Calcutta Football League 2018: Mohun Bagan vs West Bengal Police, Live Score & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 25, 2018 18:35 IST

The match is set to get underway at 4.30pm IST!


18:35 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Till next time, it's GOOD-BYE !!!

18:34 (IST)25 AUG 2018

That's all from here .... hope you all have enjoyed the coverage !!!

18:34 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Final Score: Mohun Bagan 5-0 West Bengal Police

18:33 (IST)25 AUG 2018

the referee blows the final whistle, Mohun Bagan wins !!!

18:33 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan will get a much needed boost ahead of the Kolkata Derby next Sunday, although they have a match in between

18:31 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A nice through from veteran Mehtab Hossain finds the foot of Henry Kisseka, who produced a brilliant center which was well connected by Dicka to make it 5-0

18:29 (IST)25 AUG 2018

90+5' GOAL !!!! Dicka scores a hat-trick !!!

18:28 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan 4-0 West Bengal Police

18:28 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A powerful shot from Henry Kisseka from the right was enough to make it 4-0 after a nice pass from the midfield !!!

18:27 (IST)25 AUG 2018

90+2' GOAL !!! Henry Kisseka scores at last !!!

18:25 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Free-kick taken by Mehtab, but a weak header follows

18:23 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Score update: Mohun Bagan 3-0 WBP

18:22 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Bagan gets a corner, chance for the hosts to capitalize the situation increase their goal difference ...

18:20 (IST)25 AUG 2018

85' RED CARD for WBP's SK. Saruk, who committed a foul on Pintu Mahato, Saruk is walking out, they are down to 10 men ...

18:18 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Substitution for Bagan: OUT: Kim Kima, IN: Caldeira

18:16 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Bagan players happy to pass the ball in the midfield, not making an extra effort ... considering the fact that three points have already been secured

18:12 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Substitution for WBP, OUT: Kishor Mallick, IN: Koushik Dutta

18:10 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A nice build up by Bagan, Kima, Ranawade all contributing but the defender saves his team

18:06 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Substitution for Mohun Bagan: OUT: Britto, IN: Abinash Ruidas

18:06 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Kisseka slightly off-target, he must be very disappointing for him ... he must have scored by now...

18:04 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A nice run from Pintu Mahato down the left ... but he messed up at the end 

18:02 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The green and maroon brigade dictating terms at the moment, playing several passes among them

17:58 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Appeal for a penalty, but the referee overlooks !!

17:57 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mehtab Hossains free-kick was well defended by WBP, denied a header from the strikers

17:54 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The pace of the game slowed down a bit after Soumava's injury ...

17:51 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Hopefully, he recovers soon .... meanwhile the match has resumed with a reserve shot stopper!!!

17:50 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The referee calls for the ambulance .... It's a serious injury after all ...

17:48 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Goalskeeper Soumava gets injured during the whole act, his head hit the goal post .... medical treatment going on ....

17:47 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mehtab's corner, Dicka's perfect header !!!

17:46 (IST)25 AUG 2018

52' Goal !!! Dicka scores for Bagan !!! Bagan 3-0 WBP

17:45 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The Mariners get a corner, but a waste of an opportunity

17:44 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Bagan building up for an attack, Mehtab's long pass was not effective after all !!!

17:41 (IST)25 AUG 2018

47' Substitution for Bagan, OUT: Shilton, IN: Mehtab

17:39 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Second half kicks-off !!!

17:38 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan players have already made their way inside the rectangle, waiting for the WBP players ...

17:21 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Half Time: Mohun Bagan 2-0 West Bengal Police

17:20 (IST)25 AUG 2018

45+3' Shilton Pal's acrobatic save after Saruk's header marks the end of the first half !!!

17:19 (IST)25 AUG 2018

45+2, Bagan gets a corner, Pintu's corner, the header falls in the hands of WBP's goalkeeper !!!

17:16 (IST)25 AUG 2018

4 minutes added on

17:16 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The score line could have been different, but the hosts are currently a couple of goals ahead as we approach the half-time !!!

17:13 (IST)25 AUG 2018

WBP gets a yellow card, their third so far after the goalkeeper got the first booking

17:12 (IST)25 AUG 2018

What apparently promised to be a sunny evening, has now turned to a gloomy one with dark clouds looming !!

17:11 (IST)25 AUG 2018

39' Henry Kisseka's free-kick was nowhere near the target, he missed quite a few easy chances prior to this...

17:10 (IST)25 AUG 2018

38' Penalty shout from Mohun Bagan, but referee not interested 

17:09 (IST)25 AUG 2018

37' MISS !!! Perfect pass from Pintu Mahato, Kisseka should have scored

17:08 (IST)25 AUG 2018

37' Shilton Pal tested for the first time in the match, he made no errors and saved it convingingly

17:06 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mohun Bagan 2-0 West Bengal Police

17:05 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Shilton D Silva's made a perfect pass, Britto made a chest trap and swiftly put the ball into the net past the goalkeeper ....

17:04 (IST)25 AUG 2018

33' GOAL !!!! Britto scores his first goal for Mohun Bagan !!!

17:02 (IST)25 AUG 2018

30' Dicka fouled, Bagan get a free-kick, but nothing fruitful much to despair of the thousands present here to cheer Mohun Bagan
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