Commonwealth Games 2018: Gymnastics Qualification & Men's Team Final Live Updates - Medal Hopes on Rakesh Patra

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The event gets underway at 4.40 am.


06:49 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indian contingent has finished 3rd

06:47 (IST)5 APR 2018

Brief scores coming up in a minute

06:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

06:42 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ilias Georgio of Cyprus is leading in the standings with an exceptional performance.

06:37 (IST)5 APR 2018

Reiss Beckford of Jamaica is the Current Competitor.

06:21 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ashish Kumar puts in a good show in floor exercise, as he notches up a total score of 13.050. He slipped up a little there, which earned him a penalty of 0.200 points.

Ashish Kumar
Difficulty: 5.700
Execution: 7.550
Penalty: -0.200
Score: 13.050

06:06 (IST)5 APR 2018

Cyprus continues to dominate in the individual section as well. 

Marios Georgiou is in 1st place with 54.9 points followed by compatriot Ilias Georgiou with 52.72. Reiss Beckford continues to impress and is in third place with 52.3 points while Daniel Lee has jumped up to fourth place with an impressive show in the horizontal bars. 

Yogeshwar Singh is placed 6th while Ashish Kumar is in 9th place. 

06:03 (IST)5 APR 2018

That concludes the fourth rotation. Here are the team scores -

Cyprus - 160.275
Singapore - 137.3
India - 124.9

06:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

Marios Georgiou puts in yet another fabulous attempt at the vault. Sports a wide smile after the perfect landing, seems to have surprised himself with that attempt!

05:58 (IST)5 APR 2018

Good to see the Singapore team encouraging Reiss Beckford to put in his best at the parallel bars.

And what a talent he is! Perfect swings, grip and nails the landing. Could well finish in the Top 3 if he goes on this way. 

05:53 (IST)5 APR 2018

Excellent returns for Michal Krasius at the vault and Xong Sean Yeo at the parallel bars. 

05:50 (IST)5 APR 2018

Good start from Yogeshwar Singh on the horizontal bar. Strong swings but slightly fumbles on the landing to finish with 12.4.

05:49 (IST)5 APR 2018

It's time to move on the Round 4. 

The Indians will have their first attempt at the horizontal bars. Singapore and Jamaica will battle it at the parallel bars while Cyprus starts at the vault. 

05:48 (IST)5 APR 2018

In the individual section, 

Marios Georgiou and Ilias Georgiou continue to lead the table while Jamaica's Reiss Beckford's 14.000 attempt at the vault thursts him up to third place. 

India's Yogeshwar Singh is placed 5th with 37.7 while Ashish Kumar is placed 7th with 37.100.

05:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

At the end of the third rotation, 

Cyprus leads with 118.6 followed by Singapore with 102.95 while India is placed third at 102.1.

05:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

Daniel Lee's completes the third rotation with a classy attempt at the parallel bars. 

05:41 (IST)5 APR 2018

Reise Beckford continues his good run from the rings with another strong attempt at the vault! Looks in fine touch, the Jamaican. 

05:37 (IST)5 APR 2018

Oh no!

Singapore's Wah Toon Hoe loses his footing as he lands awkwardly from his first attempt at the vault. 

However, what a fantastic comeback! The perfect run leading up to the jump, one and a half twists as the crowd applauds the attempt. 

05:37 (IST)5 APR 2018

Rakesh Patra displays some exemplary skill on the parallel bars! A fantastic attempt, easily the best of the lot so far as he collects 13.35 points from that. 

05:34 (IST)5 APR 2018

Marios Georgiou take a bow! A perfect example of how to do the rings and he walks away to a loud applause from the crowd.  

05:32 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ashish Kumar has a go at the bars and that's some excellent execution. A smooth run throughout as he finishes with a strong ending. 

05:29 (IST)5 APR 2018

Yogeshwar Singh is the first gymnast to have a go at the parallel bars. Does well but stumbles in the end to collect 12.3 points. 

05:28 (IST)5 APR 2018

An outstanding attempt at the rings from Cyprus's Michalis Krasius. Can he beat Jamaica's Reis Beckford's record? No! Finishes with 13. 

05:27 (IST)5 APR 2018

In the individual section, 

Marios and Ilias Georgiou lead with 26.85 and 25.95 while India's duo of Yogeshwar Singh and Ashish Kumar are placed 3rd and 4th with scores of 25.4 and 24.45.

