Calcutta Football League 2018: Mohun Bagan vs Aryan Club, Live Score & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 29, 2018 16:31 IST

The match between Mohun Bagan and Aryan Club is underway !!!


16:31 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the live coverage between East Bengal and George Telegraph !!!

16:29 (IST)29 AUG 2018

The 'Mariners' climb to the top of the league standings with 19 points from 7 matches !!!

16:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan 2-0 Aryan Club

16:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Full Time !!!

16:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Kisseka's header goes wide as Aryan's Sardar makes way for Asiruddin (substitution)

16:25 (IST)29 AUG 2018

This win give the a boost ahead of the 'Kolkata Derby'

16:24 (IST)29 AUG 2018

More than the win, Mohun Bagan will be pleased with the free-flowing football they played today

16:23 (IST)29 AUG 2018

90' We are approaching towards the end of the match as 5 minutes are added on

16:21 (IST)29 AUG 2018

88' free-kick for Bagan, shot-stopper Souvik was catches the ball

16:20 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Unfortunately Dicka gets a yellow card as he makes way for the substitute !!!

16:19 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Substitution for Mohun Bagan: OUT: Dicka, IN: Abinas Ruidas

16:18 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Score Update: Mohun Bagan 2-0 Aryan Club

16:18 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Kisseka's pin point cross fell perfectly for Dicka, he headed it towards the target to double the lead !!!

16:17 (IST)29 AUG 2018

83' GOAL !!!! Dicka scores !!!

16:16 (IST)29 AUG 2018

83' Bagui with a nice run down the right but nothing fruitful cropped up

16:13 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Bagan playing possessional football at the moment, trying hard to get the second goal

16:11 (IST)29 AUG 2018

79' Yellow card shown to Shubhankar Chatterji, Bagan awarded a free-kick

16:10 (IST)29 AUG 2018

East Bengal will be in action against George Telegraph later this evening

16:07 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan needs to score at least another goal to improve their goal becomes decisive at the business end of the league

16:05 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Score Update: Mohun Bagan 1-0 Aryan Club

16:04 (IST)29 AUG 2018

71' There was no one to head the ball after the corner kick by a Bagan player, scores unchanged !!!

16:04 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Substitution for Mohun Bagan: IN: Azharuddin, OUT:Britto

16:01 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Substitution for Aryan Club: IN: Rishi Chhetri OUT: Kunal Ghosh

15:59 (IST)29 AUG 2018

67' Aryan's Sandip Patra down on the ground

15:58 (IST)29 AUG 2018

66' Substitution: OUT: Shilton D' Silva, IN: Mehtab Hossain (Mohun Bagan)

15:55 (IST)29 AUG 2018

62' Aryan Club on the attack at the moment, but the striker is off target

15:52 (IST)29 AUG 2018

59' Ambekar injured while the players take a short drinks break

15:50 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Dipanda Dicka and Co. being denied to double the lead by the opponents. But they need to find a way !!!

15:48 (IST)29 AUG 2018

55' Free-kick to Bagan after a foul by Pritam. The referee shows a yellow card to Pritam !!

15:44 (IST)29 AUG 2018

52' Arijit's left footed center was headed away to safety

15:42 (IST)29 AUG 2018

49' Sliding tackle by Sandip, Bagan earns a corner but Ambekar's shot was wide

15:40 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Kisseka is probably playing his best game of the season so far

15:39 (IST)29 AUG 2018

47' Dicka almost scores, Kisseka's pass was sublime !!!

15:38 (IST)29 AUG 2018

 Second Half gets underway !!!!

15:21 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Stay tuned for the second half !!!

15:21 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Half-Time !!! Mohun Bagan 1-0 Aryan Club !!!

15:19 (IST)29 AUG 2018

45+2, Dicka's kick gets caught in the wall 

15:18 (IST)29 AUG 2018

45+2, Shilton fouled, Bagan get a free-kick from an effective position

15:17 (IST)29 AUG 2018

4 minutes added 

15:17 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan with a clinical display will be more than happy as we approach the half-time !!!

15:15 (IST)29 AUG 2018

43' Henry Kisseka down after a rough challenge, free-kick to Bagan

15:14 (IST)29 AUG 2018

42' Britto's long range shot is off-target

15:13 (IST)29 AUG 2018

41' Amebkar clears the ball, danger averted

15:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

40' Britto to Dicka, but the foreigner's long range did not bother Aryan's goalkeeper

15:10 (IST)29 AUG 2018

38' Sourav's shot sails over the target, should have done better

15:07 (IST)29 AUG 2018

35' a nice solo run from Britto, Bagan get a corner but nothing fruitful

15:06 (IST)29 AUG 2018

33' Ambekar's cross was connected with a weak header by Henry Kisseka

15:03 (IST)29 AUG 2018

 Players take a drinks break on a sultry afternoon 

15:01 (IST)29 AUG 2018

29' A nice series of short passes played between Bagan players in the midfield, but Britto's cross was wide

14:58 (IST)29 AUG 2018

26' A long range shot from an Aryan player which was fisted away by Shilton Pal
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