Commonwealth Games 2018, Cycling, Women's Sprint: Deborah Herold carries India's hopes, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 06, 2018 10:38 IST

The qualifiers get underway at 8.30


10:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

That's all from the Women's Sprint event as the Indian duo of Aleena Reji and Deborah Herold lose out in the pre-quarterfinal stage. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

10:27 (IST)6 APR 2018

Kiwi Emma Cumming takes on England's Robyn Stewart in the next heat.

Emma Cumming wins it with a timing of 11.800s

10:23 (IST)6 APR 2018

Battle between English cyclists as Katy Marchant clashes with Lauren Bate.

Lauren Bate emerges the winner 11.736s with a lead of just 0.011s. So close!!

10:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

Wales' Rachel James faces Malaysian Fatehah Mustapa in the next heat.

Mustapa progresses with a time of 11.514s

10:17 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Olivia Podmore is up against Canadian Amelia Walsh.

Olivia Podmore wins the race with a time of 11.769s

10:15 (IST)6 APR 2018

Aussie Kaarle McCulloch is up against India's Deborah Herold.

Kaarle clinches it with a time of 11.911s. Deborah was behind by just 0.117s

10:12 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Natasha Hansen is up against Welshwoman Eleanor Coster. 

Natasha wins the race clocking 11.389s

10:11 (IST)6 APR 2018

Lauriane Genest wins her heat against Farina Adnan with a time of 11.503s

10:10 (IST)6 APR 2018

Stephanie Morton wins the heat with a time of 12.435s

Aleena was behind by 0.106s

10:09 (IST)6 APR 2018

In the first heat, India's Aleena Reji is up against Australia's Stephanie Morton.

10:05 (IST)6 APR 2018

The Heats (1/8 Finals) in the Women's Sprint will begin shortly.

08:56 (IST)6 APR 2018

India's Deborah Herold finished the qualifying on the 13th spot whereas Aleena Reji finished on the 16th spot.

08:55 (IST)6 APR 2018

All the sixteen riders have qualified for the 1/8 Finals.

08:55 (IST)6 APR 2018

And she does it again...A new Games Record as Stephanie Morton finishes with a time of 10.524s

08:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

The previous Games Record holder Stephanie Morton is the last cyclist in the qualifying.

08:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

Australian Kaarle McCulloch goes next and finishes with a great time of 10.777s. Third place for Kaarle.

08:53 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Natasha Hansen completes a great sprint and clocks 10.760s to move into second place.

08:51 (IST)6 APR 2018

Katy Marchant from England is the next cyclist to ride the track and she completes her sprint with a time of 11.043s.

08:49 (IST)6 APR 2018

Englishwoman Robyn Stewart goes next and clocks 11.082s. Kiwi Emma Cumming finishes just ahead of her with 11.079s

08:47 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Olivia Podmore is the second cyclist to break the 11s barrier and she finishes with a time of 10.985s

08:45 (IST)6 APR 2018

Amelia Walsh from Canada rides next and overtakes Deborah with a time of 11.229s

08:44 (IST)6 APR 2018

She does great and clocks a time of 11.484s to move into the top 5 for now. 

08:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

India's Deborah Herold is up next

08:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

The second Malaysian cyclist Fateha Mustapa clocks a time of 11.142s to move ahead of her countrywoman and into the fourth spot for now.

08:41 (IST)6 APR 2018

Rachel James from Wales is up next and she does well to move into the second spot with a timing of 11.039s

08:40 (IST)6 APR 2018

Malaysian cyclist Farina Adnan clocks a timing of 11.585s

08:39 (IST)6 APR 2018

England's Lauren Bate goes next and finishes with a time of 11.127s moving into the second position.

08:37 (IST)6 APR 2018

Canada's Lauriane Genest creates a new Games Record with a time of 10.757s 

08:36 (IST)6 APR 2018

Aleena Reji finishes her sprint with a time of 12.207s and Wales' Eleanor Coster clocks 11.533s

08:34 (IST)6 APR 2018

The event is set to go underway at the velodrome. India's Aleena Reji will be the first cyclist in the qualifying.

08:26 (IST)6 APR 2018

India's Aleena Reji and Deborah Herold will hit the track in a bid to reach the final eight of the competition.

08:24 (IST)6 APR 2018

The first event of the day at the cycling track is the Womens' Sprint Qualifying.

08:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Commonwealth Games 2018 as the Cycling events begin shortly from the Anna Meares Velodrome.

07:31 (IST)6 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Cycling from Gold Coast, Commonwealth Games. India's Deborah Herold and Aleena Reji will be in action at the event.

Deborah, who won two gold medals at the Herald Track Asia Cup in the 500-meter time trial and the team sprint in 2014, is India's top hope for a medal from cycling at CWG.
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