05:25 (IST)5 APR 2018

The 3rd rotation will now commence. 

India will take part in the Parallel bars while the leaders, Cyprus will have their attempt at the rings. Singapore will be accompanied by Jamaica's Reiss Backford in their attempt at the vault. 

05:24 (IST)5 APR 2018

At the end of the 2nd rotation, here are the scores:

Cyprus - 78.5
Singapore - 63.9
India - 63.8

05:22 (IST)5 APR 2018

That concludes Round 2. 

A relatively good show from India's duo of Yogeshwar and Ashish Kumar. 

05:21 (IST)5 APR 2018

A strong attempt from Joseph Fox on the vault is followed up with back-to-back attempts from Namibia's Robert Honiball at the Pommel Horse. 

05:18 (IST)5 APR 2018

Reis Backford, the 26-year old Jamaican gets the crowd on its feet with a graceful attempt on the rings. 

05:17 (IST)5 APR 2018

Now Daniel Lee shows how it's done! A fabulous display of vaulting with the right pace followed up by the perfect landing. 

05:14 (IST)5 APR 2018

Oh! Meanwhile, Cyprus's Marios Georgiou loses grip on his first attempt at the Pummel horse!

Comes back strong in the second attempt, collects 12.9 on his next try. 

05:13 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ashish Kumar now at the start of the vault. 

13.1 on his first attempt and does better on his second jump!

05:11 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ilias Georgiou showing great promise for Cyprus. A 12.9 score on the floor exercise and now a 13.5 attempt on the Pummel horse!

05:10 (IST)5 APR 2018

The quartet from Cyprus seems to be having a field day with all four men putting in stunning performances in the floor exercises and pommel horse in Round 2. 

05:08 (IST)5 APR 2018

Excellent returns on his second try! Goes for one and a half twists and lands perfectly to a strong applause from the crowd!

05:06 (IST)5 APR 2018

First up for India is Yogeshwar Singh, who attempts two and a half twists but stumbles on his landing. A good attempt!

05:04 (IST)5 APR 2018

It's now time for Round 2, the 25m runway leading up the the vault is now set for the athletes

05:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

At the end of Round 1, 

Cyrpus leads the table with India and Singapore in second and third place respectively. 

04:58 (IST)5 APR 2018

Now Ashish Kumar and T&T's Joseph Fox at their first attempts. 

Ashish finishes with 11.300 while Fox outperforms his opponent with a 12.450 attempt. 

04:56 (IST)5 APR 2018

Wow! Rakesh Patra has stolen the thunder! 

Displays tremendous flexibility and core strength as he accumulates 13.950 points to start off strong!

04:55 (IST)5 APR 2018

And now for some Indian flavour!

Yogeshwar Singh exhibits some tremendous skill to bring home India's first points, picks up 12.350 from the rings event!

04:53 (IST)5 APR 2018

A strong start from the Cyprus duo of Marios Georgiou and Ilias Gerogiou as they pick 13.950 and 12.900 to take an early lead in rotation 1. 

04:51 (IST)5 APR 2018

First up is the floor exercise from rotation 1, which will feature the quartet of gymnasts from Cyprus. 

04:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

The teams have arrived at the venue are now warmed up to commence!

04:45 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indian contingent is set to be represented by the trio of Rakesh Patra, Yogeshwar Singh and Ashish Kumar. 

04:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Artistic Gymnastics event from Day 1!

23:34 (IST)4 APR 2018

India will begin their journey for gold by participating in the Artistic Gymnastics. This form of Gymnastics is a disciple of the sport in which different athletes perform in various short events ranging from half a minute to two minutes on different equipment. The Athlete with the highest average score, in the end, is given the gold medal. In a team event, the scores of all the athletes of a nation are added together. 

The different events inside artistic gymnastics are pommel horse, still rings, vault, floor, parallel bars, high bars, uneven bars, and balanced beams. There are different events assigned to men and women. Grace, finesse and flexibility are associated with this sport, which the athletes will have a chance to showcase in Coomera Indoor Sports Centre. 

India has been allocated in Group 3 of Sub-division 1 for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, who will be represented by Rakesh Patra, Yogeshwar Singh, and Ashish Kumar. Kumar has previously represented India at the CWG and won India’s first ever medals in Gymnastics in 2010. 

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