Commonwealth Games 2018: Badminton Women's Singles Final, India's PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal fighting for Gold, Live Updates

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Saina Nehwal def PV Sindhu 21-18, 23-21 to get the gold


06:54 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina stormed out of the blocks, playing a fast paced game and didn't give Sindhu a chance to build her rhythm. She kept moving well, stretching Sindhu to awkward positions and never put the shuttle at one place on the court. The variation kept Sindhu guessing and took the game away from her.

06:50 (IST)15 APR 2018

Final score: Saina Nehwal def PV Sindhu 21-18, 23-21 to get the gold

06:49 (IST)15 APR 2018

That outburst from Saina showed how much this meant to her!

06:48 (IST)15 APR 2018

This is her second gold medal from the CWG. She adds it to the one she won in 2010.

06:47 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina Nehwal gets the gold medal!!!!!!

06:47 (IST)15 APR 2018

Sindhu kept returning but Saina was relentless!

2nd gold medal point for Saina!

06:46 (IST)15 APR 2018

Sindhu saves it!

And screams as well!


06:45 (IST)15 APR 2018

Can Saina get her second gold medal at the CWG now?

06:44 (IST)15 APR 2018

Sindhu's backhand goes wide!

Gold medal point for Saina!!!

06:43 (IST)15 APR 2018

And the shuttle goes long from Sindhu!


06:42 (IST)15 APR 2018

What a smash from Sindhu!

She has a game point at 20-19

06:41 (IST)15 APR 2018

And it is 19-19


06:41 (IST)15 APR 2018

This is getting very, very tight now

06:41 (IST)15 APR 2018

What a brilliant and brutal rally!

Both are crouching and breathing hard now!

39 shots in that rally!

Point to Saina!

Saina 18-19

06:39 (IST)15 APR 2018

Hawk eye confirms the shuttle went out from Sindhu

Saina gets the point and she trails 17-19

06:38 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Sindhu brings forth her big attacking game to make it a 19-16 lead for herself

06:37 (IST)15 APR 2018

It's a two-point advantage for Sindhu presently.


06:35 (IST)15 APR 2018

A long rally and it ends on a Saina error!

Sindhu 17-14

06:33 (IST)15 APR 2018

Deft touch at the net from Saina

She now trails by one point!


06:33 (IST)15 APR 2018

And that fires up Saina!

Another aggressive point from her!


06:32 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina came up with a body shot at Sindhu to get back one point.

Sindhu 15-12

06:31 (IST)15 APR 2018

Sindhu has a four-point advantage now.


06:29 (IST)15 APR 2018

Once more Saina is stretching Sindhu on her backhand side.

Sindhu 14-11

06:28 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina is once more pouncing on Sindhu's backhands!!

And she gets 2 points!

13-10 is the lead to Sindhu

06:27 (IST)15 APR 2018

Now Sindhu has built a five-point advantage.


06:25 (IST)15 APR 2018

Now both are screaming after every point. It's 11-8 to SIndhu going into the midgame interval.

06:24 (IST)15 APR 2018

It's 10-8 to SIndhu currently

06:23 (IST)15 APR 2018

Crosscourt smash from Saina and she now trails 7-9

06:22 (IST)15 APR 2018

What a rally! And this time Sindhu outsmarted Saina at the net.

Sindhu up 9-6

06:21 (IST)15 APR 2018

It's 7-5 to SIndhu now.

How long can she hold on to her lead?

06:19 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Sindhu has built a two-point advantage.

It's 6-4 to SIndhu now

06:18 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina grabbed a 4-3 advantage but Sindhu kept attacking from the forecourt and made it 4-4

06:17 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina levels it up!


06:16 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Sindhu brings her aggression to have a 3-2 lead

06:16 (IST)15 APR 2018

It's a good start from Sindhu in Game 2 and she opens up a 2-0 lead.

06:12 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Saina finally closes out the first game!


06:11 (IST)15 APR 2018

Woah! Brilliant placement deep in the court from Sindhu!


06:11 (IST)15 APR 2018

Sindhu has come back to 17-20

06:11 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Sindhu saves another but still is 16-20 down

06:10 (IST)15 APR 2018

A down the line winner from Sindhu to Saina's backhand!

She trails 15-20

06:09 (IST)15 APR 2018

And it's 19-14 to the India No. 2

06:09 (IST)15 APR 2018

It's 18-14 in favour of Saina

06:08 (IST)15 APR 2018

Wow! Saina is exploring Sindhu's backhands so well, just like she did at the National Championships.

06:07 (IST)15 APR 2018

And  again, it's a backhand drop from Saina.

She now trails 13-17

06:06 (IST)15 APR 2018

With a beautiful drop, Sindhu gets back a point.

She is now 11-16

06:05 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina has been spot on with the speed, placement and variation of shots.

And with that, Saina is now up to 16-10

06:04 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina attempted a crosscourt drop but missed the line by a whisker.

Saina 14-10

06:03 (IST)15 APR 2018

And it is 14-9 to Nehwal

06:03 (IST)15 APR 2018

And Saina stops her comeback and races ahead to 13-9

06:02 (IST)15 APR 2018

Saina has managed to blunt the Sindhu attack. 

But Sindhu is now trying her best to string together a few points.

Sindhu trails 9-12
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