Calcutta Football League 2018: Mohun Bagan vs Peerless SC, Live Score & Updates

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The match is set to get underway at 4.30 pm IST!


18:34 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Thanks for joining us !!!! Till next time, It's GOOD-BYE !!!!

18:33 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Calcutta Football League wide open with Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are now almost level in terms of points, even though the Red and Gold brigade played a match less !!!

18:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Final score: Mohun Bagan 1-1 Peerless SC

18:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

It's all over !!! Mohun Bagan lose their first points as Peerless SC hold on to a 1-1 draw !!!

18:28 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Ansumanah Kromah makes it 1-1, a late twist in the tale !!!

18:27 (IST)16 AUG 2018

91+1' GOAL !!!! Peerless SC score the equalizer !!!!

18:26 (IST)16 AUG 2018

4 minutes added on

18:25 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Azhar only had the keeper to beat, but he shot at the side-net to keep the scores 1-0 in favor of Mohun Bagan !!!

18:24 (IST)16 AUG 2018

89' How did Azharuddin miss the target ?

18:23 (IST)16 AUG 2018

87' Bagan player down on the field as they almost secure their fourth win in as many matches 

18:20 (IST)16 AUG 2018

84' Mohun Bagan searching for the second goal to seal the deal, but Peerless SC denying them each time !!!

18:19 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Henry Kisseka heads towards the target after an excellent cross from Abhishek Ambekar 

18:14 (IST)16 AUG 2018

73' GOAL !!!! Mohun Bagab scores !!!

18:07 (IST)16 AUG 2018

72' Peerless with a good spell of play, but Bagan averts danger each time !!!

18:06 (IST)16 AUG 2018

71' Substitution for Mohun Bagan: IN: Moinuddin, OUT: Sourav Das

18:02 (IST)16 AUG 2018

66' Nuruddin nets the ball for Peerless SC but the flag was raised for off-side !!!

17:58 (IST)16 AUG 2018

62' Mehtab places the ball for the free-kick, but the ball gets caught in Peerless' wall

17:56 (IST)16 AUG 2018

60' Bagan get a corner, but Mehtab's shot was off-target !!!

17:55 (IST)16 AUG 2018

59' An ugly fight for the ball in the midfield adds to Mohun Bagan's unfortunate day so far !!

17:53 (IST)16 AUG 2018

53" Azhar's cross, Kiseeka heads over the target ...

17:47 (IST)16 AUG 2018

51" Bagan awarded a free-kick after a foul was committed, but the ball gets lost midway !!!

17:42 (IST)16 AUG 2018

46' Kisseka's shot goes wide, a rather ambitious attempt indeed !!!

17:41 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Half-Time substitution: OUT: Shilton D' Silva, IN: Mehtab Hossain

17:37 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Welcome back, as players take the field !!!!

17:21 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Will be back when the second half begins !!!

17:20 (IST)16 AUG 2018

It's Half-Time, Mohun Bagan 0-0 Peerless SC

17:20 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A lot to talk about in the dressing room as we approach the end of the first half, Bagan coach Shankarlal will be worried about the finishing !!!

17:18 (IST)16 AUG 2018

3 minutes added on

17:17 (IST)16 AUG 2018

43' Dicka's head straight at the hands of custodian Sandip Pal, Bagan could have easily taken the lead

17:15 (IST)16 AUG 2018

41" MISS !!! twist and turn, Dipanda Dicka miss the target at the end ...

17:11 (IST)16 AUG 2018

38' Mohun Bagan trying hard to penetrate through the opponents' defense, but the back line is too hard to break

17:05 (IST)16 AUG 2018

32' Substitution: OUT: Basant Singh, IN: Tirthankar Sarkar

17:03 (IST)16 AUG 2018

31' Sourav Das' shot sails over the net !!!

17:01 (IST)16 AUG 2018

28' Dicka again with a great pass, while Basant Singh made a mess out of it after his foot slipped !!!

16:59 (IST)16 AUG 2018

27' What a MISS !!!! Dicka with a perfect center but Kisseka was way off the target !!!

16:58 (IST)16 AUG 2018

25' Azharuddin produced a nice pass to Dikca who directed the ball towards Kisseka who side netted eventually !!!

16:56 (IST)16 AUG 2018

24' A brilliant run from Azharuddin, but nothing fruitful emerged

16:54 (IST)16 AUG 2018

22' Ambekar' free-kick is headed away by Chika Wali 

16:53 (IST)16 AUG 2018

21' Mohun Bagan get a free-kick just outside the penalty box

16:51 (IST)16 AUG 2018

16' Chika Wali gets a yellow card after a challenge from behind on a Bagan player

16:45 (IST)16 AUG 2018

12' A nice trough from Naro Hari which was wasted, Peerless SC giving a fight 

16:41 (IST)16 AUG 2018

8' Kisseka's cross was lethal, the goalkeeper slipped up and grabbed it in the second attempt

16:40 (IST)16 AUG 2018

8' Peerlees SC with a constructive move, but it was well defended

16:37 (IST)16 AUG 2018

4' Bagui's free-kick was headed by Shilton D' Silva, which went straight at the hands of the goalkeeper !!!

16:35 (IST)16 AUG 2018

3' Both teams on the offensive, not shy to take their chances !!!

16:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

The ball starts rolling at the Mohun Bagan ground !!!

16:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

We are moments away from the kick-off as the players share their last words before the match starts 

16:26 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Peerless SC Playing XI: Sandip Kumar Pal (gk), Avinabo Bag, Chika Wali, Dalraj Singh, Hira Mondal, Nuruddin, Dipankar Das, Naro Hari Shrestha, Anil Kisku, Ansumanah Kromah, Anthony Wolfe

16:22 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan playing XI: Sankar Roy (gk), Lal Chhawn Kima, Eze Kingsley, Abhishek Ambekar, Arijit Bagui, Shilton D' Silva, Sourav Das, Basant Singh, Dipanda Dicka, Azharudiin Mallick, Henry Kisseka

16:14 (IST)16 AUG 2018

The stands are slowly filling up, we expect a good turnout today in spite of being a weekday ....
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