China Tour 2018: India U16 vs North Korea U16, Live Match Updates

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Full Time: India U16 1-1 North Korea U16


15:27 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Thank you for joining us! Hope to see you soon. 

15:27 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Full Time: India U16 1-1 North Korea U16 

Bibiano Fernandes' boys come back from a goal down to draw the match. India were completely dominated in the first half by North Korea. However, a strong second half performance saved the Blue Colts from losing their third match in a row. 

15:25 (IST)7 JUL 2018

The freekick is saved and the result is a corner. India deal with the corner and tries to launch a counterattack. 

15:23 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Free Kick to North Korea. 

15:22 (IST)7 JUL 2018

3 minutes is the call! 

15:21 (IST)7 JUL 2018

We are into stoppage time!

15:19 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Offside for India as they look to grab the second goal 

15:13 (IST)7 JUL 2018

We are entering the final stage of the match. Both sides were in stalemate till the 75th minute but a stunning period saw both grab a goal in two minutes. 

15:11 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Another attack by the Blue Colts but the North Korean defender stops the ball from coming in. Corner for India. 

15:09 (IST)7 JUL 2018

What a response from the young Blues as they respond to going a goal down in stunning fashion. 

15:09 (IST)7 JUL 2018

GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! And the Blue Colts respond immediately! A lovely strike from the penalty spot by Vikram Singh levels the score! India U16 1-1 North Korea U16

15:08 (IST)7 JUL 2018

15 minutes left for the Blue Colts to go on and save the match!

15:07 (IST)7 JUL 2018

And all the pressure finally pays off! North Korea score! The forward's header is saved by the Indian goalkeeper before an onrushing player taps into the empty net. India U16 0-1 North Korea U16. 

15:06 (IST)7 JUL 2018

All Korean outfield players are in the Indian half now. Huge pressure being piled up.

15:05 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Another substitution for India. 

15:03 (IST)7 JUL 2018

North Korea once again starting to put India under pressure. 

15:00 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Once again, the match has seemingly died down with both team looking for that one golden opportunity. 

14:54 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Another corner for India. However, the North Korean goalkeeper claims it. 

14:51 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Almost an hour up in the game. No side able to break through till now. 

14:51 (IST)7 JUL 2018

India far more attacking at the start of the second half. However, the score remains 0-0. 

14:48 (IST)7 JUL 2018

India tries to counter but North Korean defense deals with it. 

14:46 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Both the players have made one change at the start of the second half. 

14:43 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Second Half is underway! India U16 0-0 North Korea U16

14:20 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Halftime: India U16 0-0 North Korea

14:18 (IST)7 JUL 2018

We are into stoppage time of the first half. 

14:18 (IST)7 JUL 2018

North Korean corner. However, foul committed by a player on the Indian goalkeeper. 

14:17 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Indian team would do really well if they do indeed manage to go into halftime with level score. North Korea have been absolutely dominant. 

14:16 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Post! North Korea hits the post after a stunning cross came in! So, so close for Korea. 

14:15 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Nothing comes of the corner. 

14:15 (IST)7 JUL 2018

North Korean winger delivers a grounded cross which the Indian defender almost converts into an own goal! However, the ball just misses the post and Korea are given a corner. 

14:14 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Nearing the end of the first half. North Korea has dominated but have little to show for it. India needs a huge performance in the second half. 

14:12 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Finally a shot on target for India! However, the goalkeeper collects the ball easily. 

14:11 (IST)7 JUL 2018

A couple of great chances fall to North Korea in the past few minutes but they are unable to convert. 

14:10 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Save! The young Indian goalkeeper gets down quickly to make a stunning save! The score remains 0-0. 

14:08 (IST)7 JUL 2018

The Blue Colts are under pressure here. North Korean side has been dominating the game for the last ten minutes. 

14:05 (IST)7 JUL 2018

The North Korean side once again works the ball around the Indian defense and is able to get a shot away. However, it is blocked by the Indian defense. 

14:04 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Over 30 minutes are gone! 0-0! 

14:02 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Water break! 

14:02 (IST)7 JUL 2018

The ball is played in the box but dealt with. And then India launches a counter of their own! A stunning move and the forward almost takes the ball to the Korean box. However, the defense is back their to deal with it. 

14:01 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Freekick North Korea. 

14:00 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Still goalless! 

13:59 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Good cross in once again by the Korean player but the ball is calmly collected by the goalkeeper. 

13:58 (IST)7 JUL 2018

A good long ball causes mayhem in the Indian box. Ultimately, the Indian defender deals with it. 

13:57 (IST)7 JUL 2018

North Korea has fashioned some chances early on in this half. However, they haven't been able to convert those chances. The score remains 0-0 for now. 

13:55 (IST)7 JUL 2018

20 minutes gone. Score remains 0-0. 

13:54 (IST)7 JUL 2018

A great counterattack by North Korea but the Indian defense holds it together to deal with it. 

13:52 (IST)7 JUL 2018

The tempo seems to have died down a bit. Score remains 0-0. 

13:50 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Freekick to India. Nothing comes of it.

13:48 (IST)7 JUL 2018

Brilliantly worked forward by North Korea! Their forward makes a good run off a stunning pass. However, he is unable to convert!

13:46 (IST)7 JUL 2018

15 minutes gone into the game. The score remains 0-0. 
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