Chile vs Germany, Live Score and Football Commentary, 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Final, CHI v GER

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Chile 0-1 Germany (Stindl 20') FT


01:24 (IST)3 JUL 2017



01:23 (IST)3 JUL 2017

90+5' SAVE TER STEGEN! Alexis sends a clever free kick low into the opposite corner, only to be denied by the German keeper!

01:22 (IST)3 JUL 2017

90+4' Chile have a free kick on the edge of the box, with Ginter fouling Valencia. Can Chile take advantage? 

01:20 (IST)3 JUL 2017

90+2' Vidale is crudely taken down on the right wing, with Rudy getting booked. Bravo comes forward for the free kick!

And then makes an almighty mess of the delivery!

01:19 (IST)3 JUL 2017

90+1' Leon Goretzka comes off to be replaced by Niklas Sule for Germany

01:19 (IST)3 JUL 2017

90' 5 minutes of injury time.

01:18 (IST)3 JUL 2017

89' Awful scenes here as Emre Can sits on the ball and is attacked by multiple Chilean players - with Joachim Low also coming on to the pitch. Bravo is booked after the altercation for shoving a German substitute out of the way.

01:15 (IST)3 JUL 2017

86' Germany are happy to keep the ball in the corner, lulling Chile into a false sense of security and then sliding Stindl through in the box, only for Medel to show great strength and bump the German striker off the ball.

01:13 (IST)3 JUL 2017

84' OH HOW DID HE MISS?! Sanchez's delivery from the left looks all set to be collected by Ter Stegen, but Puch does brilliantly to nip ahead of him and cut the ball back to Sagal facing the goal from two yards out. Sagal throws away the chance to become a national hero by skying his effort well over the bar - facing an open goal!

01:12 (IST)3 JUL 2017

83' Valencia's delivery is cleared out and his delivery from the recycled ball is forced out for a corner. The substitute sends in another flat delivery and Germany clear with ease.

01:11 (IST)3 JUL 2017

83' Puch forces Rudiger to concede a corner after getting past him on the byline.

01:09 (IST)3 JUL 2017

81' Edson Puch and Angelo Sagal come on to replace Charles Aranguiz and Eduardo Vargas, as Pizzi goes all in!

01:08 (IST)3 JUL 2017

80' Aranguiz shoots low and hard at the bottom corner, only for Ter Stegen to dive at full stretch and make a save.

01:06 (IST)3 JUL 2017

79' Emre Can comes on to replace Timo Werner for Germany.

01:05 (IST)3 JUL 2017

77' Valencia swings in a dangerous corner, but Germany manage to scramble the ball clear, before Werner is denied on the counter attack

01:04 (IST)3 JUL 2017

75' HOW DID HE MISS?! Sanchez almost gets to the ball in the box and appeals for a foul, with Vidal pouncing on the rebound and shoots well over. The Chileans surround the referee asking for VAR, but the official denies their request. Replays show the ref was right, as he is finally convince by Pizzi to take a look.

01:02 (IST)3 JUL 2017

74' SHOT! Aranguiz plays the ball to Vargas in the box, and he holds off Mustafi, turns and shoots at goal, but his low effort finds the well placed Ter Stegen.

01:01 (IST)3 JUL 2017

72' SUPERB DEFENDING! Sanchez plays a ball to Vargas in the box and collects the rebound, skipping over one challenge and looking all set to lash the ball home, only for Rudy to slide in and deny him!

00:59 (IST)3 JUL 2017

70' Vargas attempts to start things off for Chile down the right wing, but it appears his teammates have lost steam, as he receives no support around him.

00:56 (IST)3 JUL 2017

67' Hernandez is the latest Chilean player to give the ball away, and off sets Draxler, Stindl and co... only for a pass forward to catch a German heel and take the momentum out of the move.

00:53 (IST)3 JUL 2017

65' LUCKY! The referee comes over and books Jara, but you could certainly make the case for that being a red card.

00:53 (IST)3 JUL 2017

64' Jara looks to be in big, big trouble here....

00:52 (IST)3 JUL 2017

63' OUCH! Jara is quite lucky as he catches Werner with a stray elbow, but the referee missed out on it. VAR might be taking a look at it....

00:51 (IST)3 JUL 2017

62' Valencia swings in a delicious ball right to the penalty spot, but Ginter gets his head to the ball and clears it out.

00:49 (IST)3 JUL 2017

61' Kimmich is down again, with Beausejour and Alexis remonstrating with him. The referee has appeared to calm things down, but we're sitting on a powder keg. Moments later, Ter Stegen fumbles the ball out for a corner.

00:48 (IST)3 JUL 2017

59' Kimmich and Vidal are both booked after sparking a brawl - both are teammates at Bayern Munich, remember!

