Chile vs Australia, Live Score and Commentary, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, CHI v AUS

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Chile 1-1 Australia (Rodriguez 67' - Troisi 42') FT


22:25 (IST)25 JUN 2017

FT: Chile 1-1 Australia

Chile qualify for the semifinals of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, where they will face Portugal. Germany face Mexico in the other semifinal.

22:22 (IST)25 JUN 2017

90+2' The pressure on Chile is released as Bailey's cross from the right is headed well wide of goal, with Bravo barely moving a muscle.

22:21 (IST)25 JUN 2017

90' 4 minutes of stoppage time.

22:21 (IST)25 JUN 2017

90' Australia look to have given up the ghost - the Socceroos are playing at a very slow pace - there's no tempo at the moment, as Australia need two goals.

22:19 (IST)25 JUN 2017

87' Sanchez and Vidal work incredibly hard to ensure that Australia aren't comfortable when the Socceroos have possession. You can still see the Bielsa in this team, even after all these years!

22:15 (IST)25 JUN 2017

84' Chile attempt to kill the game off by passing the ball around the back, with Marcelo Diaz heavily involved in retaining possession.

22:12 (IST)25 JUN 2017

82' Eduardo Vargas is replaced by Marcelo Diaz for Chile - it seems Pizzi is holding on for the draw.

22:11 (IST)25 JUN 2017

Meanwhile Timo Werner has put Germany 3-1 up, they are all set to top this group, with Chile second.

22:10 (IST)25 JUN 2017

79' We have a man down as McGowan is bleeding from his head after challenging for an aerial ball with Vargas. It seems as though the Chilean caught him unintentionally with his elbow.

22:07 (IST)25 JUN 2017

76' WHAT ARE YOU DOING CLAUDIO?! Bravo comes out to force Kruse wide of goal, but then follows him out of the box to the right channel as well, but the Man City keeper is bailed out by his defender, who nicks the ball off Kruse's feet.

22:05 (IST)25 JUN 2017

74' SHOT! Martin Rodriguez nearly makes me bust out the old 'London buses' cliche as he shoots wide of goal in the box after working a yard of space on the left side.

22:03 (IST)25 JUN 2017

72' HOW DID HE MISS THAT?! Troisi chips a clever ball from the left to MacLaren in the box. The substitute has the goal at his mercy, but miscues his finish, with Bravo forcing him into a shot well wide off the post.

22:02 (IST)25 JUN 2017

72' Bailey Wright comes on for Trent Sainsbury

22:00 (IST)25 JUN 2017

70' HOW DID HE MISS?! Alexis with some incredible upper pace and strength to get past Milligan to the left byline and cut the ball back to Vargas, but he glances his header inches wide of the post!

21:59 (IST)25 JUN 2017

67' Vidal does brilliantly to pass the ball to Mena with a diving header. He sends in a cross from the left wing to Vargas at the far post and the Chilean forward gets a flick on to Rodriguez running past Sainsbury in the box. He manages to finish past Ryan in the Australian goal with a deflected effort and score his first goal for his country! Chile 1-1 Australia!

21:57 (IST)25 JUN 2017


21:56 (IST)25 JUN 2017

65' Troisi has all the time in the world in midfield to line up a shot from range, and the Aussie goal-scorer hammers a left-footed shot that flies inches over the top corner, with Bravo looking standed.

21:55 (IST)25 JUN 2017

Meanwhile, Germany lead Cameroon by a 2-0 scoreline, with the African side down to 10 men.

21:54 (IST)25 JUN 2017

63' WHAT A CHANCE! Troisi lofts a beautiful diagonal ball into the box and Kruse cannot control the ball with the goal at his mercy!

21:52 (IST)25 JUN 2017

62' J Maclaren replaces Juric for Australia

21:51 (IST)25 JUN 2017

60' As things stand, Germany lead Group B with 7 points - they will face Mexico in the semifinals. Chile are tied with Australia on 4 points, but lead them on goal-difference - they will face Portugal in the semifinals.

21:50 (IST)25 JUN 2017

59' SHOT! Vidal causes chaos by winning a long ball, with Sanchez running on to the second ball and then toe-poking a shot towards goal that nearly caught out Ryan.

21:47 (IST)25 JUN 2017

57' Vidal goes into the book for a high boot that caught Luongo

21:47 (IST)25 JUN 2017

57' Tim Cahill comes off to be replaced by Mathew Leckie.

