Commonwealth Games 2018: Badminton Women's Singles Semifinal, India's P.V. Sindhu fighting for medal, Live Updates

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The match will begin shortly!


10:29 (IST)14 APR 2018

So this means that the finals of the women's singles category will now be a tussle between two of India's finest, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu! What a mouth watering clash that is set to be! 

It's been a pleasure bringing you live updates of the second semi-final! Until next time, this is Prasen Moudgal signing off! Ciao!

10:27 (IST)14 APR 2018

A dominating win for Sindhu who made optimum use of Michelle's unfortunate injury in the second game to close out the match in fine fashion! 

Spare a thought though for Michelle, who fought on despite the injury! A wonderful match in the end!

10:26 (IST)14 APR 2018

Game, set and match! PV Sindhu storms into the finals of the 2018 Commonwealth Games with a 21-18, 21-8 win over Canada's Michelle Li! 

10:25 (IST)14 APR 2018

Game and match point for Sindhu! 

10:24 (IST)14 APR 2018

Michelle has literally given up here. Sindhu now two points away from walking into the finals. 

Sindhu 19 - 8 Michelle. 

10:24 (IST)14 APR 2018

Good drop shot from Michelle as she continues to battle! Sindhu leads 17 - 8. 

10:23 (IST)14 APR 2018

Michelle clearly struggling here. Will she throw in the towel? Well, the match continues. 

10:23 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu making optimum use of Michelle's weary condition. Sindhu leads 15 - 7. 

10:22 (IST)14 APR 2018

Michelle looks completely out of place here as Sindhu sends in a seething smash to lead 15-6!

10:22 (IST)14 APR 2018

Scratch that! An 8-point lead for Sindhu now, score reads 14-6!

10:21 (IST)14 APR 2018

Michelle finds the net! Sindhu now enjoys a 7-point lead. 

10:21 (IST)14 APR 2018

Oh! Michelle slips as Sindhu collects another point! 

Sindhu 12 - 6 Michelle. 

10:20 (IST)14 APR 2018

Now an error from Sindhu! Misjudgement of pace on that occasion. 

Sindhu 11 - 6 Michelle. 

10:20 (IST)14 APR 2018

Starts off well! Michelle collects the point, lead is 11 - 5. 

10:20 (IST)14 APR 2018

Back live! An uphill task for Michelle in the second game if she is to stop Sindhu from storming into the finals. 

10:19 (IST)14 APR 2018

A powerful smash to collect another point ahead of the interval! 

Sindhu leads 11 - 4 Michelle. 

10:18 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu not allowing any breathing space for the commentator here!

Yet another point as she leads 10-4. 

10:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

Wow! A good drop shot from Sindhu as the lead now swells up to five points. 

Sindhu 9 - 3 Michelle.

10:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

Two points in a row for Sindhu! Screams in delight as she collects another point! 

Sindhu 7 - 3 Michelle. 

10:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

Smashing at it's very best from Michelle! Grabs a point on that occasion! 

Sindhu 5 - 3 Michelle 

10:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

A point apiece on this occasion! 

Sindhu 5 - 2 Michelle. 

10:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu getting into some excellent positions today! Smashes it to Michelle's right and she had no answer. 

Sindhu 4-1. 

10:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Powerful from Sindhu! A smash over Michelle's head as she takes a two-point lead now. 

Sindhu 3 - 1 Michelle. 

10:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

Another point for Sindhu! 

Sindhu 2 - 1 Michelle. 

10:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

And now Li hits it out! Scores leveled on 1-1.

10:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

First point for Michelle!

10:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

PV Sindhu to serve. 

10:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

Some words of advice from the coaching staff and we are ready for the second game!

10:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu clinches the first game 21-18! What a dramatic finish to the game! 

A long, long rally as both Sindhu and Michelle did not give each other any breathing space but in the end, a valiant dive from Michelle could not cross the net as Sindhu takes a one-game lead in the semifinals!

10:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

Oh dear! A rare error from Sindhu!

Smashes the return into her own court! Now a two-point lead for Sindhu. 

10:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

Not yet! Li forces an error from Sindhu! 

Sindhu 20-17. 

10:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

Game point for Sindhu! Finds the gap and smashes with precision!

10:06 (IST)14 APR 2018

Game not over yet! Li gets a point now, Sindhu leads 19-16. 

10:05 (IST)14 APR 2018

Oops! Hits the net and lobs down as Sindhu apologizes but picks a point! Leads 18-15!

10:04 (IST)14 APR 2018

Li closing in on the lead. Another point for her, scoreline reads 17-15. 

10:04 (IST)14 APR 2018

Li claws her way back! Two points in a row for the Canadian! 

Sindhu 17 - 14 Michelle. 

10:03 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu's making optimum use of her reach! A smash to seal another fine point! 

Sindhu 17 - 12 Michelle. 

10:02 (IST)14 APR 2018

Add another point to that! Sindhu 16 - 12 Michelle. 

10:02 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu bringing out her bag of tricks to the fore! Now leads 15-12!

10:01 (IST)14 APR 2018

Spectacular mix of aggression and defence from Sindhu! Takes an important three-point lead now!

Sindhu 14 - 11 Michelle. 

10:00 (IST)14 APR 2018

Two-point lead for Sindhu as Li hits the net. 

10:00 (IST)14 APR 2018

One point each after the interval! Sindhu 12 - 11 Li.

09:59 (IST)14 APR 2018

Back live now!

09:58 (IST)14 APR 2018

This time it's Li who finds the net! Gains the lead as we go into the interval. 

PV Sindhu 11 - 10 Michelle Li. 

09:58 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sindhu finds the net! Scores leveled now on 10-10. 

09:57 (IST)14 APR 2018

What a rally! Li dominant in the end as she picks her second consecutive point. 10-9 in favour of Sindhu. 

09:56 (IST)14 APR 2018

Fault from Sindhu, backhand finds the net. 10-7 leads Sindhu. 

09:55 (IST)14 APR 2018

Li hits it out! Sindhu in the double digits now, leads 10-6!

09:55 (IST)14 APR 2018

Smashes working for Sindhu today! Leads 9-6. 

09:54 (IST)14 APR 2018

Good comeback from Li! Two points in a row as the score reads 8-6 in favour of Sindhu. 
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