Chelsea vs Everton Live Score and Commentary, Premier League 2017-18 CFC vs EFC

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Chelsea 2 Everton 0, Live!


19:52 (IST)27 AUG 2017


Quite a comfortable victory for Chelsea. A travel ravaged Everton have been outplayed by Antonio Conte's unit. Two cracking goals in the first half from Cesc Fabregas and Alvaro Morata sealed the deal for the defending champions of the Premier League.

It might be too harsh to pass a severe judgment on Everton who've had to travel several thousand miles more than their opposition in the last 6 days. But Koeman will surely not tolerate more uninspiring stuff from his squad.

Chelsea seems to have broken free from the shackles and the early Burnley debacle will look like a one-off if they continue this form after the international break. For now, Conte's men, the defending champions are growing to look more and more like themselves.


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19:51 (IST)27 AUG 2017

92' Chelsea still hovering around the final third trying to sniff out a chance. Some fancy footwork all around by Chelsea players. Fabregas with an outside foot pass to Alonso. Alonso lays it off with a rabona to Willian on the left flank. Willian gets the better of his marker but his cross is deflected away from danger.

19:49 (IST)27 AUG 2017

90+1' Chelsea are edging in on a comfortable victory at home. They are still looking for a goal and Everton look dispirited and tired.

19:47 (IST)27 AUG 2017

89' Chance for Chelsea again!
Chelsea seemed content to keep possession of the ball in the final few minutes. But Luiz floats a long ball to Willian who takes it away from the defenders but fires it straight at Pickford. Once again!

19:46 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Yellow! Azpilicueta gets a yellow card!
Subtitution for Chelsea
Christensen IN, Moses OUT!

19:45 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Gana Gueye strikes from right outside the box after Rooney found Calvert-Lewin in the box. Courtois palms it away from goal. 

19:44 (IST)27 AUG 2017

85' Chelsea chance! Gets a corner!
A Chelsea counter attack should have ended in goal but Willian needlessly runs into the path of Moses, who was waiting in the center of the box and takes the ball away from him. Moses looked all set to fire it in! Corner for Chelsea. But nothing comes from it.

19:42 (IST)27 AUG 2017

84' Chance for Everton! 
Baines gives the ball to Sigurdsson on the left wing and takes Willian away with a smart run. Sigurdsson serves a delicious ball into the 6 yard box and Ashley Williams meets it with his head but it goes wide.

19:40 (IST)27 AUG 2017

83' Substitution for Everton
Jagielka OUT! Lennon IN!

19:40 (IST)27 AUG 2017

82' Chelsea are probing again. Everton are holding them off somehow.

19:39 (IST)27 AUG 2017

81' Chance for Everton finally! But offside!
Rooney takes the freekick this time. His ball from the left flank is not long enough and Ashley William's shot goes over the woodwork. Offside anyway!

19:38 (IST)27 AUG 2017

79' Chance for Chelsea again!
Jagielka with a careless pass gifts it to Batshuayi. But Batshuayi releases Willian a bit too late. The Brazilian lays it off for Bakayoko whose shot is blocked. Everton regroup again.

19:37 (IST)27 AUG 2017

78' Chelsea might not have been expecting this to be a more unrelenting fixture. However, Everton have not showed up and Conte's side looks all set to bag 3 points right now.

19:35 (IST)27 AUG 2017

77' Substitution for Chelsea
Alvaro Morata 
walks out to thunderous applause from the Stamford Bridge faithful. Well deserved. That should give the man more confidence. 
Batshuayi will take over in the middle!

19:35 (IST)27 AUG 2017

19:34 (IST)27 AUG 2017

76' Sigurdsson finally plays a beautiful ball in from the left flank.But it comes to nothing. A swift transition later, Alonso drives a cross into the danger area for Chelsea but Pickford gets to it first.

19:33 (IST)27 AUG 2017

75' Substitution for Chelsea!
Pedro walks out to a well-deserved standing ovation at Stamford Bridge. Tiemoue Bakayoko walks in.

19:31 (IST)27 AUG 2017

73' Everton is back to being generous with Chelsea. Kante with a top tackle on Rooney and the pace of the match seems to be coming down once again. Chelsea are passing it around at the back once again.

19:30 (IST)27 AUG 2017

71' Cross from the left wing by Calvert-Lewin is dealt comfortably by Chelsea. But the kid looks like he could be the one to throw Everton a rope tonight. Everton just didn't have enough bodies forward.

19:29 (IST)27 AUG 2017

69' Scuffed by Rooney! Finally a half chance for Everton.
Calvert-Lewin takes Azpilicueta on a sprint and Everton finally get one more touch in the box. A cross is floated in of it falls at Rooney's feet. But he makes a mess out of it and the ball snailed away for a goalkick. Very unlike Rooney, that.

19:26 (IST)27 AUG 2017

68' Corner for Chelsea!
Pedro is proving to be quite a handful to deal with. He turns away from Keane and sets Alonso free on the edge of the box. But Everton will put it out for a corner.

19:25 (IST)27 AUG 2017

66' Uninspiring stuff from Everton so far. Chelsea have faced no challenges in defence today and Courtois could very well have his evening cuppa tea and biscuits with no hustle whatsoever.

19:23 (IST)27 AUG 2017

63' Chelsea once again with Willian. Cuts inside from the right wing. Passes it back to the wing for Moses. Moses lays it off to Fabregas. But Fabregas's cross is gathered by Pickford without a worry.

