Commonwealth Games 2018: Boxing Men's 91kg Quarterfinal 1, India's Naman Tanwar fighting for medal, Live Updates

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The bout is scheduled to start at 10:32 am at the Oxenford Studios - Boxing


11:02 (IST)10 APR 2018

Thank your for joining us today. Three more boxing quarterfinals to come and you can follow them on

11:02 (IST)10 APR 2018

That is another guaranteed medal for India as Tanwar moves on to the Semifinals 

11:01 (IST)10 APR 2018


11:01 (IST)10 APR 2018


11:00 (IST)10 APR 2018

Round 3 end! The results are coming up!

10:59 (IST)10 APR 2018

Both the boxers throwing huge punches as the match is about to end

10:59 (IST)10 APR 2018

Masoe's mouthpiece falls off and he has to go back in his corner to put it back on 

10:58 (IST)10 APR 2018

Whoever wins here will be ensured a medal

10:58 (IST)10 APR 2018

A minute to go in the match!

10:57 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman dodges a punch thrown by Masoe. 

10:57 (IST)10 APR 2018

This round begins the same way as the previous round ended

10:56 (IST)10 APR 2018

Round 3 starts!

10:55 (IST)10 APR 2018

Huge punches being thrown around as the second round ends

10:55 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman tries to attack but Samoan gets a hold of his torso

10:54 (IST)10 APR 2018

A minute to go in Round 2

10:54 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman punches with a right jab straight on target!

10:53 (IST)10 APR 2018

Masoe attacking early on in Round 2

10:52 (IST)10 APR 2018

Round 2 begins!

10:51 (IST)10 APR 2018

Round 1 ends!

10:51 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman making his opponent do the hard work. .Meanwhile he has opted for a very attacking stance.

10:50 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman Tanwar swings his punches four times, but the Samoan dodges all four!

10:49 (IST)10 APR 2018

Tanwar with a solid punch!

10:49 (IST)10 APR 2018

Naman Tanwar is opting for a very open stance here, calling on the Samoan to attack him. 

10:47 (IST)10 APR 2018

Tanwar will face Masoe. The winner will be guaranteed a medal.

10:44 (IST)10 APR 2018

There was a delay but the match will start shortly.

10:27 (IST)10 APR 2018

Hello all! The match involving Naman Tanwar is about to start. Stick around for live updates from the bout.

07:59 (IST)10 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Boxing Men's 91kg Quarterfinal 1 between Naman Tanwar of India & Frank Masoe of Samoa. Stay tuned for updates!

07:58 (IST)10 APR 2018

India has high hopes of bagging at least a few medals in boxing and Naman Tanwar will try his level best to realize those dreams with a good show in the Men's 91kg quarterfinals. Naman is just one good bout away from securing a medal for himself and the nation. Naman will be going head to head against Frank Masoe of Samoa. Naman previously won his bout against  Haruna Mhando of United Republic of Tanzania in the Round of 16 match with a unanimous decision of 5-0.

India starting the 6th day with hopes of winning many more medals just as they did yesterday. In shooting, India's Gagan Narang & Chain Singh qualified for the finals of the 50m Rifle Prone Men's Qualification. Annu Singh and Heena Sidhu following suit and reaching the Finals of Women's 25m Pistol Finals. Meanwhile, the Indian Men's Hockey team confirmed their spot in the Semifinals beating Malaysia in the morning and reaching the top of the table with 7 points. The Women's squash team of Dipika & Joshna won against Pakistan 2-1 to qualify to the next round.

The fifth day was also a very successful one for India. Shooting has been India's second most successful event in the Games after weightlifting.

Gold medals for India came in Table Tennis, Shooting, and Badminton on Day 5. Weightlifter Pardeep Yadav started Day 5 winning a Silver medal in Weightlifting Men's 105kg category. Indian Men's Table Tennis repeated what their Female colleagues had done a day before by claiming Gold as well. In shooting, Jitu Rai won Gold in the 10m Air Pistol event. Om Mitharwal won Bronze in the same event. In Badminton, India's Mixed Team won Gold yesterday defeating Malaysia 3-1 in the final.
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