China Open 2018: PV Sindhu vs Busanan Ongbamrungphan Second Round, Live Score and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 20, 2018 13:13 IST

Sindhu def Busanan 21-23, 21-13, 21-18 to enter the quarter-finals.


13:13 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Do join us later in the day as we bring you live updates from Kidambi Srikanth's second round match.

It is scheduled to be not before 3.20pm IST.

13:10 (IST)20 SEP 2018

What a tough, tough battle that was!

Sindhu looked slow and error-prone for parts of the match, which helped Busanan win the first game.

But she was mostly in control of the proceedings in the second and third games, showing her usual firepower and anticipation skills.

Let us hope this tight win will stand Sindhu in good stead as the tournament progresses further.

13:07 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It took Sindhu 1 hour 8 minutes to pull off the 21-23, 21-13, 21-18 win and enter the quarter-finals.

13:06 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It was a big smash in the end from Sindhu!

13:05 (IST)20 SEP 2018

And Sindhu finally wins this!!!!!

13:05 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu has two match points now.20-18

13:04 (IST)20 SEP 2018

But the Thai hasn't yet given up!

She now trails by one point.


13:04 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Now it is Busanan's turn to commit a few mistakes.

Sindhu up 19-17

13:03 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It is 17-17 

13:01 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Six consecutive points for Busanan!

She inches ahead to 17-16

13:01 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Flurry of errors from Sindhu has allowed Busanan to come back.


13:00 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan now trails by 1 point.


13:00 (IST)20 SEP 2018

This is getting closer and closer and suddenly we have a match in our hands!

13:00 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan sends the shuttle long.

Sindhu now up 16-14

12:58 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan gets a couple of points back through some good angles.

12:58 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu still able to maintain a five-point gap.

It is 16-11 to Sindhu

12:56 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu now leads 15-10

12:56 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu is reading Busanan's game very well and is ready for every shot.

12:55 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu is now running away with this game.

Up 14-9

12:53 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Great rally and again Sindhu was alert and quick.

It is 11-9 to Sindhu at the midgame interval.

12:51 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan going for drops to make Sindhu bend but the Indian cuts off the rally with some great anticipation.

Sindhu 10-8

12:50 (IST)20 SEP 2018

And it is 7-7 

12:49 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan again levelled it at 6-6 but a service error gave back the lead to the Indian

12:48 (IST)20 SEP 2018

A couple of errors from Busanan and Sindhu goes up to 6-4

12:46 (IST)20 SEP 2018

This is very competitive.

Sindhu went up 4-3 but lost the lead.


12:44 (IST)20 SEP 2018

More aggression from the Indian now.


12:43 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan makes a fine start to the decider.

2-0 up

12:41 (IST)20 SEP 2018

And Sindhu makes no mistake this time.

She takes the second game 21-13

12:40 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It is 19-13 for Sindhu now

12:39 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan seems to have gone off the boil...she doesn't look the same player who troubled Sindhu so much in the first game.

12:38 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu has now added three more points and has gone up to 17-11

12:35 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu has now gone up to 14-8.

Still very much in control of this game 

12:33 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It is 12-7 to the Indian now. The pace of the match has slowed down a lot.

12:31 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu is up 11-6 at the midgame interval.

12:30 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu goes up to 10-5 but the Thai pulls one more back and now trails 6-10

12:30 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan is steadily trying to make a comeback here as she gets three more points and trails 5-9

12:28 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan finds the line with a big smash!

She trails 2-8

12:26 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It is 6-1 to the Indian

12:26 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu definitely has a lot more determination and energy now.

12:25 (IST)20 SEP 2018

It is 4-1 to Sindhu

12:25 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu will definitely want to open up a big lead and set up a decider.

That is exactly what she has in mind as she races ahead to 3-1 in Game 2. 

12:24 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Sindhu has never lost to Busanan in eight meetings. 

12:21 (IST)20 SEP 2018

And the Thai gets it done with a beautiful drop!

It is 23-21 to Busanan

12:20 (IST)20 SEP 2018

What an angle by the Thai!

She has her first game point 

12:20 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Busanan denies Sindhu the game.


12:19 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Backhand volley from Sindhu!


12:19 (IST)20 SEP 2018

The shuttle lands wide.

It is 20-20

12:18 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Nice little touch at the net from Sindhu!

Game point for her!

12:18 (IST)20 SEP 2018

Big, big smash from the Thai!

It is 19-19
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