19:21 (IST)27 AUG 2017

63' Everton applying minimal pressure on Chelsea and the blues are off again. Alonso is released on the left flank and Everton has no cover. But Alonso skies his crossing attempt and only agitation comes out of it.

19:20 (IST)27 AUG 2017

61' Substitution for Everton!
Dominic Calvert-Lewin for Sandro Ramires. That ought to instil some pace upfront for the Toffees, hopefully.

19:17 (IST)27 AUG 2017

60' Yet another chance missed by Chelsea!
Following a scramble in the middle, Moses comes out of nowhere to leave a handful of Everton players in his wake and rushes into the box before putting a tame shot into the hands of Pickford.

19:17 (IST)27 AUG 2017

58' Chelsea are turning it on!
The masked man nutmegs Keane and runs into the box but unfortunately fires it wide and the ball disturbs the side netting. Great effort from Pedro!

19:16 (IST)27 AUG 2017

57' Chance for Chelsea again!
Marcos Alonso sheds the pressure around him and Chelsea are on the move again. The Blues are probing for some space and Azpilicueta comes up with yet another spectacular cross, a low one this time. But it misses everybody and Everton is happy to send it behind for a corner!

19:14 (IST)27 AUG 2017

56' Moses whips in a low cross but Everton clears their lines. Everton keep gifting Chelsea the ball time and again!

19:13 (IST)27 AUG 2017

55' Everton is finding it difficult to find their own in the constricted channels around the final third. The possession is lost in awful fashion once again.

19:11 (IST)27 AUG 2017

53' Chance for Chelsea again! 
Chelsea are comfortable in possession! A Willian backheel sets Moses on the loose as he darts into the penalty area. But he can't wrap his legs around the ball and he hits the side netting. Not sure if he wanted to cross or shoot.

19:09 (IST)27 AUG 2017

51' Chelsea look relaxed now. Everton are not too keen on pressing, or so it would seem. Chelsea players are being afforded sufficient time and space on the ball. Poor touch from Willian and that passing move comes to a halt.

19:08 (IST)27 AUG 2017

50' Sigurdsson's corner comes to nothing. What happened to this man's delivery? 

19:07 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Rooney darts into the final third. It's 2 on 2 for a while and Sandro makes a smart run but his shot is weak. However, it gets deflected for a corner.

19:05 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chelsea are continuing their dominance, or so it seems. Nice little exchanges in the center and Pedro lets one go with his left foot but it cannot warrant Pickford into action.

19:04 (IST)27 AUG 2017

46' Corner for Chelsea! Willian finds Pedro on the left flank. Keane cuts it out and sends Pedro clutching at the grass. Everton deal with the corner with ease. But Chelsea are back on the ball once again.

19:03 (IST)27 AUG 2017

45' Chelsea on the front gear straight away. Willian goes directly for Morata who had run to the edge of the penalty area but nothing comes from it.

19:02 (IST)27 AUG 2017

PEEEP! WE'RE OFF AGAIN! Second half starts!

19:02 (IST)27 AUG 2017

The players are back in the middle and the second half is all set to begin.

18:57 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Everton have not touched the ball in the penalty area yet! Everton's Stamford Bridge woes look all set to remain unperturbed. Let's hope Koeman has a Rockyesque pep talk in store in the dressing room. Chelsea are running away with this one right now.

18:47 (IST)27 AUG 2017


Everton's drive has disappeared like spit on a hot skillet here at Stamford Bridge. They haven't even had a clear view of the goal so far. Chelsea look like they're back in business and the energy levels are high. A dogged Everton side is finding it difficult to find space in the middle and have been almost already put out of contention with two sweet strikes. The first, a sumptuous outside foot shot by the fabulous Fabregas and the second, a delicious header by the £60m man, Alvaro Morata. Morata has already picked up an assist and a goal. While it might not be a to-the-T sign of what we've seen from the Spaniard as his first touch has let him down more than once; it cannot be played down. The man is where it matters.

18:47 (IST)27 AUG 2017

45+2' Rooney's frustration is showing. He has shoved two Chelsea players to the ground in stoppage time.

18:46 (IST)27 AUG 2017

44' Sigurdsson from the centre to Sandro on the right edge of Chelsea's box . Sandro to Rooney. And back to Sigurdsson. And fizzles out. But that's the closest Everton have come to hollering at Courtois today.

18:44 (IST)27 AUG 2017

43' Everton is finding it difficult to push it forward from inside their own half now. The Champions are turning on the heat. And Everton are sweating.

18:42 (IST)27 AUG 2017

41' Once again its Chelsea with all the intent. Fabregas' shot from 30 yards out doesn't challenge Pickford.

18:41 (IST)27 AUG 2017

The ref lets the advantage be played. And Azpilicueta with a  peach of a delivery to the centre of the box where Morata is waiting, onside, between the central defenders and he heads it into the back of the net to send Stamford Bridge into a frenzy. Two goals with his head already this season. The boy is finding his feet. What a pleasing goal to watch!

18:40 (IST)27 AUG 2017


18:39 (IST)27 AUG 2017

39' Willian, once again. Tries to float one to Morata who's on the edge of the box but it goes over his head. 

18:38 (IST)27 AUG 2017

38' Everton are not letting a lot of spaces pop up in their defensive third and Fabregas and Willian can't find a channel through for all their efforts.

18:37 (IST)27 AUG 2017

37' Everton players look a bit tired. Must be all the flying. Three trips in one week's gotta take its toll, eh?
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