, Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

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The match is set to get underway at 4.30 pm, IST!


18:33 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Till next time, it's GOOD-BYE !!!

18:33 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage !!!

18:32 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Dicka and Co. have accumulated 23 points from 9 matches with a goal difference of +18

18:32 (IST)5 SEP 2018

With the victory, the green and maroon brigade consolidate their position at the top of the standings in the Calcutta Football League ....

18:31 (IST)5 SEP 2018

It's all over .... Mohun Bagan script an emphatic 5-0 victory over Food Corporation of India (FCI) 

18:30 (IST)5 SEP 2018

We are minutes away from the final whistle ....

18:30 (IST)5 SEP 2018

FCI player down with an injury .... the relatively inexperienced side has tried hard but their opponent outplayed them completely !!!

18:25 (IST)5 SEP 2018

5 minutes added on

18:24 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Shankarlal Chakraborty will be pleased with his boys' display against FCI .. they have already taken a giant step towards claiming the CFL title !!!

18:19 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Kim-Kima scores this time, he heads it with ease after Tirthankar's corner to make it 5-0 for Mohun Bagan !!!!

18:17 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Dicka was eyeing a fourth goal, but the header was not perfect !!!!

18:15 (IST)5 SEP 2018

After an ordinary first half, Mohun Bagan showed their capability in the second half ... with still more than 15 minutes left and a numerical superiority, the Kolkata giants will be looking to extent their goal difference even further

18:08 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Tirthankar scores, direct from precise free-kick, Mohun Bagan 4-0 FCI !!!

18:07 (IST)5 SEP 2018

FCI's Laxmi Kanta Dey gets a red card !!! He deserved it after a rash challenge on Dipanda Dicka !!!

18:05 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Substitution for Mohun Bagan: IN: Abinash Ruidas, OUT: Shilton D' Silva

18:03 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A similar goal like the second one, but Pintu came up with the assist from the left this time

18:02 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Dicka scores again, gets his hat-trick, Mohun Bagan 3-0 FCI

18:02 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Kisekka with a brilliant run, earns a corner ... Pintu takes the shot ... but the Bagan player misses the header by a few inches

17:59 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Arijit Bagui's again with the assist, his low cross was racing in front of the target .... Sorav Das failed to connect but Dicka who was waiting anxiously at the other end ... netted his second goal of the match !!!!

17:56 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Dicka scores again .... Mohun Bagan 2-0 FCI !!!!

17:55 (IST)5 SEP 2018

The Mariners trying every bit to find the second goal ... Pintu Mahata is the architect at the moment

17:51 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Pintu's pass was cleared away for a corner, Tirthankar to take the kick ... header not connected properly, FCI's shot stopper injured

17:48 (IST)5 SEP 2018

FCI's ambitious shot from distance was too weak and feeble to create any danger

17:48 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Energetic Pintu trying hard to make space for himself

17:45 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Kisekka turns and shoot, but the shot was off target, although Kisekka was already fouled for a handball

17:44 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan gets the first corner of the second half

17:41 (IST)5 SEP 2018

IN: Pintu, OUT: Azharuddin

17:41 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Half-time substitutions: OUT: Britto, IN: Tirthankar (Mohun Bagan)

17:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Second half kicks-off 

17:40 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Half-time score: Mohun Bagan 1-0 FCI

17:26 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Dicka scores .... Mohun Bagan takes the lead !!!!

17:17 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A nice save from Shankar, FCI get a corner in the dying seconds of the 45th minute ... but the opportunity was wasted

17:15 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan came close on a few occasions but the score-line is unchanged

17:14 (IST)5 SEP 2018

We are minutes away from the end of a barren 45 minutes of play 

17:11 (IST)5 SEP 2018

FCI Dhananjoy gets a yellow card

17:11 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bagui's powerful long ranger was nowhere near to the taget

17:09 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A clever play from the hosts, but Kisekka's head hits the side-net

17:07 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Kisekka misses yet again ..... the header falls in the goalkeeper's hand after Ambekar's long cross .... Bagan denied yet again

17:06 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bagan's defense line falters again, survive a scare

17:04 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Bagui's brilliant cross, Henry Kisekka's header was off target, Bagan should have scored

17:02 (IST)5 SEP 2018

FCI on the counter, but Shankar collects the ball just in time

17:00 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Almost half an hour over, the green and maroon brigade has failed to pierce FCI's defense so far

16:58 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Ambekar's poor cross was headed away by FCI's defender

16:56 (IST)5 SEP 2018

A unlucky deflection from one of FCI's player almost gave Bagan the lead

16:53 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Kingsley gets a yellow card, FCI get a free-kick just outside the box

16:51 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Mohun Bagan needs to win with a good margin to stay ahead of East Bengal in the race to the championship

16:48 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Azharuddin's shot goes wide ... Henry Kisekka with the pass

16:47 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Food Corporation of India (FCI) is one of the few clubs in the Calcutta Football League which are playing without a foreigner

16:45 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Against all odds, FCI is giving a hard time for the home side in the opening quarter of the match. 

16:42 (IST)5 SEP 2018

Nervy moment for Bagan's goalkeeper Shankar Roy as he makes a nice save
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