Commonwealth Games 2018: Boxing Men's 60 Kg Round-of-16, Manish Kaushik carries India's hopes, Live Updates

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The Boxing action starts at 8:47 am at Oxenford Studios - Boxing


09:24 (IST)9 APR 2018

It's a wrap here! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the updates on the Commonwealth Games 2018

09:24 (IST)9 APR 2018

Here are the results:

Judge 1: 9-10, 10-9, 10-9 (Total 29-27)
Judge 2: 10-9, 10-9, 10-8 (Total 30-25)
Judge 3: 9-10, 9-10, 10-9 (Total 28-28)
Judge 4: 9-10, 10-9, 10-9 (Total 29-27)
Judge 5: 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 (Total 30-26)

India's Manish Kaushik won 4-0

09:17 (IST)9 APR 2018

Michael Alexandar was the bronze medalist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. MANISH KAUSHIK has shown positive signs of taking it all the way to the finals as he knocks Michael out of the competition defeating him in the Men's 60kg Round of 16 bout

09:11 (IST)9 APR 2018

An amazing display by the young Indian Manish against the more experienced Michael. 

09:09 (IST)9 APR 2018

Kaushik showing with a display of good combinations

09:07 (IST)9 APR 2018


09:07 (IST)9 APR 2018

A good fight by Kaushik, who kept his calm and threw punches at the right moments.

09:06 (IST)9 APR 2018

We will find out in a few minutes as the round draws to a close.

09:06 (IST)9 APR 2018

Let's see if this is Michael's confidence or overconfidence. 

09:05 (IST)9 APR 2018

TTO's Michael let's his guard down and is showboating now inviting the Indian to throw punches at him

09:04 (IST)9 APR 2018

The 3rd and final round has started.

09:03 (IST)9 APR 2018

The end of the 2nd round

09:03 (IST)9 APR 2018

The last few seconds of the second round sees an intense rally.

09:02 (IST)9 APR 2018

Amazing counter by Manish towards the dying seconds of the 2nd round.

09:02 (IST)9 APR 2018

Both the boxers bobing and weaving fully prepared for the punches the other has to throw at them

09:01 (IST)9 APR 2018

Manish is not used to being in the ring with a boxer as fast as him

09:00 (IST)9 APR 2018

Michael being aggressive at the start using both left & right jabs

08:59 (IST)9 APR 2018

The second round has begun

08:59 (IST)9 APR 2018

The first round has ended

08:59 (IST)9 APR 2018

A good show put up by the Indian Manish

08:58 (IST)9 APR 2018

A fairly balanced first round until now with both the boxers increasing the intensity towards the end.

08:57 (IST)9 APR 2018

Michael from Trinidad is also fast and is showering good body blows

08:56 (IST)9 APR 2018

Manish is not the one to be on the back-foot and is countering well

08:55 (IST)9 APR 2018

A slow start by both the boxers taking a solid guard!

08:55 (IST)9 APR 2018

The first round has started.

08:55 (IST)9 APR 2018

Kaushik of India is in Red

08:54 (IST)9 APR 2018

Both the boxers welcomed to loud cheers by the crowd

08:54 (IST)9 APR 2018

The Indian is in the ring

08:52 (IST)9 APR 2018

The Indian Manish Kaushik will be stepping out any moment now!

08:51 (IST)9 APR 2018

The Sri Lankan wins with a decision of 3-2 by the judges

08:50 (IST)9 APR 2018

The last round in the previous bout of Sri Lanka's M Vidanalange Ishan & Nauru's Yachen Cook has ended!

08:43 (IST)9 APR 2018

The bout is about to begin in a few minutes

08:43 (IST)9 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Boxing Men's 60 Kg Round-of-16. Stay tuned for updates!

08:43 (IST)9 APR 2018

The fifth day has started off on a positive note with India's Pardeep Yadav winning a Silver medal in Weightlifting Men's 105kg category. In shooting, Jitu Rai won Gold in the 10m Air Pistol event. Om Mitharwal won Bronze in the same event. 
There were positive signs in Athletics as well, as Hima Das qualified for the Women's 400m Finals. Tejaswin Shankar cleared a height of 2.21m to qualify for the High Jump finals. In Table Tennis, Indian Men's team defeated Singapore in the first Semi-finals. They will either face Nigeria or England in the Finals. 
The young Indian boxer Gaurav Solanki also making his way the quarterfinals in Men's boxing 52 Kg category by defeating Ghana's Akimos Annang in the Round-of-16. 

Manish Kaushik will try to continue India's exploits in Boxing. He will be seen facing Trinidad and Tobago's Michael Alexander in the Men's 60kg Round-of-16. This is the biggest platform the 22-year-old Indian Manish has ever performed on and he will be looking to make the most of this opportunity by proving his mettle in the boxing ring.
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