21:45 (IST)25 JUN 2017

55' HEADER! Cahill (who else?) rises highest from a left wing corner and sends a header at goal, but Bravo positions himself well to collect the Australian legend's effort.

21:44 (IST)25 JUN 2017

54' Bravo iss on hand to deny Australia again - punching the ball clear from a corner. Chile can be grateful that their much-maligned goalkeeper has ensured that they are still in this game so far.

21:42 (IST)25 JUN 2017

52' NEARLY! Juric is breathing a sigh of relief that the whistle blew for offside after running clear of the Chile defence with Bravo making a great save from his shot.

21:41 (IST)25 JUN 2017

51' SAVE! Vargas takes a first-time shot after running on to a long ball from a narrow angle, but Ryan is on hand to punch the ball away.

21:39 (IST)25 JUN 2017

48'  LUCKY! Vargas attempts to dribble the ball out of his own box, but the referee blows for a very generous foul.

21:37 (IST)25 JUN 2017

Meanwhile, Germany take the lead against Cameroon with Demirbay getting his first goal for Die Mannschaft. 

21:36 (IST)25 JUN 2017

46' AND WE'RE OFF! Chile get us underway in the second half!

21:36 (IST)25 JUN 2017

HT: Pablo Hernandez comes on to replace Charles Aranguiz

21:35 (IST)25 JUN 2017

HT: Martin Rodriguez comes on to replace Jose Fuenzalida

21:34 (IST)25 JUN 2017

The teams exit the tunnel for the second half - Kickoff is coming up next!

21:30 (IST)25 JUN 2017

The last time Australia won a Confederations Cup match - it was sixteen years ago, in 2001! Will they hold on and go one better to dump Chile out of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup? Kickoff in the second half is coming up... Stay tuned!

21:19 (IST)25 JUN 2017

HT: Chile 0-1 Australia

21:19 (IST)25 JUN 2017

45+2' HOW DID HE MISS?! Cahill wins a flick on in the box and Sainsbury has the goal at his mercy, but blazes his effort well over the bar!

21:18 (IST)25 JUN 2017

45' 2 minutes of stoppage time.

21:17 (IST)25 JUN 2017

45' SO CLOSE!!! Fuenzalida sends a beautiful ball to Vidal at the far post, and his downward header is saved by Ryan with the rebound being blocked by multiple Australian shirts in the box.

21:16 (IST)25 JUN 2017

As things stand, Australia need another goal, as Chile still lead them on goal difference in 2nd place.

21:15 (IST)25 JUN 2017

42' Sainsbury wins the ball in midfield and charges into the box, backheeling it to Luongo on the edge of the box. With Jara nearby, the ball is deflected to Troisi all alone at the far post and he responds with a delicious lob over Bravo to give Australia a precious lead! Chile 0-1 Australia!

21:13 (IST)25 JUN 2017


21:12 (IST)25 JUN 2017

40' NEARLY! Tim Cahill curls a pass from the right wing as Australia counter-attack, but Juric is a wee bit too one-paced to get to the ball.

21:12 (IST)25 JUN 2017

39' Aranguiz's delivery from the set piece is cleared initially, but Chile regain possession with Fuenzalida sending in a cross from the right wing and finding P Diaz in the box, who watches in agony as his effort flies wide of the post.

21:10 (IST)25 JUN 2017

38' Great defending from Sainsbury as he prevents Vargas from running on to Vidal's long ball from deep. Chile have a corner...

21:08 (IST)25 JUN 2017

36' BRAVO! Troisi chips a gorgeous ball from the left channel to Luongo making a clever run into the box from midfield, but Bravo closes him down to block the Australian midfielder's first time shot from close range! The best chance for Australia so far!

21:06 (IST)25 JUN 2017

34' VAR notes that Tim Cahill's yellow card stands. Lucky, that - I've seen them given.

21:05 (IST)25 JUN 2017

33' Tim Cahill slides in late to catch Aranguiz with an awful scissor tackle from behind is and is lucky to escape a red card. VAR is called to verify whether that was a red card.

21:02 (IST)25 JUN 2017

31' Troisi grabs a handful of Vidal's shirt in the middle of the park and goes into the book for shoving him the to floor.

21:01 (IST)25 JUN 2017

30' As things stand Chile remain on top of Group B, as Germany and Cameroon is goalless at the moment.
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