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Chennai Open Challenger 2018, Men's Singles Final: Yuki Bhambri vs Jordan Thomspon, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 17, 2018 12:15 GMT

SET : 1-1(Jordan Thompson:7-5/Yuki Bhambri:6-3) GAME :5-6(Yuki Bhambri/Jordan Thompson)


12:15 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

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12:10 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It was an entertaining match with both players giving their all. Jordan Thompson showed his temperament by breaking Yuki Bhambri's serve in the eleventh game of the third set and then holding his own serve. He had been put under serious pressure by Yuki Bhambri, who came back from three games down, right at the start of the third set. Taking nothing away from Jordan Thompson, Yuki Bhambri will have himself to blame as he made some bad judgements and several unforced errors.

Having said that, he is definitely a gem for India and every Indian will definitely expect a lot from him in the coming years.

12:06 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri's cannot keep his return inside the court and it's all over. Jordan wins the twelfth game making the score:7-5, in his favour and thus winning the third set and with that, the match.

12:05 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's Match-point to Jordan, with score: 40-15 in his favour. 

12:03 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri pulls a point back, as the score is now : 30-15, to Jordan, in the twelfth game.

12:00 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Okay, now it's Jordan with the break-point, in the eleventh game and he gets the break. Bhambri will now be under immense pressure, as with the score now: 6-5, in Jordan's favour, Jordan will be serving for the match.

11:56 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan manages to hold his serve and the score is now: 5-5 in the third set.  

11:56 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

The match is extremely intense right now, as Bhambri has managed to take the lead in this game and is on a break-point. The score now is 40-30, in his favour.

11:50 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri has now for the first time, in the third set, turned the game around to take the lead. He holds his serve and the score is : 5-4, in favour of him.

11:48 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan mishits a return, trying to be too cheeky and allows Bhambri to restore parity. It reads : 4-4, in the third set. 
The seems to be setting up for an exciting finish. 

11:42 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri loses his cool, hitting the ball straight into the net, allowing Jordan the break. The score now is :4-3 to Jordan, in the third set with Jordan serving.

11:39 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri advances well, to the net, and forces Jordan to launch the ball too long. It's 15-30,to Jordan, in the seventh set.  

11:37 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

And Bhambri has done it. He breaks Jordan's serve, to take the sixth game and restores parity in the scoring. It is now : 3-3, in the third set, with Bhambri serving. 

11:35 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

With Jordan serving in the sixth game, Bhambri has a good chance as he is now on a break-point leading 40-30.

11:32 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri is now clawing his way back into the match. He holds his serve and and halves the deficit. the score is now : 3-2, to Jordan in the third set.

11:30 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri gets the point and the game. So he now trails Jordan : 3-1, in the third set. 

11:26 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri is now trying to win a game in this third set, as he tries to break Jordan's serve. It's 40-15, to Bhambri in the fourth game.

11:23 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri will start to feel the pressure now, as the No.1 seed breaks his serve again and now has a very good lead in the third set. The score now reads : 3-0, to Jordan.

11:21 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Looks like, the lucks changing for Bhambri as his shot finds the top of the net again, only this time, it does not fall favourably for him.
At the end of the second game, it's: 2-0 to Jordan, in the third set.

11:16 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan wins the first game and he leads, 1-0 in the third set. 

11:14 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan can break Bhambri's serve, as he now leads  40-15, in the first game of the third set.

11:12 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

And we're back, with Bhambri serving in the first game of the third set. 

11:11 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's a break in the match and we will be back with our Live Coverage shortly. 

11:03 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri is fighting his way back into the match, as he breaks Jordan's serve and takes the second set : 6-3. 
The match now is well-poised with each player having a set to their name. 

11:00 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri holds his serve again and is successful in preserving his lead, with the score now up to : 5-3, to Bhambri.

10:57 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan now wins the next game and gets the score to : 4-3, with Bhambri leading.

10:55 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri holds his serve and now leads in the second set : 4-2.

10:49 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri wins the game, to win the lead back, on his serve, as the score reads : 3-2, to him. 

10:47 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's 40-30, in favour of Bhambri, in the Fifth game, as Jordan hits the net after a good rally between the two.

10:44 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri hits the ball too long again and Jordan breaks his serve, to restore parity in the scoring. It's 2-2, after four games, in the second set.

10:42 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri, misjudges the power on Jordan's return, and hits the ball out after trying to gently place it out of Jordan's reach. 

10:39 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan holds his serve and pulls a game back. The score is : 2-1, in the second set, with Bhambri leading.

10:36 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri holds his serve and it's : 2-0, to him in the second set.

10:33 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri breaks Jordan's serve and leads the second set 1-0.

10:32 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan seems to be losing his focus sometimes, as he makes another double-fault on the serve, conceding an advantage to Bhambri in the first game of the second set.

10:28 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's a change in apparel for Bhambri. Let's see if that can bring about a change in his fortunes, as he trails in the Match by a set.  

10:25 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

And Jordan has done it. He breaks Bhambri's serve and now leads the match by one set.

10:24 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan, if he can break Bhambri's serve will take the first set, and he now leads 40-15 in the game.

10:20 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan does not share the same luck as Bhambri, as he sees his shot bounce off the net and bounce back into his own side.

10:18 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan takes the lead again in the first set, with the score : 6-5, in his favour.

10:16 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri takes the tenth game without awarding Jordan a point, making the scores even at 5-5.

10:14 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan takes the game and he leads in the first set : 5-4.

10:13 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

The ball bounces of the net and falls in Jordan's court, awarding the lucky Bhambri a point in this ninth game which Jordan now leads 40-15.

10:10 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri holds his serve and the score is now:  4-4, in the first set.

10:09 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's deuce in the eighth set, as Bhambri hits the ball out of the court.

10:05 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan wins the seventh set quite easily, despite making another unforced error of a double-fault in serve. The score now is: 4-3, Jordan.

10:01 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Jordan breaks Bhambri's serve and that has restored parity to the score, which now reads : 3-3.

10:00 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Bhambri makes another unforced error, hitting the ball straight into the net and it's Deuce again in the sixth set.

09:58 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

It's deuce again in the sixth game as Bhambri cannot find an answer to a big right hand from Jordan.

09:56 (GMT)17 FEB 2018

Beautiful piece of play from Bhambri, forcing Jordan to chase to the far side of the court and then slotting the return easily into the middle to take the first point. It's 15-0, to Bhambri. 
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