Commonwealth Games 2018: Discus Throw Women's Finals, India's Seema Punia, Navjeet Kaur Dhillon fight for Gold

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The match begins at 4:10 pm


17:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

Thanks for joining us in this live coverage of the Women's Discus Throw finals! A good day for India as Seema Punia and Navjeet Dhillon secure the silver and bronze medal respectively! 

Until next time, have a good evening!

17:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

Here are the final results:

1st place: Dani Stevens (AUS) - 68.26

2nd place: Seema Punia (IND) - 60.41

3rd place: Navjeet Dhillon (IND) - 57.43 

17:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

The spotlight indeed belongs to Australia's Dani Stevens, who has swept the record for the longest throw in the Commonwealth Games with a massive effort of 68.26 to go with her gold medal victory! 

17:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia and Navjeet Dhillon have secured second and third place respectively! What a day for the two athletes!

17:07 (IST)12 APR 2018

First failure attempt for Australia's Dani Stevens, who has been quite remarkable today and is currently the leader of the pack with her record throw of 68.26.

17:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia meanwhile manages a meagre 58.90 on her sixth attempt. 

17:05 (IST)12 APR 2018

Navjeet Dhillon moves to third place with a 57.43 throw on her sixth attempt!

17:00 (IST)12 APR 2018

Dani Stevens finishes her fifth attempt with a score of 65.10. 

16:59 (IST)12 APR 2018

Oops! Seema Punia fails to register a score on her fifth attempt but continues to remain in second place. 

16:54 (IST)12 APR 2018


Herculean effort from Australia's Dani Stevens as she records a throw of 68.26, the new Commonwealth Games Record!

16:52 (IST)12 APR 2018

Currently, here are the top five positions - 

Dani Stevens (AUS) - 65.43
Seema Punia (IND) - 60.41
Sositina Hakeai (NZL) - 57.16
Navjeet Dhillon (IND) - 56.22
Kimberley Mulhall (AUS) - 54.93.

16:50 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia scores 58.54 on her fourth attempt while New Zealand's Sositina Hakeai does well to register 56.94. 

16:43 (IST)12 APR 2018

Yet again, Navjeet Dhillon fails to register a score. Two failed attempts in three tries. 

16:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

Dani Stevens continues to dominate with a 65.43 attempt, her best so far. 

16:39 (IST)12 APR 2018

New Zealand's Sositina Hakeai impresses with a throw of 57.16, her best in the three attempts so far. She currently occupies third place on the table. 

16:36 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia with a false attempt on her third try! 60.41 remains her best from the three attempts so far

16:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia's Kimberley Mulhall scores 54.93, her best attempt from the three so far. 

16:31 (IST)12 APR 2018

Oh no! An error from Navjeet Dhillon on her second attempt. Her effort will not be considered. 

16:30 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia's Dani Stevens in some fine form as she registers 64.51 on her second try!

16:25 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia scores 59.57 on her second try. 

16:21 (IST)12 APR 2018

Meanwhile, India's Navjeet Dhillon registers a 55.61 attempt on her first try to occupy fourth place.  

16:21 (IST)12 APR 2018

Australia's Dani Stevens goes one up over Punia with a powerful attempt of 61.39 to take the lead!

16:14 (IST)12 APR 2018

Seema Punia throws 60.41m!

16:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

Jade Lally throws 51.80m 

16:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

Tereapii Tapoki of Cook Islands throws 46.01m 

16:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

Tynelle Gumps throws 47.04m

16:11 (IST)12 APR 2018

She clears 53.72m

16:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

First up is Kimberly Mulhall of Australia!

15:35 (IST)12 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Women's Finals of Discus Throw!

15:35 (IST)12 APR 2018

As Day 8 progresses, India continues a good medal run which it has had so far.

Next up is the Women's Finals of Discus throw where India will be represented by Seema Punia and Navjeet Kaur Dhillon.

Medals won on Day 8: Day 8 has been good so far for India with Rahul Aware bringing home a Gold medal in Wrestling in the Men's Freestyle 57 kg category. Babita Kumari losing out to Diana Weicker in the Gold medal match in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53 kg category and having to settle for a Silver medal. Kiran also winning a Bronze medal for India in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 76 kg.  Sushil Kumar is the latest to win a medal as he wins a gold in Wrestling Men's Freestyle 74 kg category.

In Shooting, Tejaswini Sawant won a Silver medal for India in the Women's 50m Rifle Prone Finals.

India will be hoping Day 8 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is just as successful as the previous days.

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