00:47 (IST)3 JUL 2017

58' Hector swings in a clever ball from the free-kick on Germany's right, with the ball causing all sorts of chaos before being cleared by a prone Vidal.

00:45 (IST)3 JUL 2017

57' Chile look increasingly out of ideas going forward, with Germany begin to look far more fluent going forward. Meanwhile, Kimmich receives treatment after being caught by Beausejour.

00:44 (IST)3 JUL 2017

55' SO CLOSE! Draxler wins the ball back in midfield and sets off on the counter - charging all the way to the left side of the box. He shoots low and hard towards goal, but the ball takes a deflection off Medel and loops narrowly wide of the far post!

00:41 (IST)3 JUL 2017

53' Leonardo Valencia comes on to replace Marcelo Diaz for Chile.

00:41 (IST)3 JUL 2017

53' Sanchez and Vidal exchange passes in the box, but the Arsenal man is crowded out and forced wide, with his cross going out of play.

00:38 (IST)3 JUL 2017

50' Hernandez fouls Rudy in the centre of the park from behind and is lucky to escape a booking.

00:37 (IST)3 JUL 2017

48' What is it with Chile's passing at the back today? Medel plays a diagonal straight to Draxler and Germany counter attack, but Chile fall back quickly to bail out Medel and crowd Draxler into losing the ball.

00:35 (IST)3 JUL 2017

47' Vidal is taken down by Mustafi and Chile have an early chance to swing the ball into the box.

00:33 (IST)3 JUL 2017

46' AND WE'RE OFF! Germany get us underway in the second half, kicking off from left to right!

00:31 (IST)3 JUL 2017

The teams are back out from the tunnel - Kickoff in the second half is coming up next!

00:17 (IST)3 JUL 2017

HT: Chile 0-1 Germany

00:17 (IST)3 JUL 2017

45' BRAVO SAVES HIS TEAM! Medel plays a ball from the back straight to Draxler and the Germans work it to Goretzka on the left, only for Bravo to charge down his shot.

00:15 (IST)3 JUL 2017

44' Vargas sends in an early cross from the right, and Alexis towers above his marker at the far post, but his looped header is collected with ease by Ter Stegen.

00:14 (IST)3 JUL 2017

42' Vidal spreads the ball wide to Isla in acres of space in the right wing, and his cross is cleared easily by the German defence. Chile need to find another avenue of attack... this seems pointless.

00:12 (IST)3 JUL 2017

40' SO CLOSE!! Hector plays a beautiful ball to Werner down the left channel and he drags his defender to make space for Draxler making a late run to the box. Werner cuts the ball back to his captain, but Draxler's low, measured drive is inches away from nestling in the bottom corner, with Bravo completely stranded!

00:09 (IST)3 JUL 2017

38' LUCKY! Chile are caught again and Germany set off on a 4v4 counter attack. The ball is played to Werner in space on the left side of the box, only for Isla to charge back and nick the ball off his toes before the German striker got his shot off.

00:08 (IST)3 JUL 2017

36' CHANCE! Chile make another mistake in midfield and Germany charge down the right, where Goretzka finds himself in space. He lets fly from a narrow angle in the box, and Bravo breathes a sigh of relief as the ball flies wide.

00:05 (IST)3 JUL 2017

34' The ref has a fair few words with Draxler as well as he knees Aranguiz in the back, but the man in the middle opts to keep his cards in his pocket as Aranguiz gets a bit of treatment.

00:03 (IST)3 JUL 2017

31' Alexis slides in with a poor foul from behind on Stindl, with the referee giving him a final warning and opting not to book the Arsenal man. Moments later, Vidal finds himself on the edge of the box and rifles another shot towards goal, but his effort flies well wide.

00:02 (IST)3 JUL 2017

29' Chile are finding plenty of joy down either wing, with Beausejour and Isla heavily involved, but the German defence is dealing fairly easily with all the balls into the box.

23:59 (IST)2 JUL 2017

27' Chile are collapsing defensively! Medel makes a mistake while chesting the ball down, and Draxler pounces, but his pass forward finds Werner in an offside position, thus allwing Chile to escape.

23:57 (IST)2 JUL 2017

25' Great defending! Draxler charges down the left channel on the counter attack and makes his way into the box, but Jara slides in to deny the German captain in the box.

23:55 (IST)2 JUL 2017

23' DEAR ME HOW ARE THEY NOT LEVEL?! Isla plays a clever pass to Aranguiz running into the box, but the Leverkusen midfielder miscues his shot with the goal at his mercy.

23:54 (IST)2 JUL 2017

20' OH DEAR MARCELO DIAZ. The Chilean midfielder gives the ball away, and Timo Werner pounces, drawing out Claudio Bravo to the left side of the box, before sliding the ball for Stindl to tap into an empty net. Completely against the run of play! Chile 0-1 Germany!
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