Canadian Grand Prix 2017 Live Updates

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Lewis Hamilton wins the Canadian GP from Pole!


01:15 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Pity for Fernando Alonso though with that penultimate lap failure! 

01:14 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Our drive of the day was Esteban Ocon, but there are going to be some cross words happening at team HQ for Force India! 

01:09 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Local hope Lance Stroll of Williams scores his first ever points - and Williams' only points for this race!

01:08 (IST)12 JUN 2017

The only driver who has finished with more Canadian GP Wins - Michael Schumacher with 7! 

01:08 (IST)12 JUN 2017

It is his SIXTH title here. Bottas finishes in second for a Mercedes 1-2 and Ricciardo finishes third - for a third race in a row!!!

01:07 (IST)12 JUN 2017


01:07 (IST)12 JUN 2017


01:07 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Alonso is now sitting IN THE STANDS. With fans. And watching the race with them. How can you not love the man? 

01:06 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Fernando Alonso's race ends. His race ends with ONE LAP to go. Shame - and just when he was about to finish in the points. 

"Engine. Engine drop."

He sounds resigned to it.

01:03 (IST)12 JUN 2017

01:02 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Vettel spinning everywhere and Ocon drops from P6 to P4! 

01:02 (IST)12 JUN 2017

OCON GETS PEREZ...VETTEL GETS ON OCON - and Ocon gets pushed a bit aside! Feel for him at the moment - and some funny funny stuff happening here at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve...

00:59 (IST)12 JUN 2017

From pushing to Dan Ricciardo, Ocon now has to hold off Sebastian Vettel. Raikkonen receiving instructions - but Raikkonen is angry.

00:56 (IST)12 JUN 2017

We're hearing a possible ERS failure or at the very least quite an issue with it. Not sounding good for Kimi!!

00:56 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Vettel catches Raikkonen - and something is up with Raikkonen - some sort of problem going on and he's losing time on a couple of sectors! 

00:54 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ferrari are pushing for Kimi to podium now. He's in P6 now and the gap is not as bad as it was. If anyone could do this it's Kimi.

00:52 (IST)12 JUN 2017

"Just leave me alone now, give me the chance," says Perez. Quite the competition between the teammates, even...

00:50 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Are we witnessing some sort of fight between Ocon and Perez? Force India want Ocon to push on Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull in P3 - Perez isn't having it. 

00:48 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Kvyat is quite the colourful personality on the radio... and there's some serious issue with the right rear. 

Force India's Sergio Perez wants to up the pressure on Danny Ricciardo though and pushing to stay out.

00:46 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Kvyat hearing "strange vibrations" in the engine. He sounds urgent and a little nervous and they tell him to BOX BOX BOX immediately.

00:45 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Energy store issue for Verstappen - battery issues, a problem Ricciardo had earlier this weekend allegedly. Team issue we reckon. 

"How we doing?" VET asks Ferrari? He's the quickest on track right now, but down in P7 behind Kimi.

00:44 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Little less pressure on Ocon after Vettel's pit stop too

00:44 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ocon is FEISTY! He's looking to move into P3 now so "do what you can," they tell Perez.

00:43 (IST)12 JUN 2017

00:41 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ocon getting faster on almost EVERY sector here. This is easily one of his best races! 

00:41 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Vettel pits 43 laps after that earlier pit. He pits from P6 now (and Kimi's just behind him in P7)...where's he going to exit?

00:39 (IST)12 JUN 2017

RIC having a bit of trouble with his tyres. Red Bull waiting and keeping him out now to push over Sergio Perez!

00:38 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Lance Stroll gets Alonso. Goodness me. So much for him pushing McLaren for a win. He drops out of the points now, in P11!

00:36 (IST)12 JUN 2017

00:35 (IST)12 JUN 2017

But he's still in P7 at the moment behind VET in P6. Force India in P4 and P5 now and Felipe Massa is watching the race unfold with consternation. Unnecessary early end of the race for him after all.

00:34 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Raikkonen just sets a fastest lap! 

00:32 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Fresh tires for Alonso and he pits from P10!

00:32 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Just when we were wondering why Alonso hasn't pitted yet.... Alonso pits.

00:28 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Vettel is on 32 laps on his super softs - and Mercedes think this is looking like a one stopper. 

But let's not forget Vettel had to pit early for that front wing damage! 

00:28 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Lance Stroll of Williams is really being spurred on by the home crowd - he takes on the Renault of Jolyon Palmer and gets ahead! 

Stroll in P14 now.

00:26 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ocon only 3/10ths behind Kimi at the moment - this is AFTER his pit stop! He made his previous set run run run quite a bit and now he's chasing down a Ferrari. Force India had a bit of a rough outing last fortnight but they're thundering into the Canadian GP and getting better and better as they progress!!

00:25 (IST)12 JUN 2017

00:24 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ferrari's tyre choices really haven't been ideal at this point of time. Vettel (and Raikkonen) qualified well and Vettel is doing well to claw back up - but Raikkonen's errors have been schoolboy and unexpected - least of all from someone of Kimi's experience.

00:22 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Alonso quickly alerts team that he is "losing power." It's a common - and really unwanted story - for McLaren. 

And this is not new.

00:22 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Monstrous driving from Ocon in the Force India! 

00:20 (IST)12 JUN 2017

00:19 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Not bad - Ocon comes out in P6 behind Kimi Raikkonen. Teammate Sergio Perez in P4! 

00:19 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Esteban Ocon FINALLY pits! 

00:19 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Buttery smooth for Ham and he leaves the pits as he entered - in the lead! 

00:18 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Hamilton PITS! 

00:18 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Ocon is a talent - and how! No racing background unlike many others on the circuit - and he's had a fight to get there. The family aren't from very wealthy means either, so for the young Frenchman to get where he has requires some immense talent.

00:14 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Perez asking what his Force India teammate Ocon is up to..."What is Ocon doing? What is Ocon doing?" 

Ocon hasn't pitted yet - and he's sticking in P2 for now. Perez still in his pit window.

00:13 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Alonso makes his displeasure felt - and he is NOT happy with the tyres he's on. He's trying to find out what everyone else is on. 

00:12 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Magnussen is now under investigation for overtaking under the pits. He'll receive a 5s penalty. Bottas gaining on Ocon now. But Ocon has not pitted - Bottas is already on a new set of softs. 

00:12 (IST)12 JUN 2017

Alonso up in P7 now! Lance Stroll is fighting a little bit extra at his home race it might seem, and Renault's Hulkenberg is pushing on the outside line....
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